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At 5:57am on August 6, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Well honey i just couldn't help myself so i came to an internet cafe...and guess what??
today we made a lttle trip to a nearby island and here is the only internet cafe i found!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was sooo exited but then i realied that all the pc were taken so i had nowhre to seat...and i was so sad..
but i waited for 30minutes and then i found one!!LOL!!!
i am sooo tired...we wim and walk all the time..
i barely sleep...
today i was sleeping in the car and in the shp...i know it's ptherc..
but i have to admit that i have much fun even though i miss u and home soo much......!!!!!!

now i gotta go sweetheart!!!!see u u!!
At 9:56am on August 2, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hey honey!!!

Well your day sounded way more interesting than mine...\Yesteraday we went
sjopping for my mom but today It is sooo hot in here and
we have spent the whole day packing our stuff for tomorrow...

If only I could take a laptop with me!!!
I'm gonna miss you sooo much and apart from that I am not gonna get in
the internet for a week....
Jeesh that souns totally scary for me.... :((
I hope i will find an internet cafe and visit it a couple of times....

Tomorrow we are leaving very early and after a 6-hour trip with the car we
are gonna be on a ship for a couple of hours....
I'm gonna be very tired when I get to Andros...
But it definitely worth it!!!!

Honey you can send me comments as often as you want..and I will answer you as soon as I get back!!!!

See u in a week honey..!!!
I'm gonna miss you sooooo much!!!!
Take care sweetie and have fun!!!
Love u!!! :)))
At 6:25am on July 31, 2009, M@g!!! said…
We have to relatives in Andros..we just rented a house and we'll stay there for 7 days!!!!! We are going to the beach twice a day and we are going to visit the nearby islands like Tinos, Syros and Mykonos...have you ever heart of them??
Does San Fransisco have a beach or sth like that??
You are so lucky to live so close to the sea...
My city has a big port and is very big but we cannot swim there.. :((
We have to travel one hour away to find a clean beautiful beach! :((

I have Vampire academy as ebooks and I haven't read them cause I think reading from the pc screen is totally exhausting!!!!

I think it's Kalona..caue the description of the book said that Zoey will look for him or his help...It wasn;t very presice.. :((

Now I 'm gonna get some great songs from green day and then I am gonna keep reading the historian by elizabeth kostova...great book with 2 love stories and 1 smaller!! ;))The protagonists are searching for Dracula and it;s really interesting!!

See u soon honey!!!*kisses!!*
At 3:17am on July 30, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Goodmorning darling!! :))

Oh my brother has scoliosis too but he doesn't have to do surgery..thank god...!!
I have heart a lot about Vampire Diaries but I think they are more scary than
Twilight or HON....
Have you read Vampire Academy??
This might be better....
Oh.....did you see the cover of Tempted..teh sixth book of HON series?

Stark looks 1000% hot here...But who do you think is the man standing behind??Is it Erik, Heath or Kalona???
I can't wait to read it!!!

Oh I didn't do anything special...We went swimming in a beach which was an hour ago from the village we stayed...We also had lunch in a nearby city and at night I was sooo tired that I slept with my swimsuit at 9 o'clock at night...
Trust me this is way toooooo early for me!!!

Now I have soo much housework to do..
The house is in a total mess and my parents are at wotk so I have to
clean it up....Boring..!!!!

Too bad that you are not coming in Italy for the summer but the tickets are really expencive...
You should have bought them a few moths ago so that they were cheaper...
I am leaving in 4 days!!!Finally!!!We are going on vacation on a beautiful greek island, Andros, and I cannot wait!!! :))

See u soon honey!!Love u!! :))
At 7:46am on July 27, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Oh it's OK hon!! :))

Well in the beginning my fav guy was totally Erik but hten he became too
possessive and that's why now I am totally in love with Stark!!
He is soo romantic with Zoey and I wish I had such a warrior by my side all the time!! :))
Apart from that I went on a small trip with my parents to a mountain 3 hours away from my cit and we had much fun there!!!
The weahter was not so hot and we enjoyed the traditional villages nad foos..!! :))

Next Monday we are finally leaveing for our vacation!!!!!
I cannot wait!!It is gonna be great!!
(I hope at least!!)

Now I read another book..the Historian by Elixabeth Kostova..
It has to do with Dracula and vampires like twilight and HON so I like it very much!!!!! :))

Now I just prepaired lunch for my little brother and came to the pc to check my comments and now I think I am gonna study some biology..
I love that subject!!(No surppise I wanna be a doctor!!)

See u sweetie...Love u too!!! :))

PS:What was wrong with your frined??Is she injured or sick?? :((
At 6:42am on July 20, 2009, M@g!!! said…
What a great photo!!
You look great honey!!!
Yesterday I wet swimming a gain and I am sooo excited!!It was great!!!

Oh and I also finished with the house of night novels...
Today I'll go to the library and borrow the Hitorian y Elizabeth Kostova!!
Have you heart of that?? :)))
Now I am gonna watch gossip gird..Oh..I love these series..
It seems that all hot boys are gothered there...
I cannot chose who is hotter..they are all gorgeous!! :))
What have you been up to sweetheart???
Can;t wait to hear from you!!
Hugs and kisses!!! :))
At 4:07am on July 8, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Oh today I read your comment on time sweetie!! :))

Oh...well due to the fact that I am a comlete dork I aksed for my parents to buy books for me as a present....
So we ordered Stravaganza sereis(all 4 books) and pre-oredered Tempted which is the sixth book of house of night sereis..!! :))
I totally understand why you are bores honey cause I am getting through the same phase too.... :((
My birthday is on 9th July and I am becoming 16!! :))
I can't even beleive it!! :))
But besides those books I am not gonna get much presents..Maybe my uncle buys sth for me and my bff.....

Good luck with your dance tonigh honey!!
love u and see u soon!! :))
At 4:27am on July 7, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Oh jeesh I am soooo sorry honey!!
How could I ever be mad at you???
I can't believe what just happened!!
The day you commented me I had sooo many comments so your was not shown in the first page and I thought you didn;t comment me!!!!
I thought you were the one who forgot me...
I'm really sorry that i saw your buddypoke I read all comments and sa that you had sent me a message that I hadn't read!!!

Well..actually I think that life is really boring now...
I have almost finished hunted, which is the last house of night book, until october and I ordered Stravaganza series from amazon!!!!
I am so excited..They must be great!!
Apart from that I went swimming the day before yesterday ans it was awesome!!Of course I don't have a chocolate brown skin..but I am red like a tomato..!!!
I am really sensitive under the sun.. :((
On Thursday there are my birthday and I am so excited to see what kind of presents my uncle and friend have bought for me!! :))

What have you been up to honey??
Sorry again..Love you and can't wait to read your next comment..I promise that I will answer on time!! :))
At 9:38am on June 27, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hey honey!! :))

What is your cat's name??
I totally love cats but I don't wanna keep animals into an apartment..
I think it's kinda cruel...
In the morning it was not very warm...
It was a little cold...But then the weather got better and now it' s sunny...but still..not very hot.. :((
I don;t know if we can go swimming tomorrow if hte weather is like htis..
The sea is gonna be freezing..!!!!
You like coffee??OMG..I love it..!!!!
And we do exactly the same thing with window-shopping..!!!
We go to several stores try on some really weird clothes we are never gonna buy and take photos on them..
Sometimes me and my bf go to some stores and wear exactly the same clothes..We look like funny twins and that's hilarious!!! :DDLOL!!
This afternoon we are going for a coffee with my uncle-aunt and cousin..and I am looking foward to it..!!
We always have great fun with them!!

What are u going to do sweetie??
I know about the sixth book..
I don't care for hte greek dates cause I order my books from it doesn't matter what is going on here!!
I really like those series..I laugh so much while reading...
I cannot compare it with twilight cause it's totally different than that!! :)

See u soon sweetheart!!
Love you!! :))
At 5:32am on June 26, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Goodmorning my love!! :))

Well. I think that Italy is going to be amazing and oo unforgetable for you..!!!
Yesteray night I watched Angels & Demons and it was awesome...
I just wanna watch that movie again and again....
It's the first time that I think that a movie was better than a book!!
Oh..I also started realing House of Night Series and it totally rocks!!!
Apart from that I have to do a lot of hourwork today and clen up the whole kitchen..
I am really bored but mom needs my help... :))
You went swimming??You are so lucky!!!!
I wish could go swimming as well...
Maybe we are going on a small trip to the beach on Sunday...
I hope that the weather is gonna be fine..
Cause ti's been raining a lot lately..!!!!!
In the afternoon I haven;t planed to do anything special..
My best friend went to her village for 5 days so I guess I'm going somewhere with mom and dad..(I hope at least!!)
When I go out with my friends we usually walk around the naighbourhood or go shopping...actually window-shopping...We rarely buy something!!!
Aometimes we go for a coffee all together and it's really funny!! :))

What have you been up to today honey??
See you soon!! :)Hugs and kisses!! :)
At 10:58am on June 24, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hello sunshine!!

Well your advernture was really...
Thank God everything ended up all right and you didn't get hurt!!!

Well I did really well in the exams..I got 19.7/10(the best was 20) but do you know why I lost those points??
My english teacher gave me the lowest grade than everyone else!! :((
For eaxnple I made mistekas like Friends..I wrote friens...definitely..I wrote difintely..and the greatest one was soo rediculous!!!!
I had written ''Have you EVER seen this movie'' in a grammar excersise and she said that ''ever'' was wrong!!!
Do you believe that??
This woman hates me but now I hate her too....
There was just another stupid guy who got 19.8/10...but i was the second best so I am still happy... :))

This afternoon I am going out with some friends and I hope that we have much fun.. :))
What have you been up to today honey?
Disnayland must have been so great!!!:))
I hope you will come to Italy this summer..!!!! :)
It's such a beautiful country...
And we will be closer than ever..You are gonna be only a few miles away from me..!!!!IT's gonna be great!! :))

See u sweetie..Love u!!!!!! :))
At 3:44pm on June 22, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hey hun!!!

Well I just got back and it's kinda late here so I gotta hurry.. :((
I had a realy great time with my friends there..
Actually the only friend I have is a 9-year-old girl cause all hte others
are adults but I don't care cause she is so cute and funny that we always have a good time together!!
Then we had lunch and ice0cream and after acouple of hours on our way back home htere was raining so much that we couldn; teven see the road!!
It felt like a huge adventure..
My famile went mad but I actually loved it..!!LOL!!!
Now we are safe again!!!!
Tomorrow it's big day!!
I am getting my grades after all but I am not really nervous, i have to admit..!!!
Then my mom is going to the doctor cause she has headcahes all the time and I am going with her...
I don't wanna let her go alone...
I swim like a mermaid too....Sea is like a second nature to me!!!
I wish I could go swimming more often...
YOur vacation last year sound really fascinating!!hank God you didn;t stay into the lake for a long time..
Who got you out after all???

See i sweetie!!!
It's night here so all I can say is goodnight and sweet dreams..
It's an irony actually cause there it's almost morning!!LOL!!!
See you sweetie!!Love you!! :))
At 8:58am on June 21, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Good afternoon honey!!!

I have been cleaning the whole house again and again all those days..LOL!!
My mom is totally surprised with me..
I even started cooking for everyone...
Oh...and I bought a norwegian dictionary so that i learn a few word in that language..
Alex Rybak comes from norway and After watching so many videos with him in norwegian i really loved that language..!!!!
Today was a boring day too..
Mom had to do overtime at the supermarket where she works so we stayed indoors with dad and Sotiris (my brother)..My best friend here wasn;t in the mood of going out so now I'm kinda angry with her cause she should do me a favour and go out with me since she knew how bored I am..!!!
Anyway maybe later today we are going to visit my uncle, aunt and young cousine....and that must be a little fun I assume...
Oh..tomorrow we are all taking a small trip to a city, 3 hours away from thessaloniki called larisa...
We have some friends there and we are gonna have lunch with them...
On Tuesday or Wednesday I am finally getting my final grade..cause after the finals teachers needed a week to publish the results!!
(But i already know that I did well so I am not nervous about that at all!!)
You are so lucky that you are going on extra vacation with your bf..!!!
I wish I cuold join you..
I bet we would have a very good time together!!
Do you like swimming??
I love it!!!!In general I am crazy about the sea!! :))

See u soon!!
Love you!! :D
At 10:47am on June 20, 2009, Sophie said…
Yeah no problem! I want to read your story:) and here I am mainly posting on this discussion:
At 8:24am on June 20, 2009, M@g!!! said…

I know that you are gonna think that I am a little crazy after what I'm gonna tell you..but I am getting sooo bored now..
OF course I was fed up with studying but now I jst have nothing to do..
I sit on the pc for many hours per day...then watch tv and hang out with friends..but still I have nothing to expect..nothing amazing is gonna happen..just the same...
But during the school year life was different..I had something to wait think everything seems to be the same...
Apart form that my best friend goes swimming with her parents all the time and we cannot go out very often...

Anyway..I am waiting baldy for my vacation now....
Are you going there alone or with your parents??
I bet you are gonna have a great time!! :))))
You are lucky to have a sister who knows how to frive..
In my family ony dad knows how to drive and therefore we can only go somewhere away when he is at home...we cannot leave if he is busy.. :((

See u soon honey!!!
At 1:38pm on June 19, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hey honey!!

I knew you would do great...
I fell so proud of you!!!!
Out of 170 student??OMG..You are born to be the best!!!!
Congratulations!!!!!!!I hope that you alsways have so good results!!
Say congrats to your sister as well...She must be really good to pass such a difficult driving test!! :))
I have to admit that I did really great too...I wrote 29 in almost every subject and specially to the ones that I am gonna need for my future studies as a doctor.. :DD
I an going to a greek islsnd, called Andros, for vacation in 3rd of August..!!
I am sooo excited!!!I've never been there before and I am sure me and my family are gonna have a great time there..But I am gonna have no internet for a couple of weeks so I am gonna feel so lonely and bored..but that;s life, i gues...
Are you going somewhere for holidays sweetie??
Have you gone swimming so far??I havent; but I want to so much!!
I've missed sea!!!:DD

See u soon sweetheart!!!I cant; believe that I am talking to you again after so much time..It's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DDDDDDDDDDD
At 6:19am on June 17, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hey sunshine!!!!!!!

How are u doing??
Oh my gosh..
I missed you so badly........
Sorry for being out for so many days..I lost count of htem..I am unforgivable.I know....but I had so much difficult subjects in a studies....and many many more..But now school is over and i am totally thrilled!!!!!I did great in the exams and all my teachers think i did better than wanyone else in the school..!!!!
My heart will stop from the much happiness...
And now I can sit on the pc all day long and sleep till late and watch tv...OMG....I will get my life back!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Apart from that I don;t have many more news..Today I just went out with a coffee with some girls and had a little fan....
In the afternoon we are going out with my parents to celebrate the end of hte school year..I am waiting eagerly for that...
What about you honey??What have yu been up to??
How did your exams go?I bet you did great!!
Did your sister take the driving licence??
See u soon hoeny!!
You can't believe how happy I am to comment you..I had missed it terribly!! :D
At 7:34am on June 4, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Good afternoon sweetheart!!!!

Well I did really well today with my exam..and I am really glad!!!
Religious study is a very easy subject but I had a lot things to write in hte exam about our religion..i'm a christian orthodox...sooo it took me 4 pages actually...
A friend of mine came here for a visit and she styaed till now..So I had no time to reply earlier.. =(
If your sis is as smart as you she will definitely do great..and even if she doesn't it's not a big deal!!!!She can try again in a couple of weeks or months..when she will be ready!!!!
Now I take my next exam on tuesay so I have a lot time to study but I write geometry so I have a thousand things to learn..ugh...
I know honey that finals suck.....I am fed up with them but I have no other choice but to study...Thank god I have only 4 subjects left..and one of them in english so I don;t have to study..I already know what we learn at school!!hahahahaahahahaha!!!!
OME!!!You are sooooooooo lucky to have those solos!!I wish I could listen to you... Sometimes I just wanna grab the first plane and come to the USA...greece sucks...ugh.........
I really liked the trailer too..How couldn;t I??hehehehehehe!!
I have to admit that Jake is sooooooooooo hot...I just keep staring at his muscles...A real wolf???I think that would be too risky and apart form that there are no such large wolves..!!!!!
I have no problem with the pc animation!!!

See you soon honey...Love you too....!!! =DD
PS:I am soooo angry with the time difference between our countries..We can never chat at the same time..we can only leave comments to each other..ugh.......crap...........!!!!!I think we should have the same time in our clocks so that we can talk all the time!!heheheheheheehe!!!

At 7:03am on June 3, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hello honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to your sister for her driving exam!!
I hope she does great!!
This excersise sounds really difficult!!OME!!!
Today I did great at greek literature and tomorrow I take an exam on religious studies but I am not gonna study much..I'm just gonna read them once..They are very easy!!!!LOL!!!!!
I bet you are gonna do great in your exams!!!!
And about the studying thing..I totally agree with you..Without studying what are we gonna do with our lives??
I think that ''Life is short..Read a a very wise expression!!!!
I have so many stupid classmates, who call me nerd and such things..But I don;t pay attention on them cause they are just jealous and they don; teven think that they won;t have a job to get by in 2 years from now...
Mom and dad will not always pay for everything we want..!!!!!!
We need to find a way to survive and not get too much tired and above what we want!!!=DDD
Did yousee the NM trailer??
I was so fascinated!!!Taylor was sooooooooooooooo hot with short hair and those muscles.......OME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apart from that hte animation when he transformed into a wolf were very impressive!!I didn't expect they could be so nice!!!=DDD

See u soon sweetie!!!!!=DDD
At 5:04am on May 30, 2009, M@g!!! said…
Hey sweetie!!
I'm sorry my comment was so big that you couldn;t answer it easily but I always have sooo many things to say to you that I just write and write until I am full!!!

Well I did really good yesterday in the german exams..Thank god!!
Actually I had a small problem cause the time wasn;t enough and I caouldn't manage to finish an excersise so the examinator took my test away..But then I was following her and crying all the time so she let me fill the rest of the gasps..!!!

Today it ia a cold day again but i am much better than yesterday and I am really in the mood of going out..
I will go to the supermarket with dad and then I have to buy a moisturising cream for my face cause i have run out of it!!!
Then I have to write an essay and prepair myself for monday's exam...
Our school finishes on 17th June....I am counting the days..!!!
I have 7 more exams to take but the most difficult subjexts are over..besides algebra and geometry..
Thank you for calling me Einstein but I really havo nth to do with a genious..
I am not a nerd...I listen to music and go out but I just like studying and organise my time..That's all...
I hope you will become a famous broadway singer someday honey!!I am crossing my fingers for you too!!!!!

I am also very glad cause you believe in me and encourage me....everybody here tries to change my mind..Ugh....
It's OK about your email..I'll try to send you the pics via personal message...I really want you to see my room!!!

Yeah..I like sky blue..It's the most impressive i think..!!!!!!
I've never asked you have brothers and sisters??
I have a 12-year-old brother, who is so annoying!!We fight all the time..but he is a good guy..a little lazy but OK!!LOL!!!

Your summer sounds so fascinating!!I wish I could take up piano too but I have to wait until I turn 18 cause till then i have no free time!!!
This summer I am gonna get a job as a salesgirl in a store which sells jeans and t-shirts by levis and lee....!!!!

This was a big comment too!!Sorry again!!!

See you soon honey!!
Hugs and Kisses!!=DD

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