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At 2:47am on April 29, 2009, Cassieee . said…
My little sister and brother are in love Taylor Lautner.
They love him in the "Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl", LOL!
At 3:47am on April 28, 2009, Cassieee . said…
Haha! It is going to be so much fun to watch Taylor Lautner.
He is such a babe.
AND he is only 17, haha!
At 8:57am on April 25, 2009, Cassieee . said…
i think maybe either MA or MA 15 +
depends on the reviews that are said all over the world.
OMG! can't wait for New Moon now, wbu ?
At 6:10am on April 21, 2009, Cassieee . said…
Meh! Australia is alright, i mean like the beaches are pretty much the main tourist attractions here, apart from the Harbour Bridge and a few other places.
I've pretty much lived here all my life so it just seems all dull to me, LOL!
Wow! So how graphic are they ?
Oh wait, i'll have to see for myself, I get the DVD tomorrow (04.22.09)
Wow the classification is a big difference,
here we just have PG, M, MA15+ then R18+
So if it's R in America, then it would have been MA15+ here in Australia yeaa ?
At 7:31pm on April 16, 2009, Cassieee . said…
Cool, so your Team Jacob then ?!
haha! that's cool ( :
Yeaa i got madd at Edward for leaving her too.
I seriously cry everytime i read it, haha!
Hey! I was womdering, because you already have Twilight on DVD,
could you tell me what the deleted scenes are ?
But i think i have already seen them on the net or something like that, LOL!
Becasue here is Australia we don't get it until next Wednesday
Australia always has to wait for things.
I seriously can't wait to move to the states, sometime after i finish highschool this year, LOL!
Always wanted to move from Australia ( :
Have you ever been to Australia ?
At 12:40am on April 16, 2009, Cassieee . said…
Ahh, fair enough then.
My favourite would have to be Eclipse, i'm more of a Jasper fan than edward.
But then it goes New Moon, i cry every time i read it, LOL!
then Twilight and Breaking Dawn are at a tie.
Can't decide which one i like better over the other.
Onle because i love how their relationship starts and then the fact that she eventually turn into a vampire, haha!

What about you ?
At 2:59am on April 15, 2009, Cassieee . said…
Fair enough, i felt like that too when i first read them all.
but that sue gave me an excuse to buy each book to read it over again, and again, and again, LOL!
When you do read it over you start to pick up things more easily, and that's when i learned to accept Jacob abit more, especially afet i read BD a couple of times over.
Any way, so what do you think of BD so far ?
At 12:50am on April 14, 2009, Cassieee . said…
Cool so your only 13.
Well im 17, have you real all the books yet ?
At 7:51pm on April 9, 2009, Cassieee . said…
Hey thanks for the add.
how old are you ?
At 9:04am on March 12, 2009, Kailyn said…
Lol. Thanks for accepting.
At 5:27pm on March 9, 2009, Brandi Kay said…
Well thank you. ^_^
At 2:02am on March 6, 2009, Brandi Kay said…
thank for the add.

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