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At 2:14pm on September 25, 2010, Madhu Sankeerth said…

At 2:09pm on September 25, 2010, Madhu Sankeerth said…

height of twi addiction

At 4:39pm on September 9, 2010, Graciella T said…
I'm glad you like it! Yeah it took some work. I mean the most time consuming activity was finding the pictures. I now have like 1000 pictures on computer. Yikes! And then I was deciding which one I was going to put, but it all came together just the right way eventually. So I have taken some pictures with my camera. My flashlight keeps reflecting on the glass so that cannot be helped unfortunately. I also have some close-ups if you really want to see which photos I used. Anyway here are the ones with a higher resolution. Talk to you tomorrow!

At 4:14am on September 7, 2010, shreya said…
hey...nice to be back again!!!...well i miss all my twi friends desperately too..but what to u like leaving paradise huh...well told u so!! abt can read jennifer echols books,coffee house angels,the mortal instuments series,sarah dessens book,angel with an attitude,and alex flinn's novels, right now i can't remember...m in clg library...when i return to home this friday i'll mail u the list as well as some links where u can download those...and oh "insatiable by meg cabot"....btw...plz tell me which genre of book u want so that i can easily recommend u...for the sake of recommending i can say a lot of books name but the books which i love to re-read again..those book m gonna tell u...ok gotta go..orthopedics class...nice to talk to u again.....ttyl...take care..
p.s-i think u've asked me nicholas sparks book links right??? well that's the first thing m gonna do...
At 7:47am on August 31, 2010, ♥change of heart♥ said…
Hey!! How are you doing?Hope your always fit and safe!

At 5:39am on August 28, 2010, Graciella T said…
Hey sweetheart! I just stopped by to say that... I've finished my Twilight project! It turned out pretty great I might add ;)
But you know what, I had so many more pictures and I couldn't fit them all. But I'm pretty sure I can find a place for them somewhere in my room lol.
Now I must tell you I've taken these photos with the camera on my phone. It usually takes great pictures, but if you can't see it properly just say so. I'll take them with my other camera. Anyway, here they are:

At 1:11am on August 26, 2010, Tamster Spirit said…
Now for the books with the White cover. It's the Twilight series. These are only being made available in this color outside of the US. I think they will start in the U.K. The US versions are only in Black covers.
As the food goes, you are probably right about spicy. But I know that they try very hard to make the recipes similar to the real cultural foods. I do enjoy the different seasonings that I just can't make myself. I'm not the best at cooking, but I'm willing to be open and try different foods. I'm probably better at catering than trying to attempt some of the different meals.
At 12:58am on August 26, 2010, Tamster Spirit said…
For some of your other questions - I'm an avid reader myself. I just enjoy it for the pleasure of the quiet time to myself. I completely get involved with the stories. I can usually get through a book within the same day or the next if they keep my interest. For school studies, I usually did fairly well with getting the information down the first time around and I took care with my notes. I found the secret to success was consistently getting the daily work done and clear note taking for quizzes and tests. I like a variety of classes: science, math, business, and others especially if there is an opportunity to work with people. I enjoy social activities. I'm pretty extraverted and I like to meet new people all the time. (Like Alice in Twilight)
At 12:46am on August 26, 2010, Tamster Spirit said…
Hi - How are you? There has been quite a bit of activity recently so I haven't had a chance to get on-line. The schools are now back in session. Where I live is a "college town" so there are many activities that start up again in the fall. Our city actually gains a lot more people this time of year. Also, on football Saturdays...all you see is RED, RED, RED everywhere. This town is crazy for our Huskers. If you are not a native of the out, it's like a sea of RED, they actually draw you into this pack, even the shopping centers broadcast the games over the radio. And the traffic on these days downtown...(yikes!) Anyway...sports are kind of a big deal where I live.
At 12:28pm on August 25, 2010, Toni Ann Whitmore said…
I have never been married. Came close, but the guy backed out. I was with him for nearly 8 years before I left him. Long story. My son has not seen his dad in nearly 3 years and its not my fault LOL. I have no reason to blame my son for his dad's crap.
Yes, I have written a novel and posted it in writer's ambition discussion. Its called Moonlit Sky.

I am 30, LOL, I know I am old. ;) Well good for you!! stay in school.

I don't believe in divorce much either. My parents were divorced when I was 5. I would rather have the love like Edward's and Bella's. LOL. :)
At 2:55pm on August 15, 2010, Graciella T said…
The phone you got looks good! I think one of my friends had a similiar one. It's one with a touch pad, right or whatever you call it lol. So do you love it? ;)

Hey I have Serendipity on dvd. I think it's such a sweet movie. And you know it's not strange that you believe in fate and destiny. Lots of people do, you know. I kind of do believe in fate and destiny, but lets just say I'm little pessimistic about finding my dreamguy. But that's just me though. One of my good friends believes so much in true love, even though she keeps having these awful boyfriends. Yet she believes that 'the one' is out there for her and they will find each other eventually. Now that it's just beautiful I think ;)

So did you go see Aisha? It's kind of annoying that they don't show that many Indian movies here, but maybe this one might reach to my country. It's sounds very interesting :D

Oh my sister Lindsey is doing good. Btw I don't think I remember your sisters name either lol. My parents are doing fine. The kind of arthritis they have is a condition they just have to live with for the rest of their lives. They have medication to relieve the pain, but the rheumatoid arthritis won't ever go away totally. It's not a disease that you can inherit, but on my fathers side there are a lot of family members who have it as well. Anyway it's not as bad as it sounds really ;)

So, I'm almost finished with my Twilight project. Probably this week. But thanks for saying that I'm not too old or should care what anyone else think. I really appreciate it!:D And you know what, I wish you would have been here to help as well!! Lots of love, honey. Talk to you soon!
At 2:26pm on August 15, 2010, Graciella T said…
Hey, I'm sorry for this awful late reaction, but I had some family coming over the day after and had some other stuff to deal with.

So, about college. I was a little frustrated that day, so I didn't get to tell you the whole story in the right way. But here it goes. I'm basically going to two colleges at the same time. There's one college where I'm almost done with my course/ study. That is, if I can find a company who will allow me to do research for them and eventually write an elaborate rapport about it. Then there's the second college which I've been accepted to and have registered at. This will be the first year I will attend at this college.

But now I've been doubting whether it's good idea to do both studies at the same time. Just because I haven't found a company yet. And I don't know if it's really such a good idea to study something else which I will be stuck with for another 3 years or longer( I'll be 26/27 when I'm done)
I thought that's what I wanted, but I'm not so sure these days. My mom is not really helping either. She says I have to decide for myself whether the second study is worth my time. She says maybe I should see what happens when I get my diploma. I just don't know, I have to think real hard. Anyway that's what I've been dealing with this week ;)

So back to you ;) I think it's so great that you got your mom into it to the point where she would have gone with you to the movie! Mine went with me to all three movies and then she went to marathon with me too. Our moms are so cool!! But you know what, it's good to hear that you got to go with your sister and cousins brother. Because I really hoped that you didn't go by yourself. I mean I go to the movie theatre by myself all the time, but this one I definitely did not want to see alone. Besides if I can take anyone with me so that I can support the Twilight franchise, then why not ;)
At 8:34pm on August 10, 2010, Tamster Spirit said…
Hello - Thanks for checking in with me. Sorry that we keep missing each other due to where we live and the time of day. It looks like you are an Edward/Rob fan so I've included a picture. Currently I'm pretty busy Mon-Fri, but weekends I'll try to get on earlier.

At 12:52pm on August 10, 2010, Graciella T said…
Anyway enough of the college drama ;) You want to know what my Twilight project is? Now I realise I'm too old to be doing this, but I'm printing photos out of the Twilight cast and movies and putting them on this glass wall in my room. I'm trying to make it look like a collage. If I'm done I'll definitely send you photo ;)

Thanks for the message you sent me, but don't worry. I've figured that one out at the very first moment. But I want to see how far either party will push it, if you know what I mean. Anyway I'll send you message back to really explain my thoughts ;)

So I have to go now. But I'll talk to you tomorrow probably ;) Love ya!
At 12:49pm on August 10, 2010, Graciella T said…
Hey honey!

Yeah I'm so sorry I've been so absent lately. I was out and about a lot, busy with school and a little Twilight project of my own. Anyway, I'm so stoked that you got to see Eclipse on the big screen! Who did you go with?
And you know what, I totally get what you mean about the whole phone thing. I was like that too at your age. So I completely understand. And yeah of course I would like to know what kind it is you bought. So send that link to me ;)

Hey it's okay about the other day you know. No worries ;) Is there really only a 3and half hour difference? Hmm somehow I thought it would be longer. But I think it's cool that you found that out, cuz I forgot it everytime hahaha.

Anyway I haven't found any college assignment yet. Cuz it's not really easy to find one and I had it on hold last week. Also it was getting to me, but that's just is something that I've had deal with about some time now. Anyway I haven't been happy with this college for a while now and there are periods of time that I just don't want to do it and quit. I almost did. But that's just not a option, so if I do this paper right, I'll be as good as done. Only I have to find a company who would let me do research for them. And there's also another issue, I'm supposed to be attending the college I got in. I think I mentioned it once, anyhow I wanted to combine the two. But there's a 50/50 chance that I won't be able to and have to withdraw my enlistment. Because there's a big chance that the companies I'm approaching might want to have as an intern as well. I'm not really feeling that, but I just have to see how it all will turn. I just have to be positive about the whole thing, you know ;)
At 10:54am on August 1, 2010, Paige Luna Potter ♥ said…
Thanks :)

ahh okay, what major have you enlisted in?

I'm thinking about going into law once all of this highschool stuff is done- getting a 4yr bachelor degree in law and then continuing onto lawschool but I'm not 100% sure yet but it is my dream job to be a lawyer in defence

Suffering moving from one side of Australia to the other which I left behind most of my family including my dad and big brother(who had always been with me my whole life). I've basically become anti-socialable apart from on forums etc. Crying myself to sleep every night and having an emotionally abusive mum and step-dad with new friends who see me most of the time as invisible. Anyway apart from that I guess I'm fine, I'm alive I guess but have previously tried to change that status before.

Sorry I'm overally emotional at the moment my apologies.
At 4:22am on August 1, 2010, ♥♥Anjali♥♥ said…

happy friendship day!!!!!!!!
At 1:38pm on July 23, 2010, Graciella T said…
So hey is it next week that Eclipse will premiere in the theaters in India? Are you excited to see it on the big screen, even though you already saw it? I bet you are ;)

So as much as I would like to talk about Eclipse all day and night, I have to go. But I'll talk to you soon. If not here, probably on fb okay? <3 ;)
At 1:36pm on July 23, 2010, Graciella T said…
OK, I'm back! Let me talk about Eclipse some more ;)

So I think the scenes that were my favorite, were the ones I mentioned. Like the opening scene, the Cullens chasing Victoria, but also the scenes where Charlie and Bella are having 'the talk' haha I laughed so much. Where Edward drops Bella off to go hang out with Jacob, the fight scene with the Cullens, the wolves and newborns, even though I thought it was little short. Jessica's speech was for me definitely one of the best moments. Anna is such a great actress, it didn't sound corny at all.

Oh I really loved the conversation between Bella and Rosalie, Nikki nailed that one. And even though all the flashbacks were great, hers was my favorite, because it was almost exactly as to how I saw it in my mind. With Jaspers flashback I wanted to see more of Maria, but that's probably because I love that actress. And btw where were Peter and Charlotte? Instead we saw this random boy being killed!

Oh that reminds me of another thing which bugged me. Bree! Jodelle was great as Bree, but where was that crazy, pained look in her eyes because she wanted Bella so much? They made a huge mistake there, because she is supposed to be this newborn craving for blood and she just stood there like she was okay with it. It could have made it so much more intense and then Dakota didn't really deliver. I thought she was kind of blasé in the whole movie. Only when she smiled evil I saw the Jane I wanted to see, but hey I'll let it slide ;)

Anyway, I think it's just unbelievable how many things I love in this movie. With the first there are like maybe five scenes which I liked, in NM there's only one really, okay maybe two, but that's it. With this one they are countless. Yes I'll say it again they did a phenomenal job! Bill definitely has got his work cut out for him. I'm hoping he'll top this one, because I think BD is my favorite book! ( I say 'think' because I have some trouble about picking a favorite one) :D
At 7:20pm on July 22, 2010, Graciella T said…
I'll guess they'll introduce them in the next one. I mean Irina is the one who causes the whole problem with the Volturi. So they'd have to introduce them, right? I mean they wouldn't just throw in some random character, right? OK, I'll stop freaking out now. I guess we'll have to wait and see what that Melissa person is going to do write (gosh I can strangle that woman sometimes)

Anyway, about Kristen. Before these movies, I saw her in the Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor, Jumper and Into the Wild. In the first two she was a kid. In Into the Wild she has a small part, but the few minutes that you see her, she makes a big impression on you. And then she also sings in it, which I thought was great too. And then Emile Hirsch (love him!) is the one who recommended Kristen to Catherine Hardwicke. So I had high expectations for her, but to this day she doesn't deliver I think. OK, in Twilight she was way better than NM, but OMG what's with all that stuttering and playing with her hair! It annoyed the hell out of me. In NM I just wanted to slap her, like in Eclipse. Yes she stopped stuttering and biting her lip all the time, but now all she's given me is this cold and depressed look. She's no fun, at least in the book Bella's is a little bit more funnier than Kristen is trying to portray her. But hey maybe that's not her fault, maybe that's Melissa's fault for giving her no funny lines what so ever. OK, enough about Kristen.

And hey I do get what you mean about her crying her eyes out for Jacob and them not showing it in the movie. Actually I was sort of glad they didn't put that scene in there. Because my friend wasn't at all sympathetic towards Bella and I think that would've made it a lot worse.

Whahaha my two favorite lines of this movie must be, 'I'm hotter than you' and 'Doesn't he own a shirt?'. I laugh every single time. Yes this is definitely my favorite Twilight movie so far. Finally one I can watch over and over again without cringing so much. I love it!!!!!!

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