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At 8:19am on June 28, 2009, χtiɳa said…
oh wow i read La Luna its soo good 2, so is la luna 2
ends with such a cliffhanger, cant wait 4 more.
its interesting how teh two fanific take different twists, something not involving the volturi was def interesting =P

thanks 4 mentioning it!! =)
At 3:40am on June 27, 2009, χtiɳa said…
ah la luna, i havent read that 1 yet..i dont think
i 4get, ive read quite a few lol
its amazing how some a similar in some parts, just goes 2 show how the follow up story can be written i guess.

yeah i know =( pleas dont finish.......
blue moon is such a gr8 story..BIG THANKS to ysabel!!!!!
if only it didnt hav 2 end... mayb she can write anothr story aftr that =P
one can only hope right?!!!! hahaha
At 9:31pm on June 25, 2009, χtiɳa said…
yeah im glad that their is the story coping haha
much bettr!!!
yeah the story is really gd, its interesting how they brought nessie bak,
n now she is part werewolf 2 =P

the story is gr8 and all, but i would hav 2 say that i still like blue moon bettr.
blue moon seems more like SM writing 2 me and perhaps a more realistic follow-up.
but i luv reading all the fan fics just so u get a taste of wat could of happen,
u know??
At 9:04pm on June 23, 2009, Bella~Cullen said…
That Twilight and Breaking Dawn are the best :)
At 10:13pm on June 19, 2009, χtiɳa said…
ok cool thanx
i shall do that now =)
At 8:58pm on June 19, 2009, Bella~Cullen said…
Yay! I'm glad someone agrees with me!
At 4:22am on June 17, 2009, χtiɳa said…
yeah it was sad hey?!?!
poor jacob and edward/bella.
nah i want happy endings, much more lightful and comforting =)
At 1:01am on June 17, 2009, χtiɳa said…
well u shoudl read it still, its still excellent!!
but i lwould have 2 say that i luv the blue moon one better.
i so hope she puts some more chapters up, im like dying here
At 12:56am on June 17, 2009, χtiɳa said…
ah it was Wolf-pire? in the breaking dawn discussion
it was an excellent story, well written and all, but just extremely sad =(
At 12:52am on June 17, 2009, χtiɳa said…
ah im not sure wat it was called, but it was when nessie is older and just got married 2 jacob.
yeah i cried at the end, i want 2 smile and celebrate at the end, not the other way around!!!!
sorry by the way if u wanted 2 read it, i kinda gave way the ending there, sorry!!
but i will av a look 2 see if i can find it
At 11:16pm on June 16, 2009, Moonlight said…
yeah I find kids cute plus I have the patience. I really enjoy helping people but I don't think I could take care of high school because their more disrespectful so I decide to teach little kids. And I have hand-on experience with working with little kid already it not that bad and really enjoyed it.
So hey how are you?
At 4:23am on June 16, 2009, χtiɳa said…
yeah i know hey, ah not sure how many chapters hey.
i got a feeling that its comin 2 end unfortunately, so i rekon a couple more and thats it, which suks =(
but hopefully it ends well!!
i read another fanfic, but nessie dies - i did not like that one, too saaadd
fingrs crossed it goes well, luv happy endings =D
At 9:43pm on June 15, 2009, Moonlight said…
thanks the same to you :)
At 5:49pm on June 15, 2009, tђє ๒lยє ๓๏๏ภ קคςк™ said…
Wat is Blue Moon about?
At 1:15pm on June 15, 2009, tђє ๒lยє ๓๏๏ภ קคςк™ said…
Okay.....Idk that was out
At 11:04am on June 15, 2009, Moonlight said…
Well actually I'm in college now and I'm studying to be a teacher. I want to teacher elementary school.
Hope everything good with you :)
At 10:06pm on June 14, 2009, χtiɳa said…
ha now ive caught up and in desperate waiting for the nxt chaptr!!
i wondr who adriana is hey?? well shall find out soon..hopefully lol

thanku again =D
At 7:27pm on June 14, 2009, Moonlight said…
congrats Sorry I was late to wish you good luck lol. Are you planning to become a professional soccer player or do you play for fun? SO anything new?
At 7:22pm on June 14, 2009, tђє ๒lยє ๓๏๏ภ קคςк™ said…
Wats Blue Moon?
At 11:23pm on June 12, 2009, χtiɳa said…
OMG!! thanku so much 4 requesting blue moon, it is soo good!!!!!!
im up to chaptr 13, she writes a lot like stephenie, so even better

yeah there are some mistakes, as some speech marks and that r missing but still gr8 =D

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