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At 10:29am on October 2, 2009, Jan Alexis Bailey said…
By Florida area I am referring to Daytona Beach or somewhere in that area.
At 10:27am on October 2, 2009, Jan Alexis Bailey said…
Anyone interested in forming a Twilight Saga book club? Anyone in the Florida area ? Maybe it could help answer some of the many questions the series creates.
At 10:23am on October 2, 2009, Jan Alexis Bailey said…
The books are so awesome. so many questions. where 2 begin....
At 4:45pm on September 30, 2009, Haylee Raine Wood :D said…
i love Jacob!!!!!!!!!!
At 8:12am on September 30, 2009, loLa cUlLen said…
hi ....wats up!
At 3:54pm on September 28, 2009, Isabella Merie Rathbone said…
hey whats up
At 5:45pm on September 27, 2009, Crazzy~Loved Pack said…

heyy watz goin on!!?? oh do u like this pic!?
At 5:24pm on September 27, 2009, Alice XD said…
How long does it usually take for a group to be approoved cuz if been waiting for like three weeks??? plz tell me (:
At 10:35pm on September 26, 2009, kathleen areeya paraiso said…
At 11:17pm on September 24, 2009, Cindy Bieber <3 said…
u should tell everyone about the new moon cover the new one i luv it i have and it has a poster
At 4:29pm on September 23, 2009, lover girl* said…
Hay its been a while
At 11:53pm on September 22, 2009, syrah caraig said…
At 12:06am on September 22, 2009, Stephanie said…
Hey, you know what would be really great? An Official Team Switzerland Group. It would be for everyone who loves both Edward and Jacob and can't decide.

Team Switzerland. Because we refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures.

At 3:16pm on September 21, 2009, KatieHaleCullenSalvatore&kids said…
hii how are you?? x
At 6:08am on September 21, 2009, pennelope cullen said…
hello there!!1can we be friends?
At 7:32pm on September 20, 2009, Anna Benefici McCullen & Family said…
please dont delete this website because i go on here everyday. and if this website is deleted i would be so devasted and my accounts are important to me so please dont delete this website. i love website. i hope im not sounding rude or anything like that i just want this website to be saved and many other people would be devasted and crushed if you decide to delete the website and alot of people are on here. just look.
At 6:18pm on September 20, 2009, HON- Official Erin Bates said…
um hello, i know you probably get a lot of comments like this but, i heard this site was going to close. And i know im only one person on here and only one person in the world but this site means a lot to a lot of people, its a way to connect people with one similar interest, Twilight. Personaly I have made a lot of great friends here. And im sure others have made friendships just like me. And look at how many people have a page here. A lot of people do. And now please, for the sake of me, for the sake of others, and for the sake of twilight, please don't take down this website. And if tou do close it, then thanks for allowing me the chance to expand my horizons and learn about the worlds people.

~Erin Bates~
At 12:28pm on September 20, 2009, Langston Natalia Marie Black said…
These are only SOME of the people that love this site and would be crushed if it was deleted. ONLY SOME. Theres MILLIONS more! Please, please don't delete this site!

Matt Micheal Clearwater
Travis Clearwater
Blake Chuck Black
Arianne Eva Marie
Leleayn Serena Clearwater- Black
© Official Alex Russo™
Leanne Sianna נαмєѕ ♱
Jason Richard Garcia Official™
ღTaylor Serena Blackღ
Jenalynn Faithe Bridgeway
Official Embry Call
Ƭαʏℓσя Δℓιƨσи Ƨωιғт
Emily Isobelle James
Aℓɛxzandяa ℓiℓah Aℓℓisana Bℓack
Dylan Jacob Black
♥Lily Marie Baxter♥
ღAlana Seraphine Castileღ
♥Rubi Marie Scarlet Call ♥
ღRenesmee Carℓie Cuℓℓenღ
Alexander Volturi-Black
♪Allison Lilah Alesandra Black۰•
Ɖακσтα Ɖʋии
The Real® Jess S. Cullen
Evangeline Lily Katherine Black
Chase Clearwater
Marisa Marie Black™
©Jake Black™®
© Ʀenesmee Carlie Black ™®
Hazeℓ McCartney Caℓℓ
Ethan Kane Swan
Dylan Jacob Black
Rubi Marie Scarlet Call
Langston Natalia Marie Black - Me
At 11:46am on September 20, 2009, Anthony WoodsAnthony Woods said…
I just Wanted To Say Please Don't Delete The Saga! This Site Rocks. And Just Making It To Delete It After Is A Waste Just Don't Delete It. Im On Here ALL Day Everyday. Just Don't :(
At 11:39am on September 20, 2009, Langston Natalia Marie Black said…
I just wanted to tell you Not to delete The Twilight Saga! I love this site, and so do all of my friends. We're on here ALL day, everyday! If it got deleted we would be crushed. We wouldn't be able to talk to the great friends we've made. It would break our hearts! Please don't. ):

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