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At 7:30am on June 30, 2011, ♥Robsessed♫Mieke♥ said…


Well that was a big fat lie.

I'm sorry but it is.

At 12:59pm on June 22, 2011, Twi-EmmettCullenBreakingTwilight said…

Hello Hachette Book Group! Yes, I got my latest copy of the Twilight Saga Illustrated Guide... I saw Bella's wedding dress in the book and can't wait to see it when Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out on November 18, 2011... I also saw last night at the movie theater the first poster announcing Breaking Dawn Part 1 the movie in November... I was frozen in time just knowing we have just 148 more days, 11 hours, and 2 minutes to go before the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

I have fallen in love with the Saga with all the Amazing Groups, Writers, Sketch Artist, and Friends I have met these past two years... I don't know what is going to happen with the new rules but I just hope we don't get to lose so many talented friends we met along the way.... I love Twilight so much and I'm sad to know we might lose some people we have learned to love on this Site as Family... All I ask is please be gentle to my heart? This site is my family... Thank you! Twi-Emmett The Bear...

At 12:28pm on June 19, 2011, DOG~LUVER said…
Plz dont delete the fanfiction group people write storys about twilight
At 10:20pm on June 14, 2011, Reneesme C. Cullen said…
dont give ur emial out!!!!
At 7:53am on May 21, 2011, Team Adam(Hauptman) said…
i dont know what else2 do and i know u are very very busy i sent u 2 massages but no 1 has gotten back to me and i REALLY HATE TO LEAVE THIS GROUP i love it here & made a lot of Great friends and ment alot of Great People BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Getting Very Very Very Pissed i cant down load any of my pics.on my groups or send any one of my friends a massage i know its not my lap top cause i can download pics.on other sites PLEASE Can U Check In To It THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 4:38am on May 7, 2011, Undisclosed Desires™ said… are you??...can i ask you one question please??:D
At 2:43am on January 14, 2011, Isabella Marie Swan said…


is the international fan contest to win a meeting with stephenie meyer even for people from the netherlands?



At 9:20am on January 12, 2011, hwang chansung/ jane uzono said…

chansung: hello! there.....


jane: hi! *Smile*

At 5:02pm on January 5, 2011, dakota blue reed said…
hi there
At 3:58pm on December 15, 2010, Bella Marie Swan said…

:) hi

At 11:42pm on December 4, 2010, Vicky Mihelic said…

Chapter 1 First Sight

1. What city did Bella come from before relocating back to Forks, WA?
a. Phoenix
b. Scotsdale
c. LA
d. Flagstaff

2. Which one is true?
a. Charlie brought Bella a Chevy Truck. But, it was already there for her.
when she just arrived at her new home in Forks, WA.
b. Charlie brought Bella a Chevy Truck it arrived after she came back home
and Billy delivered it to her.
3. Was Eric the first student to speak to Bella on her first day of
A. True
B. False

4. Why was Edward Cullen angry looking at Bella while she sat next to him
in Biology?
a. her smell from her blood
b. he hated her
c. he wanted to kill her
d. all of the above

Chapter 2 Open Book

1. What was Bella's first meal she prepared for her father Charlie?
a. Fried Chicken
b. Grill Cheese Sandwich
c. Steak and Pototoes
d. Lean Pocket

2. In English class what was Bella's first pop quiz on what book?
a. Venice of Merchant
b. Romeo and Juliet
c. Wiethering Heights
d. Mansfield Park
3. Which on is true?
a. Edward returns from his trip and he was sitting at his table in the cafeteria with his family.
Bella confides to Jessica, " I do not think he likes me."
b. Edward returns from his trip and he was sitting at his table in the cafeteria with his family.
Bella confides to Jessica," I thinks he likes me."
4. Did Bella like using her name as Isabella?
a. true
b. false
5. In Biology class Edward asked Bella. Why did you come here, then? What was the two words she used?
_________________. Fill in the blank.
6. What color are Edward's eyes?
a. Blue
b. gold
c. green
d. red
At 11:30pm on December 4, 2010, Vicky Mihelic said…
Maybe you can help me. I love this Twilight Saga Community. I created a group called
Twilight Quizzes Fan Club. It is a group for me and others can summit quizzes about the Twilight novel series. People to answer the questions. I have many questions within my quizzes. That are not on other sites in their quizzes. I take it by chapter and paragraphs. To come up with my own style from other sites. Just for fun and see how many people know the books. I am still waiting for approval for the group. How long does that take. Love Twilight Books and it's author Stephenie. Thank you for your time. Here is my example will be in the next comment.
At 5:07pm on November 19, 2010, Maddalena said…
so r you like the 3rd person to ever make an account?
At 3:28pm on October 23, 2010, Rosalyn Marie Wagoner said…
I loved bree tanner it was so good
At 8:34pm on September 25, 2010, Cat said…
hello,i am caitie,i was wondering if u r in charge of aproving groups,i never get my group aproved,plaease and thank you !!! -caitie :)
At 10:06pm on September 24, 2010, Katie ReschKatie Resch said…
You have a freaken sick page. Love your group ^-^
At 9:27pm on August 29, 2010, Zoey Redbird said…
At 3:48pm on August 27, 2010, All!soNKaYBlacK:) said…
Heyyyyyyyy Hachette Book Group!!!!!!
At 6:10pm on August 24, 2010, ❤Dawn❤ said…
Hi..... I was wondering if you we in charge of approving groups.
At 4:21pm on August 23, 2010, Maca Martina Parket said…
Sorry but could you add Macedonia to the Country list :)

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