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At 6:08pm on November 18, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

But I'm lazy and don't want to... you see my dilemma? :]

Ah... well that's about as boring as a class can get. :\

x3 And yup... right on the desk... in front of EVERYONE. ;]

Hmm... fair enough. :3 Liars lie. XD

Well... the kinky way. ;3

Hah- How could you even suggest such a thing... of course not to your boyfriend. ;3


At 9:56pm on November 11, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

I shall... go find me the producer! :3

What class is it? Haha. x3 Well... if I were in your place... on that particular day I might have been doing someo- er uh... something.

Why is he fat or something? :P If that's the case... SEND THEM MY WAY! DX

... I see.. although I don't know why anyone would lie about such a thing. :\

Haha, wait... o.o what way are you referring to?

There... doesn't it feel better to admit to your sadistic ways? :3 I'm sure he isn't. And of course my statement was more important... I mean... it is MY statement. v.v Jk. Haha.

At 9:27pm on November 11, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Haha, That should be what the next season of Everybody hates Chris should be called. :3 I'm brilliant.

Haha, how do you know? Just because of his looks? You'd be too busy drooling over him to actually learn anything. I'd like to get in on that. ;3 Haha, ohhh so none of them liked it? :\ that's a shame.

Hmm... A magic mushroom. :] Lmao, dude, that is so awkward. I would have killed myself from embarrassment before anyone knew I did anything. x3 First time? Really... wow... you are a tease. x] I love it when the beg <3

Haha, okay good, because I don't know if you'd be able to handle my... heat. v.v And you are so a sadist. Lol. Who'd just completely ignore how much a guy wants you? ONLY YOU! X3 Whose to say that he's not proof to MY statement? o.-

At 8:04pm on November 11, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Excuse me? You got something to say, woman? ;]

Haha. :3 You know how Asian's sometimes have a baby like face with huge eyes? Well... that's him. Dx And geez... his lips... >.<" they're like a pinkish color but not so dark that they're freakishly pink or red or whatever. I won't go into detail about the rest cause I know I won't be able to fight off my brain's death if I do. Haha. :3 As a matter of fact my brain completely shut off just typing about him. T.T

Haha, you sure it's not just the danger that makes you stay with him? D: Rofl, I can picture you getting caught too, that's the weird part. x3

Proving him wrong is evil? ;3 Please, you don't think it's evil... I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted details of exactly how I get him to blush. ;] MY GOD! I WILL TELL YOU THE REASON WHY! Innocence... it's just... well... I don't know if it's just me (and your boyfriend), but it's the thing that really gets me in a sadistic (and slightly masochistic) mood and I'm a very sadistic person when it comes to certain things... o_o I don't know, maybe it just has to do with the more primitive part of the male mind... :\ You know... like dudes would think it's hot because it's a sign of one being younger (more or less the age when their partner is able to bear children) to be naive and innocent and what not... Am I reading too much into this?

At 10:55pm on November 6, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Of course they couldn't. v.v My sharp wit and boyish attitude can be beaten by none!

Hmmm... Well the vietnamese dude who lives across my old block was ADORABLE. xo Wrinkles? That's where I draw the line. Oh my gahsh, that reminds me of this asian sophmore in my school... my gahd... he's the most beautiful person I have ever seen.... and I mean beautiful to the point where just looking at him makes my eyes melt and my pants shrink. Ah... anyways I'm getting off topic. :3

Oh I seee... well then that's not that impressive. :D Haha That happens to me all the time, I can sympathize with the guy. :[

Haha, I know. :3 He's adorable... and no matter how much he tries to act like he has lost his innocence I still find ways to prove him wrong. =:3 And I agree 100%, I like to make him squirm. >=3

At 8:58pm on November 6, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Haha, like you don't already know. x3 I've simply measured the skill of each and every sports player whom I see fit and who will allow me to um... give them feedback? Eh. :\ I don't have a witty subtlety for that part. Haha. :3

Eh... why not? Describe him to me and I shall be the judge. ;3

Haha, yeah right. :3- O.O He can't fit his problems in SWEATPANTS?! As in... baggy old man sweatpants? Hon... you're in for a world of pain.

Haha, well it used to be Alex... and it still is. x3 According to Alex I am. Haha.

At 7:28pm on November 6, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Of course I know. How could I NOT know? ;] Jk. Believe me I know, jocks are unpredictable.... sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad. :3

Haha- wait... o_o is he hot?

That doesn't count! x3 Oh please, you're the most innocent person I know- wait scratch that... second. ;3

Finally something we have in common! Just ask Alex. ;3

At 7:09pm on November 6, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Haha, no wayyyyy. :3 An innocent little thang like you... ;3 worst you'd get from a dumb jock is a few horrible pick up lines and maybe a grope or two. x3

Lmao. Why whatever happened to your foreign friend? (If you already told me, I forget. Haha)

Wait a minute... what happened to the last one? o.0

At 3:39pm on November 6, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Haha, how would you even approach the question. Just walk up to some really dumb neanderthal and be like "so... if I gave you a tootsie roll would you jump in the elevator to get it to stall?" Honestly, if I ever did that I'd end up getting my pretty face beat in. D:

Yeah, I get that a lot. x3 Haha.

Oh nice, didn't happen to mention gay AND will use violence to get what he wants? Dx

Who said I haven't already had him? o.e Eh? Haha, I know, and girls are no fun for gay guys. D: Honestly, the amount of chicks who ask me out on a regular basis would astound you!

At 12:29am on August 31, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…
I'll get on every day around seven or eight MN time. :3 Happy? D: I should probably tell Alex that too.
At 12:26am on August 31, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Haha. It's eeasssy. x3 All you gotta do it jump when the elevator is just about to stop and there! it's stalled. :3 Well... that's hot it's at my school... cause the district is too cheap to fix it. x3 Haha.

Omg it'd be like two minutes... I'm sorry but even if the guy is like REALLLY hot (or reaaallly big) I wouldn't get shiznip out of that amount of time. I'd just be like "That's it?... What a waste!" Haha. :3 You'd have to freaking go into the elevator already flippin prepped. Haha. x3 Just be sitting in the bathroom getting yourself... well... you know. ;3 Haha. I'd freakin laugh if that actually happened.

OH aren't you the caring and cautious type. x3 Haha. I'm guessing you didn't point out the one criminal who would soon steal his v-card?

Oh... LOL. Why thank you. x3 But I like taking advantage of others better. Mehmehmeh.


Lol. I just know he's going to get frustrated with you and go to someone with their legs already in the air... aka ME!!!! MWAHAHA. I JUST KNOW IT! ;3 Jk.

At 12:05am on August 31, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Oh yes. D: LMAO!!!! Ahh the elevator... I've had my fair share of both bread baskets and bananas in an elevator :3 OMG I love my school's elevator... you can freaking stall it for hours on end... it's like the school wants you to skip it's classes for more enjoyable activities. x3

Lmao, the gay rapist always prevails even with the most protective motherly students. x3.... I should know. o.o

What's that supposed to mean?! Dx

I don't doubt that for even a second. :3

Awww, well that sucks for him. v.v I hate people who are hard to get. ;3 It's like "(edited) bend the (edited) over, or so help me..!" haha. :3

At 11:45pm on August 30, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Lmao. You take after me. x3 I've been known to do that to home schooled freshmans... haha. They're just too cute, all innocent and shy, and curious... oh so curious. ;3 I almost feel bad when I tear that innocence away. D: Agh there I go ranting again. :3

Don't I know it. Haha.

OH YES! Modesty of course. :3

Haha, give him to meeee, then! I happen to like getting touchy with strangers. ;]


At 11:32pm on August 30, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

LMAO!!!! XD That's hilarious.

... It's me isn't it? O.o

Don't forget charm, charisma, and loyalty. ;] Haha

Aw mann. I feel like swiper the fox. D:

True... as a matter of fact I'm "busy" right now. ;3 Mehmeh.

At 11:15pm on August 30, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Haha, Angel... riiiiight. ;3

o.o Oh dang. Lol.

Haha, sometimes I think it would be better if I wasn't smart... x3 You know... for the world's sake.

Awww, poor soon to be gay. :[ COME ON! I HAVE ONLY ONE PERSON!!! (and many on my block but that's not the point.) THE POINT IS..... >.<" Come on G, you know this one... uh.... the point is... oh yeah- I'M HUNGRY FOR PLAYING!!! (of course I would have used a different phrase but you know what I mean. ;3)

At 11:00pm on August 30, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Haha, Oh how I love you, Lissa. x3

That's because it's so awful that your evil mind plays it down so it can relieve bottled up stress and rage! Dx

Oh I know. Mwahaha. ;]

Aww, don't let him fall too hard... wait... scratch that... CRUSH HIM!!!!... then I'll play knight in shining white armor and rescue him from his sorrow with my friendship that will gradually become more intense until he gets strange feelings for me and will eventually confess to me and say how ashamed he is of liking me then I'll do the whole "hush don't speak it's okay" and then... well.... YOU KNOW. ;3 Mehmehmeh... it's foolproof.

At 10:46pm on August 30, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Aww, stop you're making me blush. ;3 And yes I love it when people fall over me. Haha.

It just is worse! Dx

Lmao. I know right. If I wanted world domination all I'd have to do is threaten to mess my pretty face up. x3

Anyways enough about me, what's up wit you?

At 9:39pm on August 30, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Alright... I do love the attention. Dx

:o That's even worse!

Awww... I know. ;3 Mehmehmeh.

At 12:57am on August 29, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…


I know. So much unwanted attention. Dx

Apparently so. T.T

The fact that you speak of men as if you are hunting them. D: You found a straight guy to "play with"?

I think I'm going to go hide in my bathtub with a matress over the top. O_O

At 12:43am on August 29, 2011, Omg Griffin ;3 Haha said…

Then why did you ask! Dx

Oh don't I know it. ;3 Found this... I thought it was funny. x3 (

Comment for: XxXSabrinaXxX
my friend gman is 16. go to: i do not know if u'll like him but, its worth a try!!!
Added by vampirella at 10:59am on January 21, 2010)
Lmao people make me laugh. :3

O.0 Well... that's not alarming what... so... ever.....

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