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At 2:43pm on August 21, 2009, Tweetybabie said…
hey wats up
At 7:20pm on July 6, 2009, Jessica Pattinson <3 said…
Oh, I'm so sorry that I haven't replied to ur comment sooner! My summer has just been totally busy! I have actually seen the trailer many times! I think it is going to be the best :) Me and my friends kept pausing it on Taylor and Rob and Jackson!! what have u been up to?
At 11:42am on June 9, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Of course, take care hon!
Have fun!
At 11:29am on June 9, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Oh that sounds like fun, I've got to try it someday!
Did u find any nice videos on youtube?
At 11:17am on June 9, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Oh that sounds like so much fun!
Yes it so much fun, have u ever play the game?
At 11:05am on June 9, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
My day was so good, we had something called a class day, do u have those? So our whole class watched a movie together and ate candy, snacks and all of that xp it was so much fun, we watched “Dum and dumper” (I think it was called) and “Twilight” =) after that we had lunch and then we went out and played baseball (my team won 104 to 76 haha) and then we played “drunk Noriega” have u ever played it? If not it’s basically that u have two teams and both of the teams has to different lines. Then one member of the team is supposed to run to a cone and hunch there back and run in a small circle bout 20 laps and then going to run back to their team. It was so much fun because u we’re so dizzy u couldn’t see anything!
And after that we went to the lake to swim, it was so much fun.
Sounds like quite a nice day though! Did u find anything nice?
At 10:59am on June 9, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
No problem, glad I could help out!
How r u today?
At 10:29am on June 9, 2009, Victoria said…
Hi! your welcome, thank you for accepting. I'm good, How are you?
At 8:57am on June 9, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
I didn’t read it on any site, I just went to youtube and there I searched on New moon interviews and I found a lot of stuff with the cast, secrets from the movie and stuff like that, really cool, u should totally check it out!
At 5:20am on June 9, 2009, © ♥Jenny♫Momsen ♫Morgan♥™ said…
i love

At 10:25am on June 8, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
I really want to see how the r going to fix with the voice and the vision of Edward that Bella has. Because they said in so interview that Edward was going to be… there is no other way to say it…. Terrible or horrible towards Bella. And Robert said that u’d be really shocked when u saw it, so I really want to know what that’s bout. And the cliff diving scene it’s going to be really interesting watching it. And the motorcycle scenes But of course I do want to see the whole thing! Even though I'm going to cry when Edward leaves!
At 7:25am on June 8, 2009, © ♥Jenny♫Momsen ♫Morgan♥™ said…
At 2:48am on June 8, 2009, Milena said…
hi sweety,

so yesterday we came back from berlin..
the twilight event was soooo great!
and ashley is soooo BEAUTIFULL!!!! i saw her and fall in love!!!!!!!
she is absolutley gorgeous!!!!
but i havent got the change to take a picture with her!
there were so many people!!! about 3000 tousand and it was impossible to get to her!!! :-((((

what you did?
At 3:18pm on June 7, 2009, abigail said…
awesome! :D
i love italy!
At 2:50pm on June 7, 2009, abigail said…
heyaaaaaa (:
i'm brilliant thanks.
what about youuu?
and yes i love it lol! <3
so excited now!
are youuuuuuuu?
At 7:23am on June 7, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Really? it is so awesome, I'm sure u'd love it if u read it. r u planning on reading it?
Gosh I know, I love it, I can't wait till November!
Which scene do u wanna see the most in the movie?
At 9:42am on June 6, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
I know, I love Breaking dawn. SM is an amazing author. Have u read “The host” too?
Have u seen the New moon trailer yet? What do u think bout it?
Take care!
At 12:51pm on June 5, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Hey, I’m good, thanks for asking.
How bout u?
At 8:34am on May 28, 2009, Milena said…
oh great!!! you have tell me how you like breaking dawn! its the most fascinating book in my opinion!!!!!
and of course i´m gonna show you the pictures!!! im gonna take thousans of pics there!!!!!!!
At 10:13am on May 26, 2009, Milena said…
hey sweety,

where have you been???? ´
How are you?
I´m going to a twilight-event in Berlin... in two weeks... i´m so exited!!!
and ashley greene is goingt to be there!!!!!!!!!!!

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