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At 1:06pm on January 4, 2011, Doc B M.D. said…
Dear Manuel,
Great points, as usual, your observation that Bella is aware of "everything" going on around her is excellent. It was Bella's insight and awareness that alerted her to Edward's 'uniqueness." And her gift allowed her to keep up with her lovable telepathy. "Her warm heart" I might be wrong, but to me that is her most powerful draw for Edward. When you think of yourself as a monster, unless you have a big hearted partner, you have a big problem. And I agree the fact that she was "born as an old soul" was critical as well. Emmett is a lovable guy but he will never be as mature as his new "little sister."
At 10:29pm on September 19, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,

Thanks you make great points, as always. I actually forgot about the Cullen Cross when I was constructing this topic. But you raise the topic that prompted my question in the first place. If Stephanie Meyer's life revolves around "The Cross and serving the Cross" as she taught us that it does for her, in her true life short story "The hero in the grocery store,"
is it possible that part or all of her novel "Twilight" is actually a metaphor (which as you know is: an implied comparison between two unlike things that actually have something in common) for the cross? Your Friend, Doc
At 9:56am on September 16, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Dear Manuel,
You make a great point. Sent was important to both of them.

We remember how Bella's sent, almost overpowered Edward. But (as in the Bella Cafe, when Bella almost swooned as she was engulfed by Edward's sent, when he wrapped his coat around her) Edward's sent was a powerful aphrodisiac to Bella as well.

Thanks for sharing, Your friend, Doc
At 3:03am on August 15, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,

You make a very powerful point. (as usual) You said: (If Bella hadn't had Bella tell us her story from the first person) is the narrator would've she kept part of person from the reader (PP) Exactly right. We all tend to talk to our selves. As we read Bella's story iy is as if "We were her inner mind. And she was talking directly to us. Example: "No one knew where Edward always was ,,, IT WAS SICK!" It allows us to see the story from a totaly intimate perspective which I love.

At 8:19pm on August 3, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…
Dear Manuel,

I think that you hit the nail on the head. Edward and Charlie's love for Bella gave them something in common, that helped unite them. I don't think that Edward particularly cared for humans before he fell in love with Bella. AC to JH: Q , "It helps (to decrease you desire to kill and eat the children at Forks High School) if you think of them as humans." But as soon as Edward fell in love (I think everything changed for him.) As the Saga progresses Jacob also becomes less racist. "We are supposed to protect the humans from the monsters, but what should I do when Dr. Carlisle is more human than the humans!' (paraphrased)
You make a great point. Thank you for sharring with us, Doc
At 8:46am on July 28, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…

Dear Manuel,
You say "He never heard anyone dream or even think about him in the way Bella said those words, like pleading to him to stay with her, he had no words to express how felt he completely change at that moment from wanting. "

WOW what a great point. You are so right. Edward thought of himself as a monster in many way. To hear this beautiful loving girl call out to him in her sleep BROKE HIS HEART. And when his heart broke he was able to love and live again. WHAT A GREAT POINT. YES, YES, YES THAT was the magical moment!! Thanks, Doc
At 2:15pm on July 18, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Bella; "FYI,... Edward..... Your fate was sealed the moment I laid eyes on YOU! Buster"

At 7:47am on July 8, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,
"The Meadow explanation!"
What a great point. I think that, that was so true (Bella's wanting to be transformed NOT ONLY because of her love for Edward, but also BECAUSE SHE IS A CULLEN!! And I think that her explanation changes every thing. Bella CHOOSE Edward after the JK KISS, and SHE CHOOSE to be a Cullen, because she WAS a Cullen. She was this odd unusual girl who never fit in until she met this group of wonderful odd people who were like her. (I felt a little the same way until I went to college)
I think that you hit on one of the most powerful concepts in the Saga. Which we Twi- lovers always sensed to be true but which had never fully been explained until that special moment.

Charlie's reaction: Another wonderful point. We discussed Charlies (ata boy) reaction prior to the movie. And most everyone was disappointed with Charlies reaction. But in the movie he, was the Charlie we have grown to know and love. One who was startled to learn about Jacob's action.
Great points. Thanks. Your friend, Doc

At 7:12pm on July 4, 2010, Doc B MD said…
What a wonderful photo Manuel. I couldn't agree more Your Friend, Doc

At 3:00am on June 12, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,
I agree wit you about Edward's proposal. I think that Bella desperatly wanted Edward just as much as he did her. But she was ashamed about getting married so young. Thanks for sharing, Doc

At 2:44am on June 12, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,
You make an excellent point Bella's family always ment so much for her. She loved Charlie and Rennee, and the Cullens. She would definatly stay close to her family what ever she dis,
Your friend,

At 12:35pm on June 4, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel, co Jacob's Assaulting kiss. Your post was just great (as usual) but you said two things that I thought were particularly wonderful. First "A kiss is a precious thing" WOW how true. And how beautifully phrased. One of the most precious things that TWO people can ever give each other. And your explanation that assault was a robbery of that potentially treasured gift. I also agree with you that men and women can be true platonic friends. To me a part of "True and total love" also involves a profound friendship (usually your best friend as well as the man or woman you adore). And neither good friends, or adult men physically force their affections on others, Your friend, Doc

At 8:37pm on June 3, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,
Alice "And she is beautiful on the side" You are my type of guy. She is just beautiful. We guys get to enjoy seeing the beautiful female Twi-Characters. You say "Edward is just like Carlisle. I couldn't agree with you more. To me as the Saga progresses Edward just keeps changing more and more into a great guy like Carlisle. thank you for sharing, Doc

At 2:21am on June 1, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,
"They had dark shadows under their eyes, Wow what a great subtle clue. Also Alice's dumping her un-touched tray.
And his super strength. Great points from the very most subtle to the most overt. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

At 5:21am on May 30, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel, Thank you very much for clarifying the difference between assault and sexual assualt. It is not an unimportant point but a critical point.. Thank you for sharing, Doc

At 6:48am on May 23, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel, Superb observations as always. You are exactly right. It was both right and wrong for both of them.

YOU BRING UP A VERY POWERFUL POINT!! "You say "Even Humans can loose controll while they are having sex. SOOO True. As a doctor, I was very aware of that phenominon. And consequently I have always had more sympathetic to Edward's concerns. The French physicians use to refer to the "Few seconds that a man or woman looses controll at the height of their love making as the "La Petite Mort" Or "The Little death" because to them it seemed like for a moment that they no longer physicaly existed. It is too short a period for most of us to injure our loved one, but it would have been more than enough time for Edward to "Kill everyone in his biology class' As he calculated in "Midnight Sun," (

And you make an excellent point. Edward was a turn of the century man in a twenty first century world. Thanks as always for sharing, Doc

At 10:57pm on May 21, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,
"Bella is a constant little thing " What a great point. Bella is soo strong in someways and weak in others. You make superb points about Alice knowing Bella, and Edward. She also knows that people's minds, and their decisions can change the future Soo just maybe she said what she did to give Bella faith in her and Edward's relationship until she could get it back on track. Love the pic, Your friend, Doc

At 8:13pm on May 6, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Dear Manuel,
ONCE AGAIN YOU HIT THE BALL OUT OF THE PARK. As you said: " (The movie scene) demonstrates just that sensuality not romance nor passion." I think that you hit the key to Stephanie's message. Love, passion, and eroticism do not have to be inclusive. Was Edward thinking "Boy I can't wait to have sex with Bella? NO, he was thinking "Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to spend my life loving this woman." That's why Stephanie's message is so powerful. Love and adoration are so much more powerful than eroticism. The book company originally asked Stephanie to add "Just one " premarital sex scene in the novel "Twilight" and she said "NO THANKS, NO DEAL Thanks for reminding us of the key to understanding her work, Doc

At 2:21pm on April 29, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Just a great post, Doc

p style="text-align: left;">

Dear Manuel,
You make lots of excellent points. BUT i think that your observations about her shielding AND the fact that Bella had already endured (without moving) the worst torture possible in the world. Is very, very insightful. Thanks for sharing, Doc PS I always learn so much participating in these discussions.

Bear story:
When my dad got back from the second world war, he told me about an experience a professor friend of his had. He said: Doc (senior) I had taught students for 20 years,but the day I entered my class room after the gi bill had been passed, I was literally stunned (The Gi bill provided that returning American war veterans, could go to college free) He went on to say that: As the year passed, I discovered that most all of my students had faced death some on many occasions. That some had dug shallow graves, with their hands for their best friends. And that others had literally walked into the face of hell itself. The maturity and personal power of those young men was simply awe inspiring. PS "They went on to be described as "America's greatest generation." lolDB

Pat Tillman was an Arizona football player, who gave up tens of millions of dollars to enlist to fight in Afghanistan after 9-11. He was killed in action.
At 11:00am on April 26, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Dear Manuel,
" theirs a piece of them in your heart" What a beautiful metaphor. And what a true observation.
Your entire response just made (what I believe) true and insightful observation after another, THX DOC

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