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At 2:03am on August 26, 2010, nycmaire said…
PS: I never saw Eclipse *ducks head*
And when i could go..feel well enough & take my son (he wanted to go) it wasn't playing anywhere! *arrgghh!!!*
Know of any way I can see it?
At 2:01am on August 26, 2010, nycmaire said…
Just dropping by to say hi, Edwin and see how you are doing.
Hope all is well.
Still hoping to meet you one day soon. I'd really like to read your writing : )
I've been really ill but writing away (in my own journals) & reading a lot.
Hope to talk with you soon.
Bye for now : )
At 10:30pm on June 30, 2010, nycmaire said…
Kristen Stewart was on the Today show yesterday in our city for Eclipse. IDK how I missed that info. We live in NYC but I never seem to be in the right place at the right time. No autograph..not that I really like's a long story about why missing all these 'events" make me feel pathetic.
The "Are you there yet" comment was just a play on "Are we there yet" in reference to you seeing Eclipse. I STILL haven't seen it. It's killing me that I haven't gone yet. I'll get there. Soon. I hope. Again, it's a long story about why I haven't gone yet.
Did you go to the midnight show? How did you like it? I heard the end rocks!
At 6:42pm on June 29, 2010, nycmaire said…
Are you there yet? Are you there yet? Are you there yet?
Found out too late about KS @ Today show today
At 4:40pm on June 28, 2010, nycmaire said…
Okay, so we're back to Brazil ruling the Futbol world, lol.
IM? Hate it. Gotta run now but will give you IM details in a message when I get back later.
Hate this weather. Stay cool.
: )
At 7:41pm on June 26, 2010, nycmaire said…
At 1:25am on June 26, 2010, nycmaire said…
Yeah, it is a long sit but I went to film school. I am used to sitting and watching films (usually bad ones, hehe) ad infinitum.
Heck Yes! I'm into Futbol. I am down with New Zealand but if they get kicked out I'm with you for Team Brasil. Let's Go!!!
At 12:28am on June 26, 2010, nycmaire said…
Dude! At the Chelsea Cinema on 23rd Street they're having a Twilight Trilogy Night. Starting at 7pm on June 29th for only 20 bucks they are showing Twilight, then New Moon, and then Eclipse at 12:01 am. I so wanna go but IDK who's going yet. Can I sway you away from Times square?
I'll still be your friend if you say "no".
: )
At 11:05pm on June 7, 2010, nycmaire said…
Women are vampires
Hope we get to chat real soon
: )>
At 6:39pm on May 6, 2010, Majo Mora LObo said…
hehehe...yup, im a big twilight fan, actually, a big vampire/supernatural books and things!! i just downloaded alot of books that have to do with this!! and ive read 3 vampire sagas!!!
At 7:36pm on April 27, 2010, M®§ ξÐωĮРλцΗØÑÝ Mλ§ËÑ ©Û££ËÑ said…
Hii!! ;-D
At 2:28pm on April 20, 2010, nycmaire said…
Hi Edwin! Check your messages!
At 8:48pm on April 18, 2010, nycmaire said… bad :/
thanks for the reply though.
I am in NYC...and you are from?...
oh yeah! I just tarted on here recently...don't have too many friends.
: )
At 6:39pm on April 15, 2010, Majo Mora LObo said…
well, eleazar is from tanya´s clan, and he was part of the volturis, but left after some time because he didn´t like some of their ideas and believes, or something like that!! hope i helped u!!
At 7:26am on February 12, 2010, Bella Maria Cullen said…
yea you´re totally right! oh and your welcome!
At 2:04pm on February 11, 2010, Bella Maria Cullen said…
hey welcome *smiles and holds out hand*

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