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At 8:23pm on October 20, 2009, Alejandra Day said…
Eeeeeyyy Mare!! how are you? with a lot of changes in your life!! Thats great...always change is a good thing!! even if is spanish we have a saying: cuando una puerta se cierra se abre otra....this means when a door close other door means than when something is over, other thing started....or start? i must say that? :) do you feel about this new life? Do you find a new house?
Well i finally found work!! yes, now im working in a supermarket, like cashier...i really like it, my partners are very cool and the work its not so hard....and the people is very kind...
The university is....good, I GUESS......i dont know... i have three tests...i pass two! but i feel good, comfortable..and that is the most important...
The rest of my life is always the same....nothing happend!! ohhh, i tell you than i take photos with my friends "simultation"(sorry i dont know haw write this...jeje) twilight? was very fun...and some pictures are very cool!! We are preparing for the premiere of new moon!!!

Well Mare, i leave you before you get sleep with all this things about my boring life!! ^ ^
Take care!!
At 4:21pm on July 14, 2009, Alejandra Day said…
Hello Mare!! im back!! but my english is worst!! fine!! and you? my life is very crazy in this moment...with big changes...good changes!! Please, tell me about you, what are you doing now?
In the next mail i will tell you more....ok?
Ohhh...what horrible english!!
Have a nice day!!
At 1:32am on April 25, 2009, Alejandra Day said…
Ey Mare!! how are you? i hope you are fine!!
Im just came from work!! ufff! im tired because i went to a party yesterday!! In my country we have a quote to this: calavera no chilla! its means skull not scream (crying)....Do you imagine what this mean?Well when you wake up after a party you look and feel like a skull, but its your fault, so you cant cry!! Besides, a skull cant scream, its imposible: so if you became in one then you cant scream!!
Ohhh, im boring, right?
Well im from Argentina! Its a very nice country with people very least that was what i hear!! i guees than Viggo Mortensen is argentine!!

Tell me do you believe in astrology?what sing of the zodiac are you? im Acuarius..i believe in this only when it says nice things!! but its still fun! and interesting;because all that its related with agriculture...its curius...right?

Now, please tell wich is your favorite book of the saga and why.....

ok, i must go to bed...are you still awake? dont you get sleep with my delusion? Thank you a lot!!
Now its your turne! write me and tell me about you!!

Have a nice day!!
At 11:24pm on April 22, 2009, Alejandra Day said…
Hey Mare!! i see than we have a few things in common!! of course, the most important : twilight!!

i really dont know about how to use this kinds of website and my english make this more complicated!! But i guess than write you is a good step, what do you think?

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