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At 7:32pm on January 4, 2014, Felecia said…

(I missed you too! *hugs you back* And dang! I would've added you D: And nah, it wasn't vivian it was a different name, but that's okay! XD And I promise to be on here more often!  I guess I just got really busy with school and then my job and yaaaa, but I'ma be on here more often! *nods repeatedly* cause I loooooove you! )

Felecia: *smiles at Simon and does her best not blush* Glad you liked it

Alice: *glances at Simon once and then looks at Smokey and smiles* You're very welcome. You're also welcome to come with us if you like Smokey

Vivian: Alright, better make decisions now, cause I'm not waitin' around all night

Derek: *pats Vivian's shoulder* You're the same as always

Vivian: *looks down at Derek's hand and raises an eye brow*

At 1:50pm on August 10, 2013, Felecia said…

Ohmygosh, you're amazing! XD I love you even more <3

At 2:52pm on August 10, 2012, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

( sorry i was busy and grounded for mouths idk for what.  But sunday im in england so i try to comment back :D.)

Naruto: *jumps and stops* hmm... were did she go?


Sasuke: * Goes with Sakura to help Tsunade* Karin you will pay for what you did..

*concentrate and uses fireball jutsu on karin*

At 11:52am on June 30, 2012, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Sasuke: Really love ? I can fight at your side Sakura. *thinks its the real Sakura and walkes to her then hugs her*


Naruto:*puts his clothes on and  walkes to lexi* Lexi is everything okay? 

*hugs her * if somethings wrong you can tell me lexi i can help .

At 8:31am on June 19, 2012, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

( still figureing out life i'm so sorry!!! )

Sasuke: What h-hapend? *puts some clothes too on*

*looks than at Sakura* I wil help you, Sakura.. Just tell w-what happend?


Naruto: Whoah... i dreamed... everyday of you Lexi * blushes a little , lays behind her and ask's if she's ready*

Your so bad huh *winkt too so cute*

At 10:57pm on January 25, 2012, ™ Cℓσѕєя † said…

Ciel Phantomhive

-she is wearing a long light pink beautiful gown that flows down to the floor- -she walks around trying not to trip on her dress- -her hair has been pulled up into pigtails and her silver-ish blue hair flows down and ends with little ringlets- -however her hat seems to tilt to one side as her bangs and her hat cover her right eye- -her arms are coated in thin black gloves that almost reach her shoulders- 

At 7:56pm on January 1, 2012, Queen Misuto said…

What type of banner would you like? Umm...there's just normal banners like this:

Or headers, profile pics, and anything else you can think of. Just tell me which.

At 7:17am on December 27, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Zadkiel: ofcourse you can xsmilesx.

I see on youre face is about Love isin't it? xdoesn't laugh couse its normalx


James: Sakura? can i talk to you xwhispers : its about lexi. did she have an crush on Naruto?x

xwhispers quietly so Lexi doesn't hears itx

Naruto:xhes so tired that he is waking up the next dayx

At 10:24am on December 22, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

James: xturns aroundx Huh? Heeey Lexi and Sakura !

i was just looking for an clothing shop >_<' 

But How are you doin? xSmilesx

At 11:34am on December 19, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Naruto: xFinally got loss and walkes to homex

Sasuke: hmm... this is strange... maybe i should go on a mission? xthinks about itx

xsleeps thanx

Naruto: 2 hours later.. xComes home and falles in sleep on the groundx

James: xgets up becouse its the next dayx

Xyawns.x Finally i got back on power :D

xpreses on a buttenx

Doc: so Youre already to get off? xget things loss of Jamesx

James Jup! Ready for new Adventure!

Zadkiel: xwakes upx Why james its so Early...

xSleeps furtherx

James: stands up x maybe i should find some new clothes...  

xsmells on his own shirtx Ahhww Gross.... I didin't it of...

Docter: well see you next timex

James: Omg... Were should i get money? maybe i shoud steal from Zadkiel XD.

xwalks to Zadkiel and steals some moneyx

Hehehe!!!! XD. xwalks to the cityx

At 11:57am on December 15, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Sasuke:Xsmiles backx well i will see you soon again Sakura :).

Naruto: lalalala.. Whoo ..!!! xlaughs!x Whhahahahahah this is so funny!!!

Guards: Hey!! GEt of there!!! thats an crime!!..

Naruto: ow you guys again? XD. Come and catch me xRuns away from the guards Fastx

Guards: comes after narutox

Naruto: xRuns Backwards and Pases Sakurax Hey !!! Losers!!! Im Right For of you!!!  

XJumps high and Stands at the back of themx Hahahahaahh! Just try to stop me!! You will never catch me!!

Guards: Oww!!!! Damn... !! Guards!! Naruto on the run again!!!! x More Guards are commingx

Naruto : This so Childish game Lolz xPases Sakura agian and says Hi quik. Runs fasterx

At 9:46am on November 11, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Naruto: Hmm... Were could he be.?x took the right wayx

Sasuke: hmm ... Yeah... were could that monster be? took the left wayx

Zadkiel: xtook the Middle wayx THERE YOU ARE THIEF!!!!!...

x Grabs his sword and Fights aganst itx

Heartless 2: x is an Trap for narutox

naruto : hears something and sees the Heartless so Youre the one who took the map...

x Fights on his best to Get the mapx   xSexy ninjitsu!!!x XD..

Heartless 2: xdoesn't affect to Darkness.x

Naruto: Trasformaion backx What it doesn' t Work.. xFIghts back harderx

Heartless3: x Sets an trap for Sasuke and Ambushes himx

Sasuke: so... This are the Heartless.. xFights.. his way throughx

    ( i Founded naruto picture fighting XD)

Sasuke: xconcentrates .. and Uses Fire Jitsu x

Sasuke Fireball ( and SASUKE!!! XD)

x in the hospital...x

James: xtrys to stand up to get back on his bed but is too weak...x can someone help me... its hurting when im trying to stand op :S.



At 11:41am on November 10, 2011, Jossツ said…

*Chuckles* Your minds are playing tricks on you. Here's the tarantula I got for you! *Smiles*'


At 9:40am on November 10, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

( ow sorry :S I thought Sakura XD)

Naruto : Ow sorrry!!!  I will Forgive you xSmilesx

Sasuke: xthinks.. when will my love begin i already.. Completed my quest.. Maybe i should not be so mean at Sakura..x  xwalkes to Sakurax  Sakura well im sorry that i was mean to you..  Please forgive me.


Zadkiel: Alright! James We were looking for naruto and Sasuke.. xSmiles Brightlyx

James: well.. naruto? Sasuke? We were looking for you... I needed to give you this.. to conect this world with others aigan... the last one faded.. becouse i'd did something worng.. xGives  Wrist band what he made.x

Zadkiel: well.. We have four of them.. as Soon.. We leave.. we will Give you something to remember us.. we founded out that we may.. disapear after we defeated.. Xeonhort. xGives lexi and Sakura the wrists toox Please we are bringing th elight back to worlds so believe in us. 


Heartless: xJumps in Grabs The mapx

Zadkiel: WHOAH!!... Were did he come from!!!.

James xJumps out of bed... and falles..x Ouch!.... ahhw i can do this... 

xPushes himself.. to stand up but can'tx..

Zadkiel: this is bad.. i need to .... Go after him!..

Sasuke: xsmiles to Sakurax Well Sakura.. it looks like.. im on a Mission aigan.

Naruto:  Count me in ! xLooks Seriousx

Zadkiel: Sakura... take care of James.. Please.. x Runs with Sasuke and Naruto after the Heartlessx

Heartless: xRuns awayx



At 10:08am on November 9, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…


( this Picture looks better :P sorry XD)



At 10:03am on November 9, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Naruto : xthinks: ahhw my stumache... is c****** op :S....x sakura could you please get off me xBlushes toox


James: Looks weird at sakura and narutox Huh?


Sasuke and Zadkiel: We will be back tsunade!.  xthey are walking to the Hospital to see Jamesx

Sasuke: humph... Sakura... i see.. You fell For naruto?

Zadkiel: walkes to James Is everything alright James?

James: yes. i had an Heart attack..

Zadkiel: Really are you ok?

James: yeah im Fine but whats with them?

Zadkiel : xsmilesx i think... There was an accedent..

Sasuke:... ... xthinks... so She is really falling for Naruto and walkes away than aigan... xand is little sad and angry..x

At 7:17pm on November 7, 2011, Jossツ said…
Oh, and happy birthday!!!
At 7:03am on November 5, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Sasuke: I've been send to the Other Village couse theyw ere attackt by an Bunch of strong banits. And i killd them with there ninja's. You have Given' me that Quest remember Tsunade?. so im Here to Report it. I'm sorry i was rude . I will be nicely So i will test him and train him. Can i get an Team Quest?


Zadkiel: Think: Puh.. what a Rude guy...x  Team? Quests?

Sasuke: Yeah.. Team Quests. I used to be in an team of naruto and Sakura. and our first was an lvl B so it was Hard.. But I will teast you if you can xsmiles.x well i'm sorry Zadkiel My name is Sasuke Uchiha. xGives Zadkiel an Handx 

Zadkiel: Gives an Hand backx well ehmm .. i'm Zadkiel an Angel :). hmm Team Quests. i will learn it . So Tsunade How about an team quest?


Docter: I will be comming !!! it Doesn matter now Talking dog... xRuns to Jamesx and  is doing everything to make that betterx


At 9:00am on November 3, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

James: AHW... my H-heart.. whats this feeling?..

naruto: well uhmm... i'm gonna chek out whats lexi's doing.

James: could you bring Sakura here i feel somethings wrong with her..

Naruto: okay! x walks to Sakurax hey Sakura.. I think James wanna speak to you i think its about Sasuke.

hey Lexi don't look down xsmilesx I'm here!


Zadkiel: Tsunade? do you have anouther Mission? ya i know i'm too excited now to do mission's.

I will come back after my sword is Repaired okay? xGoes outside and walkes to the Blacksmithx

Heya Blacksmith! well ehmm could you repair this Divined sword? its an Rare one no one seen this in this world.. I will pay you mutch  :). if you make it :).

Blacksmith: Come in ! .. Well lets see that sword.

Zadkiel: Gives him the broken sword.

Blacksmith: Welll this would cost you Mutch.. It will be like.. 5.000.000 Gold.

Zadkiel: WHAT!!! THAT MUTCH!!!!... ow My Gosh..

Blacksmith: pay Or leave..

Zadkiel: Okay okay okay! Please i will buy that Silver sword of yours the light one.

Blacksmith: 2.000 Gold please.

Zadkiel: xGives all he had left the 2.000 Gold.x

Blacksmith : Thanks xHands over the swordx.

Zadkiel: xgrabs it and leavesx xwalkes than back to the Office to Tsunadex xknocks on the doorx its me Zadkiel!

At 12:13pm on November 2, 2011, αηιмє нєαятѕтαя cℓαη said…

Sasuke: Ahh Finally Back From the Journy. hey Sakura you know you're... annoying.. xwalks to the Village aiganx( well ehmm im Just at the beginning in the story of naruto so im at Episode 5. I think so Thats were Sasuke the episode before called Sakura Anoying.. >_< so thats why he said that.)

Naruto: hey lexi :).

James: H-how did you get in here NARUTO IVE BEEN SURCHING!! FOR YOU!!

Naruto: Ow James I was Busy On my Journy to train harder :P. lexi i need to talk with James for an little whille okay? could you please leave the room?

Naruto: WHY!!!! IN THE HEL!!! YOU FLIRTED WITH MY!!! SAKURA!!! xsaid that little bit too hard so sakura heard thatx

James: >_< i-i didin't know she was Yours? >_< Im sorry .. :S.

Naruto: Ahhw COME ON!!!! >_<.

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