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At 10:01am on February 28, 2011, Caramella Dura said…
Just wanted to let you know that I was reading some of your blog pages and find them highly entertaining.  I have no idea why, but I started with "Dragons Can Fly And It's Spelled S-T-E-P-H-E-N-I-E" and I loved every bit of it.  It's nice to hear a man's take on the Saga.  Heaven knows my husband would not read these books. As I find time I'll be revisiting your blogs to read more.
At 10:21am on February 14, 2011, nino potskhoraia said…
hey friend,i have added a new discussion.can you comment on it like you always do,please?...besides i'd be glad to know your name!
At 11:52am on February 2, 2011, nino potskhoraia said…

thanks that you are trying to help me see the wonderful relationship between sister and help me really very i can see their relationship really much more clearly.

i've read twilight and new moon twice.and i have got the eclipse book as a christmas gift in i have just read it am am going to read it for the second time just as my friend gives it to me back(i've borrowed it to her)

the chess game between Edward and Alice was really,really funny.i have laughed a lot.and generally i think that eclipse is a very funny are a lot of funny moments there.i'd love to if you added me as a friend. thank you very much again=)!

At 11:44pm on September 19, 2010, ONE OF US-C.L.Davis said…
Hi Trotter,
Yes….Your Son’s are of the Male persuasion so they do count…..I am truly amazed that your wife has no desire to read the Saga…She may think like my Aunt …My Aunt does not want to get too involved in the series craze, picking teams…just the whole obsession so she chooses not to read it...But I think they are both missing out on something special....
At 11:46pm on September 10, 2010, ONE OF US-C.L.Davis said…
It is very refreshing to see not only a male but a seemingly well educated family man that is interested in this Saga...there is hope that this may not be a just a chick thing....if its just a chick thing that would be sad because it is basically a love story....Most males that I have come across on this site want to either Bash Bella , Kristen, the whole Saga and Women for enjoying it…. I think Love should interest both
The Woman and the Man just as Bella and Edward are in love

Have you gotten any of your Male friends hooked on the Saga.....This enquiring mind wants to know
At 8:52pm on September 6, 2010, rainy dawn glassley said…
hi um i was reading your page and you said that bella is on team edward but she clearly states that she is team switzerland because she loves them both equaly but not in the same way so there for you should put team switzerland instead.
At 7:09pm on March 14, 2010, Beth F. said…
Hi Trotter, I have enjoyed your responses to the various discussions you have started or participated in on this site. I wanted to invite you if you are interested in joining a chapter by chapter discussion of "Twilight" the book on another site. A woman Savannah started the discussion last year and it got deleted over the summer. She has set it up on another site and so far just the two of us have been keeping up. We are up to Chapter 13 now, but I need to recreate my responses for the earlier chapters since they got deleted. I have now learned to save them in Word first before posting. Live and lear. Anyway, if you are interested, I can send you the link. Let me know. Thanks.
At 9:41pm on February 26, 2010, Anne said…
Just thanks!
When I asked about "average age" on the forum it was just because I had not yet fallen on your comments :) what a relief! A real brain! LOL!
Please do never stop!
At 10:42pm on February 22, 2010, Trotter said…
To answer DantezGirl's question in general. My Blog entries are well attributed and posted to be read. I have no issues with anyone posting a link to one of my blog entries.

However, I would appreciate an e-mail with a link to discussion because if you think that one of my blog entries would contribute to the discussion, I just might want to contribute to the discussion in person.
At 12:32am on February 21, 2010, ♥Renesmee Carlie Cullen™♥ said…
At 1:21pm on September 29, 2009, Tatianna said…

I really enjoy reading your posts. You're one of the most intelligent, unbiased and logical people that I've heard so far discussing Twilight. I learn a lot from your posts. It's also admirable that you do so in a respectful manner. Keep it up and I'll keep reading :)
At 3:13pm on September 11, 2009, Alias said…
thank you for accepting my friendship

be safe
At 3:27am on June 24, 2009, Alias said…
thanlk u 4 leaving a reply
i actually was hoping to talk to u about ur posts
but i am currently busy and trying to allocate my time for some exams studying
but as soon as i am finished i will contact u to discuss what u have wrote
you blogs are different and refreshing
talk to u soon
thank you
At 5:03pm on June 23, 2009, Trotter said…
I addressed my closed blogs in the blog entry Why am I Doing This.

The basic idea is that I believe that discussions should be held in discussions. Most of my blog entries were either pulled from a discussion or sumarized from a discussion. My orginal intention was to annotate that discussion; so that, we could discuss it there. That was before I saw how quickly discussions vanish.

If there is interest in discussing one of my blog entries, let me know I will happy to start a discussion for that purpose.
At 2:44am on June 23, 2009, Alias said…
hi , i liked the stuff that u have posted
it is sad, that u have closed the comments pages
i wanna discuss some of what u have wrote
but i have exams, so i will try to do that when i am finished
hope that u wont mind
At 2:41am on June 23, 2009, Alias said…
i have been told about ur blogs by a friend and i must say ur posts are really interesting and different
i didnt read them all , but i was sad that they werent open for comments
it will be interesting to talk about these post , but there is another thing is that i am having some exams and wont be able to do so now
but i promise u that , i will contact u to talk about what u have wrote , IF U DONT MIND as soon as i am finished
thank you
At 12:49am on June 5, 2009, Vampy Justine said…
At 2:19am on June 1, 2009, Andie Tiltman said…
Salmon of Doubt was quite interesting, it was mosly a collection of essays, articles and interviews he wrote. they pulled them from his computers after his unfortunate passing. it's worth a read though. It also had the makings of what would have been a third Dirk Gently book.
At 12:01am on May 27, 2009, Andie Tiltman said…
kind of a left field question but what was your fav douglas adams book?
i thought all of them were brilliant, but i find myself reading 'samlon of doubt' over and over gain =) it's rare for me to find a DA fan =)
At 5:55pm on May 14, 2009, Imza said…
I just wanted to say thankyou again for giving me another perspective on the BD ending, now I see it as plausible it actually allows me to *let go* a bit.

I couldn't believe such an adorable character as Jacob could have been fobbed off like that..."my bad" so to speak.It's just that I know sooo many people (yes all girls-- can't seem to find any male Twilight fans in rural France) who loathed him simply because of the whole "kiss" thing and his not letting it go in BD, so I sort of felt the irrepressible need to run to his defence (if only there were more Jacob Blacks in the world...). So I've been saying exactly what you have said in your new post!

And to wind up (yes comments are supposed to be short, sorry) thank you for the list of authors and the vampire info, it'll give me things to look into in the near future, a *reward* when I can put down the exam books, some "serious" vampire mythology (why can't I get that excited about my research for my linguistic analysis or even real historical events that I have to do?!)

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