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At 9:39pm on August 14, 2009, Samantha Rey said…
im good
yea i missed talking to you too....its been a crazy summer

no i dont have a facebook anymore but im thinking of getting a new one
At 5:12am on August 14, 2009, shara may said…

At 9:29pm on August 10, 2009, Samantha Rey said…
Hey!! have you been???....I haven't talked to you in forever
At 11:31am on July 29, 2009, Amanda Orta said…
jus showin som luv;
At 1:21am on July 25, 2009, Alexandra said…
Hey, how have you been? Haha, yes, but what city do you live in? Hmmm... I want to go to Australia, Serbia, and the philipphines:) I really want to try a ballut, they look so good on TV! Taylor's okay, I'm not big in country, but you actually chose the song of hers I know and like:) our song by her isn't too bad either.
At 5:28am on July 23, 2009, queen_of_damned said…
lol yup i have Fbook, u?? im good ty, u??
At 11:46pm on July 19, 2009, maddie said…
My summer is awesome and sorry i don't have a great song
At 6:41pm on July 12, 2009, Alexandra said…
Hey! How are you? I'm good. Haha, yeah, I recovered:) 17's alright, just like every other age or it is to me. Life's been boring, I've had strepthroat and lost my voice so that's just great, oh well. Most of my voice is back, so that's good. Haha, that's interesting how you guys celebrate you independence day. Where in the Philipphines(think I spelt wrong) do you live? So, how's life been for you?
At 10:52pm on July 10, 2009, MyOpenBook said…
oh im doing good too.

jst kinda busy dizzy..


aww..i love all da books of twilight saga..

but my fave is ''NEW MOON and Eclipse''

hw bout u?

At 6:13pm on July 9, 2009, Alexandra said…
Hey, how are you? I'm good. Thanks! I'm sure you will be. That's a cool career to want to be, I'd like that. I'm 17 now, just turned it back on June 5th:) Yeah, nine months ago my front tire blew while I was going around a turn on wet pavement and when I tried fixing it I crashed into a utility pole. I don't remember what happened, but either way, I broke three pelvic bones which I can walk but running, bike riding, too much walking, dancing. anything, makes it hurt so bad I've gone back to crutches a few times. Then I fracture some of my skull and had to have face surgery, but it's all healed and you can't tell:) and I have brain damage. The brain damage may be with me for another five month or year and a half, they don't know, but it sucks. Short term memory loss, and things not making sense and all that. So that was great*roll eyes*.
Hmmm... our Independence Day was alright. The fireworks were nice, but my drunk cousins weren't, they were... interesting and weird to say the least. And the food was good, though I ate WAY too much, haha. What do you guys do on yours? Glad your birthday was good:)
At 9:45pm on July 7, 2009, maddie said…
oh no problem im out for summer break and i miss talking to you too.
At 12:49pm on July 5, 2009, Alexandra said…
Hey, how are you? I'm not great, feel sick. Yeah, July 4 is our Independence day, do you have one? Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! What'd you do? Are you 14 or 15 now? I want to be a therapist for kids with brain damage like me when I grow up.
At 9:55am on July 5, 2009, MyOpenBook said…
aww.. ur welcum!!

hw u doing nweiz??

At 4:34am on July 5, 2009, nice said…

wats the anme of your skul.?
At 12:08pm on July 4, 2009, Alexandra said…
Hey, how are you? I'm good. Today's our 4th of July, which is my Independence day, so I'm excited! Yeah, when I go to college I'm going into psychology and neuroscience. What classes are you taking now? It's fine, I know all about how long it takes to get back causes of school:)
At 9:21am on July 3, 2009, Penelope Demi said…
i am leaving in greece.
do you remember me?
we have been talking for a long time! lol

ohh! thank you very much!

i am fine! i will go in a hour with my friends out for a walk!!!

see you soon, honey! thanks for chatting!
love you!
At 6:30am on July 3, 2009, Penelope Demi said…
oh honey! i am happy that you finally reply!!! lol!
but it 's ok, i understand that you 're busy! i am just joking!

so, tell me your news! we haven't talk for a long!

oh, could you, please, tell me a few words of your language?
like, how do you say "hello" , "goodbye", "i love you" and "see you".
i would be grateful if you tell me!!!

hope to talk you, soon!
take care, sweetie!
love you!
At 12:52am on July 2, 2009, maddie said…
I love the movie wild child XD
At 11:23pm on June 28, 2009, maddie said…
At 11:22pm on June 28, 2009, maddie said…
OMG i love the movie wild child XD


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