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At 9:20pm on April 20, 2011, Tyra Cristine Joe said…
Heey i just wanna tell you i am in LOVE with all your stories! But why dont you wriye anymore? :( please post more lunar illusion soon!
At 11:17pm on December 7, 2010, Mrs. Hawthorne said…
write more Lunar Illusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 5:49pm on July 30, 2010, Amanda --> said…
Hi...I wanted to know what happened to the Writer's resource. Was it deleted? I can't seem to find it.
At 12:41pm on July 24, 2010, Bella Cullen said…
Hey I was wondering if you were planning to continue writing Lunar illusion or if you decided to stop because its been a long time since you last posted. THX BTW: i hope you keep writting, its really good.
At 8:09pm on May 28, 2010, goth_girl18 said…
ur da best i luv ur stories
At 5:59am on February 18, 2010, megz said…

well we had a few days of some nice sun :D (i say a few, it was really 1) then rain, rain, rain :( and 2day it's snowing.... but the annoying thing is we don't get any days off of school like we did in january bcuz it's the holidays :( but im sure we'll survive lol

Everything is awesome atm (school exclued), school's boring and means exams, revision and homework... :(

well naturally im keeping out of trouble, trouble just seems 2 find me lol (omg, ive always wanted 2 say something along those lines!).... nah, no trouble 4 miss goody-two-shoes

how's everything going with u? i hope everything's good :)

At 2:46pm on February 1, 2010, megz said…
The mysterious wanderer returns!!!!

Hello ello ello from sunny England (we did actually have sun the other day... ik, the world's going 2 end! :O)

Arrg, i need 2 apologise 2 a few people lol, as u may have gathered i havent been on in a while *guilty smile*... i have had time, kinda, homework, friends, family, christmas etc, well it all adds up....

anyway, hows u?
how have u been?

and im soooo sorry (in advance) if u post and i never get round 2 reading it 'til like a year l8r, poor jess has had that treatment, i think im still on something like chapter 7 :S

i'll go read now as ive got time! (history and english homework can wait lol)


(p.s. is there any sun where u r?, does it still exist?)
At 8:57am on December 21, 2009, Nobody's Business said…
Are you EVER gonna post on Lunar Illusion agian?
I miss it!!!!
We need you to write more!!
Please write more soon!!!
At 4:10pm on October 13, 2009, megz said…
lol, it's all good u?

awwww, so cute! my cat has now crashed cuz she had 2 endure 3 little boys tryna get a hold of her. (bro and 2 friends)

some of Nightwish's stuff is amazing and some is just plain scary.

anyway... hope life's treating u right!
At 3:46pm on October 9, 2009, megz said…
hello! i got very bored and decided 2 b nosy and look at every1's pages (i have an amazing life)
and i happened 2 notce u didnt have Nightwish on ur impressive list of music. im really in2 evanescence and Nightwish was recommended 2 me and i loved them. u may have already heard of them but id thought id just recommend them cuz i have nothing better 2 do other then msn and hwk *sigh!*
have a great rest of the week and hope the puppies 2 okay!
At 11:46am on September 21, 2009, megz said…
i'll make them.... nah, they'd have 2 b quarating (i cant spell 2day) and all so it would b very hard!
cute though, i hope u find good homes 4 them.
At 3:19pm on September 20, 2009, megz said…
hello, ur online, i swear ur never online!
id love 1... but does it get on with cats? i just got a kitten 2day so may b a bit of a handful! but i dont care, every1 wants a puppy!
At 9:43am on September 20, 2009, megz said…
awwwwww, 5 puppies cute! good luck with looking after them! hehe, is the mum alright yeah. i assume she is!
At 8:54pm on September 12, 2009, Shellym127 said…
hehe i posted another chapter of gone. check it out when you can plz :)
At 9:53pm on September 9, 2009, Shellym127 said…
yeah yeah, that's totally great! Thanks for asking my permission though.
At 8:13am on August 29, 2009, megz said…
lol just replied 2 ur hi on the foster home!
hello r u 2!
At 7:49am on August 29, 2009, megz said…
i no u did... i saw ur comments when i was looking 4 the new chapters! (the foster home)
the messages arent working so i cant read ur message!
At 6:01pm on August 28, 2009, megz said…
oops meant 2 say sent not send! getting grammar wrong annoys me (only when i get it wrong accidently)
At 6:00pm on August 28, 2009, megz said…
hey, can u read the email i just send u?
'cause im very stupid and idiotic
At 5:03pm on August 17, 2009, megz said…
im going hyper... it's 22:00 and im feeling SLIGHTLY silly! remind me never 2 get drunk!
i just thought i'd say hi and tell u that i've replied 2 ur comment on Vampire baby and me and Nalisha (mostly me) have a thing or 2 about ur comment on my use of english words!
as im feeling hyper i hope u reply so i can have a good arguement with some1 other then my brother and Nalisha!
there's a comment on the same page and 2 on the next 1
hehe long comment!

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