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At 2:23pm on March 31, 2012, Mikhala♕ said…

Just got on here to say that I'm not very happy with you at the moment. You missed my birthday *pouts*. Anyway, I'm bored because I have nothing to do until Bleach and Fullmetel Alchemist Brotherhood comes on tonight, so I might just hang around here for awhile.Maybe. *sighs* And while we're on the subject, thanks for getting me hooked on Bleach and FMA. NOT. I can't get the stupid theme song from Bleach out of my head! It's been stuck in there for like two weeks! *glares* I'm still a little peeved at you,FYI.

At 5:23pm on March 25, 2012, J3nn@<3 Mignogna said…
Oh my gosh, Crona is sooo cute! My sister koves him! You should add her too! Thanks fot adding me! My sister's name on Twilight Saga is Devan Cullen. Thanks again! BTW do you have buddy poke?
At 7:57pm on March 1, 2012, Mikhala♕ said…

Ack.Sorry for being such a doosche(Is that how that's spelled?I don't think it is.Whatever) and not replying sooner,but you know how I am.I don't get on the computer that often and I get on TTS even less.In fact 'this may be my last post here on TTS.But don't freak out.Have you heard of neopets?I know what you're thinking,but it's not as lame as you would think.I got my first account years ago,and am still hooked(I actually lost acsess to my first main account,but it's a long story).My user name is Eternal_Lonewolf.Neopets is kinda like anime;Once you're hooked you're hooked.Oh,and speaking of anime you would be glad to know that I've started watching Bleach as well as Full Metal Alchemy:Brotherhood.I've also become re-obsessed with my favourite half-demon dog,Inuyasha.I've been meaning to get back to Naruto:Shippuden,but haven't managed it yet.Naruto was my first anime love,and,embarassingly enough,my first anime crush.*blushes*I can't help it okay!*sighs*I guess I just have a thing for irrational half-demon boys.Aside from my guitar(Iris),Maggie(my car)is the only inanimate object that I've named.And I don't know how I forgot about this,but Maggie Stiefvater actually named her super sweet 1973 Camaro,Loki.Weird,huh?And *update* since my last message to you I have read The Scorpio Races.Twice.It was pretty good,but I'm not sure if someone who wasn't as well acquainted with horses as I am would be able to fully appreciate the book.I did tell you that we own four horses,didn't I?Well,now you know.And I'm glad to know that you are,in fact,happy.I'm not sure I can remember actually being really,truly happy.Which sounds really pathetic,I know.*sighs* It's like the closest I can get is pending-happy.Every time I get close to actually being in a good mood,something always comes up and smacks me in the face.Suckerpunched,I think they call it.But,whatever,not going to think about that.I gotta go,but I hope to see you 'round.Maybe even on Neopets.*wink wink*

At 8:17pm on February 3, 2012, Mikhala♕ said…

Hey,again.My mom had me fold clothes,look up something online for her(she's not a very tech-savvy person),and for some reason I keep getting interrupted by a very cute little dog.Also I'm not the fastest typer in the world.If you've ever watched NCIS,you'll know what I mean when I say that I type like DiNozzo.Okay,where to start...How about "my aunt gave me a car for Christmas!!!".*high pitched girly sound*I love my car.My feels good to say that.It's a 1987 BMW 325,that I named "Maggie" after my favourite author(how much of a nerd am I?).I just got my learners on Tuesday.I haven't got the real one yet,just the little paper one they give you.My dad said that I "look like a criminal" in my photo.*laughs*I don't anyone look good in those photos.In other non-car related news,I have a dentist opointment coming up*shudders* because I broke off half my tooth on New Years,had it fixed,and am now going for a type of check-up just to make sure the nerve isn't dying,or whatever it is that nerves do.Joy.I've always hated going to the dentist.Something about it just freaks me out.Whatever.Moving on.My mom says she's going to take me to get my hair cut,cause it's been giving me headaches.That probably sounds a little odd,but my hairs really thick and getting really long,not to mention heavy.I want to have a lot of layers put in it,while still keeping it at it's current length.It's going to be part of my birthday present(s),even though my b-day's not till March.I also want seat covers for my car(in black)and money for books.Speaking of books,my new avie is part of the cover for Maggie Stiefvater newly announced book "The Raven Boys",but don't hold your breath cause it won't be out till September.Her sequel for "Ballad",from the faerie series,caled "Requim" won't be out till either June or July,I can't remember.And I still haven't read/bought "The Scorpio Races" which came out back in October.*sighs*I've been dying to read that book.Also all of the previous books mentioned are based on some form on celtic lore,so you may--or may not--like them.Personally,I love books written by Stiefvater because of her almost poetic writting style.Okay..I think that covers everything...Actually,no it doesn't.I got so caught up in talking/sqealing about my car and books,that I almost forgot to tell you that I lost my locket yesterday.It was the one that my mom gave to me for my 16th birthday,that I've worn for almost every day since.It really sucks cuz inside the locket was a small origami crane that my once best friend,Victoria,helped me make.It was one of the last things we ever did together,and I remember her telling me that she had learned how to make paper cranes at school,because there was a little chinese boy(I think he was a classmate)in the hospital,and the teacher had told them that if they could fold 1000 of the cranes,then they could wish for him to get better.Unfortunately,he died before they could finish.I'm not sure why I remember that,but I do.

At 6:53pm on February 3, 2012, Mikhala♕ said…

Hey!Sorry I haven't been on here in...FOREVER.But,man,have I been busy.More on that later,the mocrowave just beeped which means my supper is ready.I'll be right back.:)

At 10:39pm on January 25, 2012, Lexi & Sakura Haruno said…

Sakura: *smiles* Hi

Lexi: *smiles* Hey

At 5:22pm on January 21, 2012, Roman Cullen Hale said…

no idea

At 8:10pm on January 17, 2012, Mini & K said…

>< i stopped watching soul eater o.o I FEEL BAD lol

but soul was my favorite :3

At 8:06pm on January 17, 2012, Queen Misuto said…

It's okay! :) I'll forget it anyway.

I shall have to look it up then!
Let's see....I'm almost done with Soul Eater....and I'm only on episode 3 of Ouran

At 7:28pm on January 17, 2012, Mini & K said…


At 7:47am on January 17, 2012, Queen Misuto said…

Crona is my favorite too! :D.....I'm going to forget that I heard that >.< I'm not that far into the series...But it's okay! I'll forget about it!

Hehe! Yes! :)

Liar...O.e I'm going to have to watch that now...It sounds interesting! Maybe I'll watch it after I finish Soul Eater and OHSHC.

Undertaker Riddle? Never heard of it. :(

At 9:45pm on January 16, 2012, Queen Misuto said… A MINUTE!

You're profile picture is Crona! ^.^ I LOVE Crona!!!

At 9:44pm on January 16, 2012, Queen Misuto said…

Aww...pranks are fun at times, but only if you do it as a nice joke... :(

L did so LOVE Light! ^.^ *nods*

Ack! I was wrong! No exorcist at all...What is it about then? :)

Nothing much! You?

At 6:23pm on January 15, 2012, 完全に Kanzen Ni~ Altogether said…

Anastasia: *smiles gently and curtsies, speaks in her usual british accent* Hello there. I am Anastasia. Please call me whatever pleases you.

At 9:28pm on January 10, 2012, Queen Misuto said…

Ooh, that sounds terrible. >.< I've been to a party like that. I was only friends with two people, and LOTS of insults were thrown around.

L didn't mean it. D: Isn't that terrible!? Me too! :D

Ao No Exorcist...I've heard of it before, I've been told to watch it before, but have no idea what it's about...An exorcist is involved, maybe?

At 7:44pm on January 10, 2012, Queen Misuto said…

I was team Kira and Light in the beginning, but I have to say I was more team Light towards the end of it.  Near was a jerk... D: Mattie shouldn't have died! He only had minute throughout the entire episode. :'(

Yes! Team Matsuda! :D

Yes, he did say that, but when I read Death Note 13, the author stated that L, in fact, didn't mean it when he said that (Which made me dislike L a tiny little bit.)

Near's emotions were hard to find. -_- I like Mello more than Near, but when Mello refused to work with Near, it made me annoyed because I didn't like the whole feud between the two. They would have been unstoppable!

Oh yeah...Near showed human emotions! Yay for him! :D I don't. :( Do you?

Same with me, all of my friends were away.

By the way, sorry it took me so long to comment back!

At 10:27am on December 28, 2011, Queen Misuto said…

When he found it the second time, I have to admit that I was cheering that on... xP Mostly because I started to get bored with them trying to figure it out, however I didn't like seeing him shot. I was team Light/Kira throughout the whole series no matter how many times I yelled at the computer screen for what he did.Ah, yes, more adorable genius moments would have been very appreciated xD

I think I don't like Mello because he creeps me out a bit. All three of them pretty much new that Light was Kira and I just wanted to see them work together!

Nearly everyone has a softer side and Matt brought the best of that out of Mello. That's the one thing I like about Mello- He cared about his friend whereas Near and L showed barely any sympathy when one of their teammates were either injured, or killed.

I'm pretty sure I was crying with Mello when Matt was shot...

He does! Matsuda needs more appreciation! He made me laugh throughout the whole thing!

Yeah, fans like me would kill them before EA would, definitely.

They've been good, how have yours been?

At 10:21am on December 25, 2011, Queen Misuto said…

You have the same way of thinking as I do! I feel bad about what happened to him. I sort of wish he didn't find out about the Death Note, but then we wouldn't have had a good story. He was so sweet and intelligent before and the Death Note drove him to insanity. The poor guy. :'(

Mello!? O.o I despise Mello...Matsudo, however, is the best!

Hehehe...I still want to find out who it was that stole Suffer in the first place xD. They wouldn't live to see morning. So lucky!!! :P I need to get tickets to one of her concerts. They look like so much fun...

Thanks! Same to you!

At 10:31am on December 24, 2011, Queen Misuto said…

I just have to finish reading it, then I shall be doneI. ExceptformylittlefitsofsympathyforLight.

I like Zero too, but I like Kaname better. ^.^

Holy crap you're lucky! I dream of going to one of her concerts! Now I'm jealous of you...Grr....But I hope you have fun! Forget what I just said. Of course you're going to have fun, it's Emilie Autumn! Let's just hope nobody steals her beloved Suffer the bear. I don't think anyone would though, considering how angry she got last time...

At 11:08pm on December 23, 2011, Queen Misuto said…

You like EA too!? I love Emilie! She is my main role model and inspiration. <3 Her songs tell a wonderful story whether funny, or serious. It's amazing how someone who has been through so much could still be a wonderful person with high spirits!

And yes, I LOVE Soul Eater, Death Note, and Spirited Away. As for Vampire Knight, I have to admit that I'm barely paying attention to it (Shame on me!) But I'm currently waiting for it to return to the local library. As for now I will continue drawing manga and reading Death Note.

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