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At 6:14pm on November 7, 2009, Nia Blanchard said…
Hey Jazz miss u I want 2 talk 2 u when ur back on...
At 6:19am on November 6, 2009, Bella Swan said…
sorry 'bout it then.
At 4:44pm on November 5, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
I NEED to talk to you.Please try to be on tonight.I need you so much right now Adrian.
Love you.
At 8:00pm on November 4, 2009, Samantha Peach said…
Because its the giving truth
At 8:13pm on November 2, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
Hey Jasper.I miss you and hope you are well.I am like kinda back to normal.Not despressed any more.Well it comes and goes but I miss you.Cant wait to tlk to you again.


Oh btw today in class our teacher asked us if we had someone who we could go to and ask anything.Well i said yes.She didnt want us to say their name out loud but you were myn.Kinda like a really young father to me i guess is how you would put it.

Luv you and hope u and ur sister the best.
At 6:29pm on November 2, 2009, Samantha Peach said…
Waz up?? i am so fudging bored
At 1:56am on November 2, 2009, Bella Swan said…
Hey, Jazz, Im engaged!!!!
At 1:52am on October 31, 2009, Bella Swan said…
Oh, well. I don't care.
At 8:13pm on October 30, 2009, Alice alexandra Hale said…
well u know that im avalible *blush*
At 4:23pm on October 28, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
Jasper.I hate that i missed you.But i had to get some sleep.But i will be on tonight.
Luv ya!
*Hugs and Kisses*
At 1:10am on October 27, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
Are we staying out of trouble?
Sorry had too.Any Who, hope you get to come home soon.
Luv ya.
At 1:35am on October 26, 2009, Bella Swan said…
Naww, hope you're okay, bro (or are you goint to have a spack attack like Emmett?) Did I mention I have an Edward! Yay! Just one step closer to kicking your butt!

Bells. xo
At 1:10am on October 26, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
*Sighs*Not hopefully Jazz.I know i will see you again.You again just have faith.Thats what keeps me going.Have fun.*Smirks*Bye Bye Love you.Dont get in too much trubble.
At 1:03am on October 26, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
*Sticks tounge out at you*Still going to worry.Its what i do.*Smiles*And i think i can go a few more days.
*Sighs*I will just keep remembering the past.*Grins*Take care!
At 12:25am on October 26, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
I know that you will have a ton of comments when you get back and well i am going to be a few of those ton!

Hope you are doing well and that you are feeling well.Turns out i am barely passing history and we might be able to talk more.I wish you and your sister the best of luck with everything that is going on right now.I will be here when you get back waiting,*Smiles*,and untill then wondering.Wondering how everything went.I miss you and love you.You should read my page.But instead of reading it i will post it here.It says:
"Status:No mate!Why?Because my heart belongs to my best friend and brother Jasper."
*laughs*And that is the truth.You have my heart.Wow that sounds sappy.*Grins*Hope all is well between you and your Alice.One more question.Does she know?Sorry if thats too personal.Dont have to answer.*Looks around*Miss you,Love you.*Hugs and Kisses on the cheek*Always remember me.Where ever you go.Because i will always remember you.No matter what happens.*Blushes*Um yea.Talk to you as soon as you get back.
At 12:15am on October 25, 2009, Bella Swan said…
Guess what? I have an Edward. And, let's just settle this when I am turned. Then we will see *smirks*. I hope your surgery goes okay.

Bells. xo.
At 4:35pm on October 23, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
Oh i forgot something yesterday.
*Huggs and Kisses on the cheek*
Good Luck once again.
At 4:30am on October 22, 2009, Jacob William Black said…
*Sighs* Yeah, That's me. That's the way she wanted it. No fuss.
At 2:31am on October 22, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
At 2:24am on October 22, 2009, Jenii Mariee<3 said…
I hope its not the last either.Good luck.(:
And glad to hear the news.Now i might be able to worry less.

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