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At 1:10pm on July 10, 2010, Jasper j Cullen said…
and if you want you can invite me to be friends on youtube too
At 1:06pm on July 10, 2010, Jasper j Cullen said…
you should add some music to it. i mean you can at least take some of mine and add it if you want.
papa roach "kick in the teeth" is my newest fav song
At 1:07pm on July 9, 2010, Jasper j Cullen said…
hey i have good news. i favorited most of the songs on my youtube playlist. i am sure you can check my favs on my channel on youtube. my account name is XceLer8ddarkness so if you still wanna listen to some music and or watch videos then your able too now
At 8:36am on July 9, 2010, One of Cullen's Clan said…
Het there! I was in other city a week without Internet! But I'm back! Hug you!
At 3:29pm on July 8, 2010, Cindy Bieber <3 said…
I know I am sometimes amazed at myself
At 1:42pm on July 8, 2010, Jasper j Cullen said…
ohhh good i was hoping you would not take that wrong.
i really am nice so i hate to ruin a friendship

you seem nice yourself too!!
At 9:49am on July 8, 2010, Laura said…
haha BTW i love ur energy :)))
haha ur such an optimistic person:):D
At 9:20am on July 8, 2010, Laura said…
U'll love it i m sure:):)
yup he is sooo freakin hot:):):):)
but in da movies he doesnt look so;/
but i love him either way:)
umm nothing much i am looking for a job i have holidays now:)
no i am SINGLE:):):) hahaha and i am enjoying that what bout U?
At 8:44am on July 8, 2010, Liv said…
ummm---I see me too--lol
At 8:42am on July 8, 2010, Laura said…
but there is more action to compare to the other movies:P
but after all i think that books are a way better :)
At 8:38am on July 8, 2010, Laura said…
Hey :):)
its amazin'!!!
and when can u see it??
i think it keeps getting better and better:*:)
but Rob doesnt look so hot;/
this is my fav movie:)
ooohhh i love kiss scenes u for me those are the best hahaha LOLZ
At 8:37am on July 8, 2010, Liv said…
At 8:34am on July 8, 2010, Liv said…
hi Girl.-- thank u--- urs is Hottie :))
At 4:25pm on July 7, 2010, Stefan Salvatore said…
At 11:42am on July 7, 2010, Jasper j Cullen said…
you changed your pic right?
it looks good. lol
At 11:42am on July 7, 2010, Jasper j Cullen said…
no problem. @the add
umm i could email you a copy of my playlist. i would give you the loggin info so you could check it but... no offense now. im not trying to be rude so if it comes out that way i dont mean it to. but i kinda dont really know ya. and there are alot of hackers out there. like i said i am not bein rude just safe.
but if you wanna see what i have on my playlist i could email it to ya.
At 11:29am on July 7, 2010, Laura said…
haha u changed ur avatar again:P:P hihihi :))))
and did u see Eclipse??:O:O:O:O:O
At 9:45am on July 7, 2010, ♥Monica Hale♥™ said…
oh thanx (: yah i had some free time and thats what happened :(
At 9:44am on July 7, 2010, Cindy Bieber <3 said…
and your an awesome reader.
At 9:33am on July 7, 2010, Liv said…
thanks =) urs as well =)

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