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At 10:42am on November 26, 2010, Melissa Heston said…
Thank you :)
At 12:38pm on November 25, 2010, Melissa Heston said…
Thank you for accepting...I hope so too....Happy Thanksgiving...:)
At 11:08am on November 25, 2010, Lornalolo said…
no prob.. thanks for the info, it was a good question no one at the quiz got it right, i was suprised, but then i didnt get it either, oh the shame, the shame.
At 11:43am on September 12, 2010, Emotion said…
I'm good addison thanks for the pic made me seeing Rob
Here is one of my favorites think you'll love it as well =)

At 8:41pm on September 9, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Another HOME RUN response

Dear Addison,
I agree (so much) with you. Being ALONE is so different than being "a part of someone". Being together (as Jung might say) can make you psycologicaly four times as powerful as being alone.

Being together changes your entire focus. BS, Q: "Please Edward DON"T TRY AND AVENGE MY DEATH. As Bella "was dying" at James hands her thoughts weren't on herself but on Edward! When she faced Victoria BS.Q: Is MY FAMILY (the Cullen Coven) safe? Incidentally the beautiful stories of amazing courage shown by Christian and Jewish martyrs were about men and women who were never ALONE.

They all felt bound by love to heavenly presences.
Your point was "So Bella" (Should I break his nose first OR!)
Great points. Thanks for sharing, Doc
At 7:42pm on September 9, 2010, Emotion said…
Hey Addison! hope we become good friends =)
At 5:15pm on August 31, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Dear Addison,
Your response is so insightful. Bella by this time is obsessed with Edward. The first day she goes to school this beautiful man looks at her with total hatred. (We later learn that she was actually looking into the eyes of "Monster." Monster correctly instinctively despised Bella because he knew that her love could destroy his power. (As it eventually did) Monster's hatred even increased the attractiveness of her blood. (EQ: "Thinking that you were dead, decreased my desire for your blood. (PP) But all Bella knew was that the hostility was directed at her. BSQ: "It couldn't be directed at me I HADN'T DONE ANYTHING!" Now what kind of man is hostile towards women for no reason other than the fact that they are women? MISOGYNISTS! Then for some unknown reason to her, Edward goes a total about face. BUT Bella is not the type of woman to leave a question unsolved. ESPECIALLY when it involves Edward.
At 5:15pm on August 31, 2010, Doc B MD said…
(EQ: "You aren't going to give up on this (solving the 'phenomenon question') are you?" BQ "NO!!") Bella is intellectually gifted. And she knew that Shakespeare was a gifted observer of mankind.

And that his works described dozens of interactions and relationships between men and women. So what could be a more perfect way to help her solve her "Edward Question" than reviewing dozens of male Shakespearian characters studding their feeling towards women and then trying to deduce if the characters feeling sprank from the BARD! Or what would be a more perfect topic for Bella to choose to study than "Was Shakespeare a misogynist?"

What an insightful observation Addison. What an insightful observation indeed. Thank you for helping me understand a key point in the Saga.

Your friend, Doc B
After reading what I was writing Professor Buttons just muttered some obtuse reference about "OLD DOGS" He is so cryptic God only knows what he was refering to.
At 1:32am on August 31, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Dear Addison,
What a facinating response. I hadn't even considered it. But now that you have raised it. I am going to let my subconcious ponder on it for a while.
Thank you for sharing with us, Doc

Your idea is genious in nature. WELL DONE!!
At 7:16pm on August 15, 2010, Doc B MD said…
You make lots of great points. Thanks for sharing, Doc
Dear Addison,

You make a great point I agree Edward respected Charlie for hid love of Bella. Edward had had his parents love from both Carlisle and Esme. (EC to BS: "For all intensive purposes Esme is my mom.")
And I agree Charlie instinctively felt that something wasn't right with Edward. And he deeply resented the way Edward left Bella. (EC to BB, Q; "He could have called before they left.")

And I think you are so right. I think that the dye was cast the moment he laid eyes on Nesse. I bet he felt the same when he held Bella for the first time.
"BS,Q: "Nothing in MY room had been changed."

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Yours Doc, B
At 7:58am on August 5, 2010, Noodles said…
Thank you for joining this awesome group. Please swing by the Welcome to All New Members - Introduce yourself here! which can be found in the discussions it's featured so you won't miss it. Then join us on the comment wall for fun and merriment, there are some very fanatical members here myself included and are always willing to talk about Rob and pretty much anything else.

As this message goes to every new member, please be aware that it is not targeted at anyone specific. Please remember the Twilight Saga rules which includes no spamming or chain letters, duplicate posts and being respectful to other members. If you do post these, you will be asked to remove them. If they are not removed in the time allotted then you will be suspended from the group and your details passed onto the moderators of the saga who may take further action.

Noodles, Amelie and ShannonP
Robert Pattinson Fan Club
At 8:28am on August 1, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…

At 12:48am on August 1, 2010, James Balentine Jr. said…
hey you never know
At 6:26pm on July 30, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…
Dear Addison,
I couldn't agree with you more. I loved the quote about Bella's excitement of going to school. And I love, love, love the scene of them excitedly and proudly crossing the parking lot arm in arm announcing that they were a couple.

How delightful.
Like you I loved Bella's openness. And I respected her for being honest about the insanity of her love for Edward. All love is a little insane. Which is one of the reasons it is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your insightful observations with us, Doc

At 4:18pm on July 30, 2010, James Balentine Jr. said…
actually im a technical theatre major. i like to work behind the stage lol
At 11:47am on July 30, 2010, Noodles said…
Interesting question, but friends are friends and I have a few aquaintenances on here who I will answer to, but they're not necessarily on my friends list. I have to have spoken them for some time. There are ones on here that I have known for over a year and these I would consider friends, true friends. We speak a lot on msn and exchange birthday presents etc. and we get each other. If you get what I mean, you have to feel comfortable with the people you associate with. Hope that helps.
At 9:45am on July 30, 2010, Noodles said…
Hi, thanks for asking me about being friends, but if you read my profile, you'll see that I'd rather get to know what a person is like before accepting, please bear this in mind. So talk to me on the comment wall, or what you put in the discussions and I'll think about it :)
At 11:03pm on July 29, 2010, James Balentine Jr. said…
whoa thats weird lol. nah actually i dont. when im in school i stay in these apartments on campus, but when im home i stay at my uncles house
At 2:51pm on July 29, 2010, James Balentine Jr. said…
your 21? thats awesome. hows it feel to be an adult?
At 4:11am on July 29, 2010, Miss Amanda said…
I don't think so lol.

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