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At 2:45am on March 23, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Good point, Carlisle beliefs in God had already surpassed his fathers concepts. Carlisle had accepted a belief in a loving God of Grace. Which I think were a big help in dennying his urges. Thank you for sharing, Doc

At 2:22am on March 19, 2010, Doc B MD said…

New Rose Discussion
Jacob's Invitation To Bella's Wedding: Was It Right Or Wrong Of Edward To Extend It ? Of Jacob to accept it? (Re-post)
Being Discussed At the official "Twilight" book discussion site:
Ning tells me they have our home page glich fixed: It is at : If you haven't "asses as a friend there I hope you will, Doc ps there are other discussions at : or

At 9:44pm on January 26, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…

We are delighted that you decided to join "The Rose discussion group." If for some reason you ever decide that you no longer want to receive notifications of new discussions, just go to our (now your new) Rose home page, and hit the "remove" icon. We have welcomed 500 new Rose members this year. So there should be lots of new friends for you to share with. If there is anyway I can ever help you, please don't hesitate to write. And there are also several members who have volunteered to serve as "Rose Angels" who are also happy to help you in any way they can.

Your new discussion group "The Rose" got it's name from a famous "free speech" discussion group in the 1930s
I feel that their spirit has always been the magic behind our group. When ever a new member joined their group they always recieved a white rose and a simple note that said "Welcome home."

Your friend,
Doc B aka "The Reading Bear"

PS. We are ALL looking forward to sharing with you. We have a few motto's ie: "When sharing with friends you can never say too much." "Friends never have to worry about "rambling on." And "Phila" is the Greek word for the special form of love that develops between friends. (Aristotle)

At 11:43pm on January 24, 2010, Doc B M.D. said…

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to the “Twilight Saga” Discussion Group. It is, in my opinion, the finest “Twilight” discussion site on the web. Our group "The Rose" discusses different topics from Saga novels. If you would like to see examples of the types of topics we discuss, you can click on this url: and if you hit the "View all" icon, below the discussions, you can see dozens of our recent topics. If you would enjoy discussing topics of this nature, just hit the "join as a friend" icon under the reading bear, and as new discussions are started we will send you an invitation. If you enjoy "Twilight discussions" today is the best day to jump in and start sharing.You can either share your thoughts about the discussion topic, or on any opinion already given. Todays discussion is at:

We are very pleased to say: Welcome Home !

Most sincerely,
Doc B, aka “The Reading Bear”
At 3:03pm on January 21, 2010, Dominique Watson said…
When you get a chance, look me up on Face Book, have a good evening. Its time for me to put my little angel to bed lol x
At 2:46pm on January 21, 2010, Dominique Watson said…
From what I've seen, its not been published yet?? or I'm a complete idiot and cant find lol :-)
At 2:29pm on January 21, 2010, Dominique Watson said…
I will have look for that one to Midnight Sun, will let know if I get hold of a copy x
At 2:22pm on January 21, 2010, Dominique Watson said…
we have loads of copies in the book shops in England, have you tried english websites for Eclipse in English?? If not I could possilby send a copy to you!!! in a week or two, I don't hate Jacob as such, he just annoyes me, mind Bella annoyed me when she decided she loved aswell, I want her to stay with Edward lol x
At 1:04pm on January 21, 2010, Dominique Watson said…
Its crazy, I thought at my age I'd have grown up a bit, but it looks like I haven't lol. I'm hoping to by Breaking Dawn next week, I so want bella to become a Vampire, Jacob is getting on my nerves the way he carry's on with Bella. Don't know what I'll do once all the films have been made - not sure if they are making one for the last book!!! Its a shame it has to end lol x
At 12:47pm on January 21, 2010, bianca wegner said…
hi sofia my name is bianca
At 12:40pm on January 21, 2010, Dominique Watson said…
Hi Sofia,

I'm Dee,

I totally agree with you about Eclipse, I started reading the day before yesterday and finished yesterday evening. I couldn't put the book down. Then once I'd read it, I decided to watch Twilight again before bed. Why didn't they have films and books like this when I was a teenager!!! I'm so jealous.

How are you? x

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