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At 4:39pm on January 3, 2010, Perseus_Poseiden_Laserbeam said…
i love bella's lullaby its one of my fav songs ever
At 3:57pm on January 3, 2010, Perseus_Poseiden_Laserbeam said…
its the best ever
At 5:46am on November 25, 2009, ღeℓoηηαღjuηєღ¢υℓℓєηღ said…
hey.... hi how are you... uhmm... i just want to ask.. when will eclipse be showing?
At 7:32pm on November 13, 2009, Georgia said…
Erika! OMG! Its been so long!
how you been babe?!
itss been ages since we last had a catch up?
what you been up to?!
i miss you!
At 11:34am on November 13, 2009, Katerina cullen salvatore <3 said…
hiya havent talked to you in a while well to think about it i havent been on this wensite in like six months, xoxoxoxo bye
At 12:51pm on October 31, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
Hey! I’m so sorry haven’t been on lately, school has been driving me crazy! And when I’m finally off from school my computer crashes, just my luck, xp
Everythings been find though, just a little Adam and Jason drama, bu I'm sorta avoding them right now. Yesterday me and some friends went to play beach volley ball and next to us there were these really hot guys playing. I got a pass and I acidentally shot the ball in their direction and I went to get the ball back and I went up to one of the guys to apologie and then I hear my friend yelling "Audrey, stop flirting with the guys, isn't it enough that you've been staring at them the last hour," and I was like, humiliated, the worst thing my friend could have done, xp
Anyways how have you been? Everything good?
Missed you loads Buttercup!!!! Take care, lot’s of love
At 3:41pm on October 16, 2009, Damaris Gabrielle said…
LOL "ok class lets say it all together"[DEEP BREATH from ERIKA] HAHAHAHA soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFFLMFAOOO!
At 12:39pm on October 16, 2009, Christina said…
hey erike thanks can u help me!?!
this is my email
or and i will thell u my info!?!
At 10:23pm on October 15, 2009, Mrs. Cullen Pattinson said…
hOw r u?
At 2:55pm on October 11, 2009, Damaris Gabrielle said…
lol...Riqht..And im not qoin to school Tuesday..cuz i have to qo to a funeral in New York...=[ October is A HORRIBLE month...i jus realized and how much do yu have to tell me...Yu betta answer dha phone..cuz sometimes ppl dont b answerinq [voice was slowly driftinq off into a mumble so no one can hear] lol..Yu really should mumble...hehehehe
At 9:41pm on October 10, 2009, Damaris Gabrielle said…
Lol..OhhhhhhhhMyBob....i thought dha same thinq when i saw freakinq RrrrJjjj's page like...ehhhhhhhhh wth is qoin on there...and tyrone..ooooh shutupo abt dat...and lol CARL! i Love Carl..! He is soo kool...and yeaahh he deff. loves dhat qirl...but n e ways call yahh on Monday...=]]]]]]]]]
At 12:29pm on October 5, 2009, Carmen said…
OMG!! Sooooo Sorry I Haven't Been On Recently. Been Insanely Busy I Literally Haven't Had Two Minutes To Myself.
But... I Promise To Be Reply Earlier!=D
Anyways, SO Sorry Bout The Guy. He Sounds Like A Knob. Bt, Who Knows The Way Mens Minds Work. Maybe He Was Just Afraid You'd Turn Him Down...
I've Been Good Tho, You??? Went To Stay With My Dad For 5 Weeks That's Why I Didn't Reply. It Was O.k, I Guess. He's Got Other Kids And We Got On Alrite.
And, I Missed You Like Hell Too!!!
Apologies Again!!!!
At 10:30pm on September 24, 2009, Damaris Gabrielle said…
Lol...ooh WE dont suck at football....VARSITYY FOOTBALL sucks At Football!!!!! today was sooooo funny especially on dha bus...oooh and lubby..=]
At 12:51pm on September 23, 2009, Georgia said…
JJust Bin Outt Nd Aboutt.
At 10:42am on September 21, 2009, Carmen said…
Hey Erika, Hpe All's Well
Got Bck A Couple Of Weeks Ago. Left A Comment.
Just Wondering How Ur Doin!! :)
At 7:23pm on September 19, 2009, Georgia said…
:o! ERIKA! Its Been So Long!
Howa You Bbe?! I Misseddd Youu!! xxxxxx
At 4:40pm on September 19, 2009, Damaris Gabrielle said…
Ahahaha! Yu Lyinq They Suck Soooooo Much..And ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww Not Tyrone...PLease Send Her A Pic Of Him Or Sumthin...Lol I Hate Our Football Team...Oh Gosh Disappointment All Da Way..Hehehehhehe Dats Funny Though!
At 7:55pm on September 14, 2009, Damaris Gabrielle said…
Lol..oooohhhh...Guess Wat..?! Freakinq Patrick Touched Me On My Arm Then Was Like I Miss Yu..And Blahhh Blahh Blahh...He Was Like I Really Like You And Then His Girl Comes Out And He Wallks Away From Me...Im So Heated..Like uqhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Why Would He Do Dat...I freakkinq Hate Himm..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 10:24am on September 13, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
heeeeeey!!!!!!!! my sweet awesome buttercup!!!!! I've missed you insanly much, is that possible? apperently it IS♥♥♥!!!!! haha lolz!!! don't worry bout it, I kinda understood that you were busy, after all who isn't these days!!! I can totally understand that school, RJ, parents and tennis is alot to deal with!!!! Oh I got some good news!!!! Remember I was having a test? Guess what... I aced it =) I was so super happy when I got the test back, serously I started dancing and singing in the hallway... and the weird part is that... alot of people joined in, haha so we were alot of people dancing in the hallway. haha lolz, you should have been there!!! It was so much fun!! Some of my teachers just can't dance... that involves the principal, lolz!!! I can't believe that. from what I've hear RJ is 100% crazy bout you. guys just don't go around asking for hugs unless they feel something!!!! I think he likes you. maybe he's shy and he just didn't want to tell your friend before telling you, but he just doesn't know HOW to tell you that he really, really, really likes you!!! or maybe he's in denial, you know, he has all these feeling for you and he doesn't know how to deal with them so he acts like it's nothing at all.... yeah, I like those theories . lolz!!! Why else would he want to find out so much about you? He's so into you, believe me!!!! How does he look like btw? Wait... is this guy Tyrone intressted in you, or is he just bugging you? =o Pep rally? Hm nope, we don't have that at our school, it seems like fun though!!!! I'm good, just so darn stressed out from school and so excited bout the new trailer coming out today! Are you going to see it? =) Right the news... I think accepting the flowers did give Jason the wrong idea, because now he's been all over me lately... and Simon too. and when I say all over I mean calling, texting sending me gifts, all the time, it's really sweet and all but how do I say 'no' without beeing to rude, you know. Oh and wait thats not all. yesterday I was out with some friends and all of a sudden I see Jason, and so I turn away hoping he didn't see me, but of course he did- and he like walked up to me and pulled me into a hug, - and this guy is a football player, very strong! - and kissed me, and I was like 'whoa, what was that for' and he was like 'I think I love you' =O seriously it's messed up!!! I really don't know what to do... not to mention Simon, who is just pissing me off! I just wish I could take a break for a while!!! How have you been?
♥♥♥Love you suuper much Buttercup♥♥♥
At 10:40am on September 8, 2009, Carmen said…
Actually I Got Bck On Friday But My Internet Was Down And I Just Managed To Hunt Down A Computer.
Been Really Busy. Hope You Didn't Miss Me Too Much, Just I Had To Leave At Really Short Notice Nd I Didn't Have Much Time To Do Anything Before I Left.
Hope You Had A Great Summer Tho, Are You Back At Skol Yet???
Deepest Apologies And Chap 6 Will Be Posted As Soon As My Internet Gets Fixed.
Lots And Lots Of Hugs And Kisses.

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