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At 2:49pm on September 7, 2009, jazmine black said…
nothing much
At 12:20pm on September 5, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
hhey Buttercup =)
how are you? how was your day?
I've got something HUGE to tell you =)
Take care girl!
Love you super much!
At 7:22pm on September 3, 2009, Edwards/Roberts girl:) said…
At 10:32pm on September 2, 2009, Katerina cullen salvatore <3 said…
hey long time no talk wats up
At 6:44pm on September 1, 2009, All!soNKaYBlacK:) said…
hey!watz up?
At 5:42am on September 1, 2009, Charmaine said…
hello! what's up?
At 3:12am on August 31, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
heyyyyy my sweet buttercup!!! missed you so, sooooooo much too♥ so glad you understand sweetie!!! really you think so? I want in because when I read Breaking dawn and I came to that part in the book my heart like mealted or something, I just love it so much!!! oh my gosh Erika, my buttercup, you are making me want a twilight tatto!!!!! seriously, lolz!!!! but that is so right though and I understand what you mean when you said twilight has made you who you are! it's the same for me! =) <3 I know I also met so many amazing people, like you!! =) haha lolz, everyone keeps telling me not to ask her, and of course I won't but I just really want to know, so we are just going to see if her stomach grows, then we'll know, right? but I think we'll just wait & see, if she is pregnant she can't hide the stomach for that long, lolz!!!!! Haha lolz, if I said 'umm you hav a life! your lying!!' to a teacher I would never see an A on my papers or grades again lolz!!!! hah I know, too bad you can't be good at everything! aah sweetie, you are so not a dork!!!!! trust me!!! <3 haha I hope he learnt his lesson though, just that I have to meet him again today, urg, seriously it feels like the stalker effect is fallowing us!! [hah lolz, I love Taylor's abs though, he's so cute!!!] lolz =D Haha lolz, you so get em next time, trust me!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! He sounds perfect, if I were you I'd work on getting together with RJ!!! Seriously, he sounds dreamy, go for it girl!! you have my blessing, haha lolz!!!! that day sounds like a dream, shirtless guys, mmh, haha lolz!!!! Guess what, there is this guy that lives pretty close to me and yesterday I was a bit sad, I don't really know why, but I was. And then this guy, his name is Jason, he came up to me and gave me flowers, and I was like "aww!" it was so damn sweet, and it totally made my day, I was so happy after that. but I don't know if I kinda gave him the wrong idea, seeing as I do have a boyfriend, but on the other hand, he does know that. what do you think? was it wrong of me to accept the flowers? I mean , I don't wanna give anyone the wrong idea, that would just be... urg I don't know, this stuff is complicated!!!! but then again, what would life be without a little complication, lolz! Oh thanks for th good luck wishes, I am so gonna need them , I know 20 pages is insane, I swear my teacher are like plotting agains me! So rude, they are out to distroy me... and everyone else in my class, lolz! I LOVE YOU SUPER MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I'd do without all the great friends on this site, and you, life would be so much harder!!!!!!!Well right now it's morning and I'm getting ready for school, that's why I gave you a short reply but keep me updated and I'll keep you updated too!
♥♥♥Love You Buttercup!!!!!!!!♥♥♥
How was your day sweetie?
At 2:03am on August 31, 2009, Mrs. Cullen Pattinson said…
iif been gOOd thanks&yeah we havent
talk iin a whiile agO
sO what abOut u??
ur iin schOOl yet?
At 1:28pm on August 30, 2009, n, xoxo. <333 said…
hey :))
what's upp?
At 2:41am on August 30, 2009, Vanessa Mercedes Cullen said…
I'm good! just checking my email.
At 9:50pm on August 29, 2009, Maria Londono said…
heyy do u have myspacee??
At 5:10pm on August 29, 2009, Arianna said…
lol y, btw sry i dnt like rain
At 4:52pm on August 29, 2009, abigail said…
thats so cute (:
let me know how it goes with him :D
it was great thanks, very tiring though aha!
At 1:34am on August 29, 2009, Vanessa Mercedes Cullen said…
hey! how r u?
At 9:28am on August 27, 2009, DazzleGirl101 said…
-‘ heeeeyyyy buttercup!!!! <3 I’ve missed you super much as always! School has just been driving me nuts, it is so annoying!!!! Oh awesome, I want the Chinese symbol of ‘More than my own life’ on my wrist, but I have no idea what it looks like, it would be so cute, don’tcha think? I think you should get those tattoo’s it would looks so good girl! The English teacher is really weird; me and my friends are trying to figure out if she’s pregnant too. Because she has a bump on her belly but we don’t wanna ask in case it turns out that she isn’t, that would just be awkward, lolz!!! I know it would be bad but we all know each other so well and he’s so nice that it really doesn’t matter, I love him, he’s so cool, lolz! I know it’s so hard to think bout that, I find it hard to think that the teacher’s have a life outside of school, so went I bump into then I’m like “what are you doing here?” lolz!!! Gosh I hate social studies too, it’s so dull. My favourite subjects would be music, English and Spanish!! I just love them!!!! I really like writing different stuff so it’s a great match for me =) Oh I wish I was good at math, it’s not my best subject but definitely not the worst, =// oh well! You can’t be good at everything right? I have some disappointing news… Simon, let it go to his head! He started hanging out with a group of guys, they are four in that group. Then Simon came and pretty much kicked one of the guys out and I just feel so bad for him, his name is Martin. So I really don’t like Simon anymore, he’s become such and ass! Well you have to define the word - sorrow – as how you picture it, in my case it’s when somebody is devastated and stuff like that you know. Oh how was your tennis practice? = ) You don’t like Taylor? He’s hot, you have to give him that! So is Robert xp Like I said that guy is a creep stay as far away from him as you possibly can!!!! He’s just ewh!!!! Oh gosh today Simon hit on me, urg! He was like “hey Audrey, why don’t you and I explore this connection we have,” and then he put his hand on my back and started sliding it down and I was like, “ewh first I have a boyfriend and second the only connection we ever are going to have is my foot up your as if you touch me again,” so damn gross!
Oh she is so rude, that’s so said, I would completely break down, stay strong girl!!!! I’ll be here if something happens!! Promise you that Buttercup = )<3
My day, was good except Simon hitting on me, but I got more homework and a new test to study for and it’s 30 PAGES!!! I’m serious! I’m panicking right now, lolz!
How was your day Buttercup
Love you Buttercup!!!!
At 6:53am on August 27, 2009, Kristín Cullen said…
Oh, you are lucky! Your school starts sept 8th! When did you summer vacation started?
Yep, I'm in the university, but it would be cool to be in high school. It was much easyer there. Heh ^^
Wow, I have never been in the US, it would be so cool to visit your country!
At 8:14pm on August 26, 2009, Mrs. Cullen Pattinson said…
hOw r u giirl!?
At 9:15pm on August 25, 2009, Arianna said…
nm u
At 3:42pm on August 25, 2009, abigail said…
gooooooood (:
same thankyouu.
not yet no, go back in just over a week! :D
what about youuu? xxxx
At 1:44pm on August 25, 2009, Vanessa Mercedes Cullen said…
by the way I luv your playlist! all those bands are my favourite! 'i used to be love drunk' haha k bye!

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