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At 2:05am on January 5, 2014, Starting Over. said…

Thomas:-I laugh, lifting you easily into my arms.- You're cute when you're sassy.

At 1:50am on January 5, 2014, Starting Over. said…

Thomas:Darlin. I stopped aging at 24...I'm really only 26. So wanna take that back? -I pull you out of bed.-

At 1:43am on January 5, 2014, Starting Over. said…

Thomas:-I laugh.- Says're his step momma and you're closer to my age than his..-I laugh and roll out of bed.- Shower with me love?

At 1:33am on January 5, 2014, Starting Over. said…

Thomas:I'm pretty sure that's why you married me aha..-I grab my phone and look down.- Bent's birthday is tomorrow. Seventeen years old already...-I run a hand through my hair..-

At 1:27am on January 5, 2014, Starting Over. said…

Thomas:-I roll on top of you and kiss down your neck softly.- There are lots of things I couldn't live a day without baby, and you..-I kiss your neck softly.- Are one of them..

At 1:22am on January 5, 2014, Starting Over. said…

Thomas:-I woke up to your lips on mine. I kept my eyes closed but smiled against your lips. My hands slipping around your waist.- Good morning to you too Mrs. Shaw. -I opened my eyes and winked softly.-

At 9:35pm on January 4, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

"It's such a shame." He purred, looking up, eyes glittering as a smile crossed his face. "I get paired up with the really hot, talented guy, who knows nothing about me and you get paired up with the Irish immigrant who knows all your dirty little secrets, just by looking at you." He smirked softly, setting back in his seat. "IT's a pleasure to be at your service, Your majesty. " He winked up at Sebastian, crossing his legs ahead of him, before looking off, waiting for the teacher to give them instruction no their project. "Let's split the work in half, that way you don't have to put up with me, when clearly you don't want to." He got up and sat on his desk, his legs jest barely touching the ground as he crossed his hands over his chest. He listened in, and smirked softly. The assignment was to create a children's book about one thing important to you. Fionn looked over at Sebastian. "You write I draw, we both come up with the idea. Sound good sweetheart?" He clasped his hand on Sebastians shoulder and pulled his bag over his shoulder walking out of the classroom just as the bell rang.

He went rough the rest of his schedule easily, loving Math, and his art class. After a busy day of collaborating his thoughts and trying to avoid any unnecessary comments from others he finally made his way down to the music room, lacrosse bag hung over his shoulder and backpack left in his 67' Chevy impala. He left his bag by the door, where he had set it yesterday, and sat down between his bag, and a nearby window, looking out into the parking lot. He waited patiently for someone to walk through the door, other then the few people who had been earlier then him. A good looking fella sat down next to him, giving him a soft smile. His ash blonde hair covering his eyes, his lips quirked up in an adorable fashion. "Fionn Stravos?" he nodded at the boy, returning the sweet smile. "I've heard a lot about you, but I hardly doubt much is true." Fionn raised a brow, and smirked. "Do tell, darling." The two engaged in a heated conversation, Fionn telling the boy of the travels him, and his uncle went on, after Cameron's death, and how he lived alone, coming to the United States after backpacking through Russia. Many stories passed through his lips in a short amount of time. When he looked up, Sebastian had just arrived. He looked back at the blonde boy. "I saw you at Lacrosse yesterday, correct?" The boy nodded, and Fionn grinned. "Lovely."

At 11:05am on January 4, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn looked up, a blush spreading across his cheeks as he saw where the boy was. There were plenty of other places to be, other people to be close to. He bit at the corner of his mouth, looking anywhere but diagonal to his own seat. His eyes ran over the markings on the board, sighing softly to himself he began to write whatever he could make up down. His ears picked up every conversation, from down the hall, to right beside him. These men were bored, wanting more from life, and others in general. Fionns fingertips ran over the page he had dusted with markings that had become a picture. He flipped the notebook paper over, writing everything down, listening in on the conversation the classroom was supposed to be having. He looked up, the cap of his pencil running over his upper lip as he heard what their assignment was. He then frowned when he heard 'partners.' He grumbled softly, looking diagonal to his location, then looking away. "Mein Gott." he whispered under his breath. His lips parted as he pushed is legs out in front of himself.

At 8:19pm on January 3, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn hummed along softly to 'I see Fire' by Ed Sheeran. His lips pursed softly as he got himself ready for another day in his own personal hell. He combed through his hair, straightened his uniform out and headed out the door with his bags. He put them in the trunk of his car, hiding anything he didn't want the other students to see with the heavy lacrosse bag. He put his book bag in the passenger seat and headed off, singing along with the steady beat imprinted in the back on his mind.

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin's sons
If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out father, oh,
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side high
And if we should die tonight
We should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time
Calling out father, oh,
Prepare as we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side
Desolation comes upon the sky
Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me...

He went on, his voice floating through the car softly. As he pulled into the parking lot of Dalton Academy he rolled his eyes, pulling his ipod from his bag and placed his headphones in. He got out of what he liked to call his 'baby' with effortless grace. He slung his bag over his shoulder and headed inside. He grumbled softly at the boys crowding the hallway, absolutely ecstatic about people heading to their different locations when he walked by. He licked over his lips, placing his bag in his locker, and taking his things out before heading up the stairs to his English class.

At 5:12pm on January 2, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn licked over his lips. "You're going to, better be now than never..." He smirked softly, taking a drag of his cigarette. He knew it was a bad habit, but it was better then the habit had had always had with other men. Older men, especially. He threw the butt of the cigarette and snuffed it out with the heel of his foot, before he climbed in his 67'm Chevy Impala. He looked over, seeing Sebastian climbing into his car and made sure to cut him off right before he reached the exit. With a bittersweet laugh he rounded the corner, traveling to the nearest cafe. He waited in the fairly short line, getting a steaming cup he sat down at one of the first empty tables. He put his headphones in, and searched for the song that Sebastian had spoken of. He smirked to himself. The beat was fabulous, and the way he imagined moving to it was extravagant. He got up, listening to the song all the way through, occasionally sipping at his drink before he turned, walking out. He had a crooked grin plastered to his face as he got into his car, noticing the same one from earlier parked a few paces away from his.

Fionn took another sip of his coffee, hips swaying softly as he listened to one of his favorite songs. He plugged his ipod into the stereo and smirked, turning the volume up all the way to 'Carry on My Wayward Son' by Kansas. He pulled out just as he saw Sebastian turn to go outside. It was kind of like a chase, only Fionn wasn't in second place, Sebastian was. Fionn slowly dragged himself into the apartments parking lot. He grumbled, taking his bags in with him, sighing softly he buzzed in, and walked up the many flights of stairs all the way to the top. Since he lived alone out here he had no one waiting on him. IT was quite lovely the first few weeks he had lived here, but now it was boring, and emptier then he remembered it. Fionn made himself supper, and ate while trying to figure out his English, since the letters had messed him up that day in class.

At 9:16pm on January 1, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn bit at his bottom lip, lacing up his shoes and smiling softly. "Not a chance, darling." HE grabbed his lacrosse stick, and ran out of the locker room, smirking as he past Sebastian, easily running just before practice began. He got glares from the coach, and smiled crookedly up at him. "Sorry, I got caught up in the moment sir." He said, when the coach came over, whispering in his ear about almost being late, along with Mr. Smythe. He looked over and licked over his bottom lip. "It won't happen again, I can assure you that I'll be here earlier tomorrow." The coach stepped over to Sebastian,  Fionn casting a sideways glance in his direction as he bent down, starting the stretches the team were beginning to do. Each movement was pure bliss to watch, his tight t shirt showing off his beautiful figure, those shorts, cutting off just below the knee, showing strong muscular calves, the sweat that dripped from his brow as they began a scrimmage game. Fionn knocked heads with only few players, the others quickly accepting him for his stellar performance.

After practice Fionn stripped himself of his sweaty clothing and after showering himself up he pulled on different clothes, leaving his uniform folded, and placed in his bag. Tight jeans, faded from being worn to much, a tight black t shirt under a plaid flannel shirt, and then a leather jacket to top it all off. It was in fact nippy outside, so it wasn't all to unusual. Fionn cast an eye at Sebastian, noticing the marks he pulled something out of his bag. He walked over and put a hand on his shoulder, leaning in to whisper in his ear. "It'll help the scars fade." He walked away, pulling his bag over his shoulders and heading out to the parking lot. Reaching in his pocket he pulled out a cigarette. A nasty habit that most young men took up during time of stress. He let the smoke fall from his lips as he placed his bag in the back of his car. A 67' Chevy impala.

At 8:28pm on January 1, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn swallowed hard. "Stravos is only a common name in certain area's of Ireland. But, in the Dublin area is was hardly common. My uncle had a son named Cameron, he immigrated a couple years ago, and just before he offed with himself he mentioned a name. Sebastian, to be exact. My uncle sent me off, to get rid of me, certain that he would be better off alone, whilst mourning for his son. He sent me here, to live alone, and go to the school that Cameron did. Cameron was smart, except when it came to the men he dated." He looked over Sebastian and smirked. "He did relationships, I don't." He licked over his lips. "the reason you never heard from him after your little engagement was before he ran away, scared he wasn't good enough for someone always asking for more. He offed with himself, because he thought he wasn't your lucky strike." He raised a brow, and looked at his watch. "Sorry, Lacrosse practice is starting soon, and it seems like practice is over..." He looked around and winked. "See you there...Mr. Smythe."

Fionn sucked in a soft breath, jaw clenching as he threw his bag over his shoulder, storming out the door. That bloody fool was the one Cameron never shut up about while visiting in Dublin? He grunted, walking down to the field, placing his headphones in and humming softly to the oldies he loved so dearly. He threw his bag on a bench in the changing room, stripping himself of his clothes, and pulling on the uniform he had received that day, while getting his schedule. His muscles rippling as he pulled his blazer off, his voice traveling through the empty room. He pushed his trousers off, slipping on his shorts, before unbuttoning his dress shirt. "Stupid Uniform." He cursed under his breath, before starting to sing again. He knew that most people were either out on the field engaging in conversation, or being late. "Pour some sugar on me....." He smirked, pulling his shirt over his head, hiding his muscular form underneath it, along with a tattoo he had gotten after Cameron's departure. 

At 5:39pm on January 1, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn licked over his lips, putting all of his stuff away into his cramped locker after the school day had ended. He pulled his lacrosse bag over his shoulder and headed down to the music room, where the Warblers always practiced after school. He looked inside, and opened the door after he heard a low voice grumbling about how Sebastian wasn't over some guy named Cameron. He didn't want any attention on him, so he slipped into the room, setting his lacrosse bag down by the door, and sat in one of the chairs closest to an escape route if need be. He bit at his bottom lip, noticing eyes had already begun to stare at him. Fionn ran his hands through his shortly cropped hair, his emerald stare avoiding those, except Sebastians. He couldn't handle the many stares, and whispers already erupting. The Irish lad looked up, seeing one of the many voices had walked over to where Sebastian was standing. He nodded towards him, and Fionns heart sank. This had to have been a joke, and if it was, he was going to go off on the one person he had tried to avoid since their meeting. He listened into the conversation, disengaging all voices except the young man, and Sebastians. He chuckled softly. "Poor heartbroken Sebastian." He licked over his lips and stood. "All of those songs are stupid, popular for the person singing them, and not the words behind the song." He smiled and moved up into the group, noticing most were listening in, or having their own conversations. Fionn put his hand on Sebastians shoulder. "You need to forget about him."

At 2:26pm on January 1, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn licked over his lips as he listened to Sebastian. His eyes twinkled with delight at the cocky attitude the boy seemed to have. "I'd love to, darling." He purred, his accent dancing off of his tongue with magnificent grace. He smirked softly as he watched the other sit down, and looked back to see the teacher coming down the hallway. He sighed, pulling himself into a desk diagonal to Mr. Smythe. He sat, back straight, eyes forward, pencil in hand, flicking between his fingertips as he left leg bounced up and down, creating a slight vibration around the area. He bit at his lip as the teacher started to talk, Fionn desperately trying to focus, but unable. He had never been good at English 4. Being junior in high school, and moving from Ireland to the United States had taken it's toll on the young Irish lad. He licked over his bottom lip, looking over what was written on the board. He couldn't wait for class to be over.

As the bell rang he let out a sigh of relief. He packed up his things and stepped out of the room, ignoring everyone. Fionn had never been one to make friends, and he certainly knew it would be impossible for someone who sounded like he did to find someone worth his time. He stepped into the hallway, men clattering down the hallway, grabbing things from their lockers and stepping into conversations with eachother. He didn't budge, walking. Making his way to his locker was easy. No one else had a locker around him, so he didn't have to wait for a good-looking fella to get his stuff and glare at him. He just opened the dark colored door, and pushed his stuff into it before grabbing more, and making his way upstairs to the next class he had. Human Phys. He wanted to go into the field of Criminology, so years before now he had studied the human body. He knew practically everything there was to know in this class.  He sat down, away from the others cramped in the room. A sigh on his lips as he ran a large, tanned hand through his short, dark locks of hair.

At 1:44am on December 31, 2013, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…
At 1:43am on December 31, 2013, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn was a tall, handsome man with a bright emerald stare and a sharp, pointed jaw. His uniform fitted his broad shoulders and slim waist perfectly, his pants tight upon his rear end. He was eye candy at it's finest, and if he didn't he know it. He had a devilish smirk, and a haunting stare. He was sin at it's finest, and so any straight man could see. He licked over his lips, looking over at the door, combing his fingers through his hair he chuckled softly, seeing the famous Sebastian Smythe step through the door, and into his life. He licked over his lips, and nodded. "I know who you are, darling." His crisp Irish accent pierced through his words, a smile formed at his lips. "Everyone has heard of the famous Mr. Smythe. I'm Fionn Stravos, at your service your majesty." He rolled his eyes and looked away from the attractive young male. Fionn had always considered himself straight, but he could get any one, any gender, any time he wished, and he knew that. Fionn looked up, hearing his name striking up in a conversation. He turned, smirking at Sebastian, before he got up, sauntering over tot he group of boys speaking about him. "What was that you said?" He had poison in his tone as he pulled at the speakers blazer. Anger grew in his stare as he bent over, giving anyone a site to see because of those deliciously tight pants he wore. He chuckled as the frightened boys spoke, their tongues tied as Fionn realized they were saying he couldn't sing. He raised a brow, and turned. "I'll show you, love; just how bad can I be?" He pursed his lips, and nodded over to a good looking young man standing by the many guitars lined up on one side of where the band usually played. "Can you please hand me one of those at the end there, handsome?" He waited, and took a seat on a stool. the boy came over and handed it to him. "So..." He said, strumming softly. "I'm not much for this kind of music, i'd rather listen to some guy screaming, but I think I might do something softer, for the few int he room who haven't heard me sing..." He looked up at Sebastian quickly, and looked away. "...or for those who think I can't." He strummed softly to the tune of Angeles. His voice soft, slightly nervous at his voice he closed his eyes. Lost int he music, he became more comfortable with his voice, eyes gleaming when he opened them, looking up at the ceiling as he played. He left everyone in awe, except the one he wanted to leave that way.


At 6:54pm on December 26, 2013, ʀᴇᴄĸʟᴇss™ said…
Juliette smiled, nodding. "Acting and film making, that's quite impressive." She continue to smile as she went on. "And I, currently, am going to school to become a lawyer. But, what I really like to do is sing..I'm pretty average though, so I couldn't imagine making a living off of it." She shrugged and took another sip of her drink.
At 12:24am on December 26, 2013, ʀᴇᴄĸʟᴇss™ said…
Juliette bit her lip, thinking. "Well, we could dance but I don't think you'd care too much for that.." She shrugged, smiling. "Are you hungry? I suppose we could sit down and get something to eat." She took his hand in hers and led them to the dining room which was less crowded because the majority of the party was either dancing or conversing in one of the other rooms. The table was set up with plates where they would be served. She sat down and smiled slightly, a tad bit uncomfortable. She had felt a bit bad because he didn't seem as if he wanted to be there." Well, you enjoy drawing and you're from London." She smiled again as she took a drink from her glass. "Any other hobbies or interests?" She lowered her voice, speaking softer. "And, by the way, if you'd like we can go do something else instead of attending this outrageously boring party." She said, admitting it. A lot of the people were rude, not all of them, but most, which was why she disliked this type of setting despite her living in it.
At 2:22am on December 24, 2013, Starting Over. said…

Bent:Ugh can I just start over?

At 1:10am on December 24, 2013, ʀᴇᴄĸʟᴇss™ said…
Juliette smiled and waved him off. "Oh, it'll be fine. You look nice." She smiled as she motioned for the guards to open up the gates, not everything was about looks anyways. "Plus.." She said, grinning. "I'm not a stranger, I'm Juliette." She said with a wink and walked down the long side walk, not really giving him a choice, she opened the door to her house and took her jacket off to hang on a coat rack. Inside there was a spiral staircase, a large chandelier, and many people moving around busily everywhere. There was a ballroom to their left and as a waitor walked by she grabbed to glasses of champagne. The party was far too large for anyone to really notice them, so his attire didn't entirely matter.

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