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At 9:30pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
He blushed as she called him handsome.
"Well, it wouldn't be her letting you borrow clothes. It's be her giving you a bag full of brand new clothes and things you'd need. Don't think of it as a favor, think of it as a gift." He smiled and looked at his door and listened as a soft thump came from outside of it. "Well it looks like she's already on it." Wil laid on his back and stretched, his shirt hocking up around his ribs as he moved. "We can go if you want to. Or we can hang out here and watch movies and cuddle." He offered up to her. "The bag of clothes is outside of my door. So we can go or we can stay." He turned to his side so he could look at her. He couldn't get enough of how beautiful she was.
At 8:58pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
"I can take you home if you want to." He offered as he face planted into his bed next to her.
"If not I can have Alexis get clothes for you and her it delivered to the house." He turned his head to look at her. He loved how his sheets nestled her, how she was so delicate against the black down blanket. He smiled a bit.
"Have I told you how beautiful you are?" He said softly. He wanted to touch her face, but he refrained. He didn't want her to get scared off. He actually liked her. And he wasn't ready to have her vanish out of his life so soon.
"Like I said, either way, you'll have clothes for you by the end of the night." He propped himself up on his elbows and sighed.
At 8:36pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
He sat down on the floor of his closet.
"Nah. I just never have the time to add the colors I actually want in this room. But I do like blood red." He told her as he slowly packed up his clothes. He got up and finished packing and came out to see her on the bed. "Okay so question. Are you okay with hanging out for the rest of the night? Unless you haw a boyfriend to go home to, I'm cool with keeping your attention on me." He smiled and went into the bathroom. "I can cook you dinner at the beach house, and maybe we can go into the jacoozie or even into the ocean" Wil came out and stuffed his tooth brush and deodorant into his duffle bag. He wanted to sleep on his bed, but he'd make it if she wanted his attention as much as he wanted hers.
At 8:18pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
"Well this is home." He smiled.
"Welcome to my mansion. Well not my mansion. Synyster paid for it so we all could live here." He lead her up the giant spiral staircase and down a hall of colorful doors. His was a blood red door with his name in black letters on it. "Don't laugh okay? I haven't gotten a chance to clean up." He unlocked the door and tapped it open with his foot. Inside was big and roomy, a king sized bed with black satin sheets on it was centered and a desk was under the big window that was curtained with thick curtains. The room itself was black with splashes of red furniture here and there. Clothes scattered the black carpet and lead a trail to the bathroom. "So this is my den. You are welcomed here at any given time. I don't care if I'm dead asleep, you can wake me and I'll be there for you." Wil smiled and closed the door behind them. "I'm gonna pack my bag really quick before we leave. You can sit where ever. Don't mind my mess." Wil said as he kicked some close towards his hamper and vanished into his walk in closet.
At 6:49pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
He smiled as she got off with him. The bus had stopped In front of a giant rock wall with two iron hats nestled between them. "Well, I'll always talk to you. I mean how could I not? I don't want you be the one that got away." He smirked a little at the comment. "Anyways, this is home. Sorry you have to walk up with me, I would drive you but my cars sleeping." He shrugged, leading her over to the intercom box. He pressed the buzzer; "hey, let me in you fools." He tapped his foot. "This is actually a detour. Unless you want to hang out with my weird family." He shrugged as the gate swung open. "There's a lot of them. Most adopted into the Uchiha clan. So there's fifty nine of us in the mansion. I just wanna get some stuff before we head over to the beach house." He held out his hand for her to take. "Don't worry. I'm just a normal guy. Just because I have money doesn't mean I get to be a jerk." He smiled as they walked. "I could never treat you wrong."
At 6:21pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
He chuckled. "Well I'm a little harder to excite then just information." He smiled.
She thought he was handsome? Wil wasn't to confident about himself. Even though he knew he was attractiveish. "Well I hope you call me back. Cause I wouldn't want to miss anymore moments without you." He blushed a little. "I have to get off soon. Maybe you could come with me and I'll drive you home or something. Maybe get dinner or go to the club." He offered. "But only if you'd like to. I won't force you." He gave a half smile and looked down and away.
At 3:54pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
"Wow. A Victorias Secrets model? That's freaken awesome!" Wil smiled. "I mean, it's no wonder your so perfect in every way. I knew you were a model but for Victoria's Secrets? Aw man that's cool." He felt geeky for gushing about it. Wil pressed his lips together in a thin line and looked away. "I uh..." He laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head. "Sorry about that. I get excited over little things a lot..." He blushed.
"And don't worry. I wasn't delusional when I called you perfect and beautiful..." Wil bit his lip.
At 3:14pm on May 29, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
He sat down and shoved his bag under the seat.
"I'll get back to you on that coffee date." Wil chuckled. "And as for my jobs, I work at the local Diner. Syns Diner if you didn't know. I mean it's the only diner here so...I also manage the ice cream shop down town. My family owns that one. Then there's my night shift at Amethyst night club in the middle of the town." He sighed. "But it's only so I can get a home of my own. I don't want my brother paying for it or Synyster." Wil looked at her, smiling a little. "So I've been dead beat for a while now." He chuckled. "But, enough about me. What about you? Where do you work?"
At 8:43pm on May 28, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
He smiled and got on the bus as well.
"Excuse me is this seat taken? I won't be long. I promise." Wil said as he stood in the aisle next to the seat Candice had sat in. "You know, if we keep meeting like this I might have to offer up a coffee date." Wil teased as he stood in the aisle. "But first, I'll introduce myself. I'm William. Wil for short. There's only one L in Wil so tell your friends." Wil chuckled and shook his head. Boy was he delusional. "Don't mind me. I work all hours of the day." He looked up front at all the people boarding. Most waved to him as they toon their seats around Candice and himself. "So how bout that seat?"
At 7:01pm on May 28, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
He jolted awake and looked at the girl.
"Oh-uh sure!" He smiled and moved his bag off of the table. "It's okay I won't be long either." Wil stretched back against the booth and sighed, scooting down a little in his seat.
"I don't mean to be out of it or anything. I just for off of work." Wil smiled as nicely as he could without being a creep. He looked down at his phone and sighed. "I got to go. Maybe we can do this again?" He asked, playful but not pushy. "I got to get to my bus." Wil got up, gathered his bag and stretched again. This time, his plain grey shirt lifted to show his abs and hips. "Don't get mugged or anything. Your to pretty for that." He smiled and headed out.
At 6:43pm on May 28, 2014, ☢Ƥℓαʏ Ɖɛα∂☢ said…
Things had been rough around the edges lately. Wil was jammed with late night hours at the club and early hours at the Diner. It was finally time to go home when Wil shuffled out of Syns Diner and out onto the dull streets. He didn't have his car tonight, being he was saving money for his own house on his own, Wil had to make his way to the bus stop. "Look at me. My family owns this town and I'm still walking my sorry face to the bus stop." Wil sighed softly. He detoured to the nearest Starbucks and plopped into a booth to rest for a few. The weight of working so many hours fell heavily onto his strong, broad shoulders as he leaned over onto the table to rest his dull amber eyes.
At 2:17am on May 28, 2014, Story of Our Lives said…
Aaron smiled, placing kisses against her lips over and over. He hadn't been this happy with a girl in a long time, and he was ready to shout it to the world.

Cameron smiled and bit her lip. "well, how about yes I'll be your girlfriend." she giggled and kissed his lips. "then you can tell all your friends you're dating a hot model." she teased.
At 6:16pm on May 25, 2014, devιl'ѕ вeen тalĸιn'. said…
Candice:: She had been up for a while now and decided that it was time to get ready for the day. She didn't have much to do, she just needed to keep her mind off of someone. She sighed and took a shower, got dressed, then did her hair and makeup. She headed downstairs and into the kitchen where she made herself some coffee and a piece of toast. She ate and drank rather quickly then slipped on her heels and walked outside. She stopped on her front porch as she spotted a guy doing something. She waved back slightly then walked off of the porch, down her sidewalk, and to the public one.
At 6:07pm on May 25, 2014, devιl'ѕ вeen тalĸιn'. said…
Paul:: He had been bar hopping for the better part of the night. It was a fairly typical thing for him to do when he was bored... Which happened more often than not. If only he had more things to do other than sit in his old family home and watch tv. He looked around the local bar that he had just walked into, and took a seat beside a beautiful woman, youth this was the third bar he'd been too, he wasn't really drunk. Perks of being him, you could say. He ordered a glass of Scotch then turned to the girl. He smiled at her then shrugged at her question. "I was bored." He answered simply. "And you?" He asked.
At 11:29pm on May 24, 2014, Sunset Blvd ☁️ said…
All are single except Ashley, Hailey, kaydence, Skylynn, Beau, Brady, Brett, Eli, Jarrett, and Logan. We edited our page with the help of, weheartit, and
At 11:06pm on May 20, 2014, Story of Our Lives said…

Aaron smiled and walked with her until he finally reached his apartment. He led her inside and set his things down smiling. "Before we go for the ferry ride, I have to ask you something." He pulled out the secret box he got from the jewelers, revealing a ring "Bethany, will you be my girlfriend?"

At 10:01pm on May 19, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn walked into their first hour English class with Creepin' up the Backstairs by The Fratellis blaring from his headphones. He smirked as he felt eyes on him. He bit at his lip and ran his hand over the back of his neck as he sat down. He reached in his pants pocket and pulled out his ipod to shut off the splendid music. He pulled his headphones out as he saw Sebastian turn to him and he grinned. "Of course, why wouldn't I be, dollface?" He smirked softly and leaned over, whispering in his ear. "You and me should go for a little cruise before the party...I've got some wicked tunes, and a ton of room in the backseat." He bit his lip and winked as he watched Sebastian's innocent looking face contort into something truly beautiful. He raised his brows and leaned back in his chair. After the day had passed Fionn stepped into the music hall. He was earlier then all the other boys, which was very unusual. Usually he was one of the last to show up, but he had no time to kill, and he wanted to listen to his songs before he had to practice his solo for regionals. Fionn set his iPod in the iPod doc on one of the tables spread out throughout the room. He flipped to Lonely Boy by The Black Keys and smiled as he began to dance around the room singing along to his favorite song. His many steps went across the floor to the beat of the drums. "I'm a lonely boy.....I'm a lonely boy...." He smiled genuinely and before he knew it he was lost in thought. The doors were closed, and you could hear footsteps in the hall if there were any. He was completely alone.

(this was awful, i am so sorry)

At 9:57pm on May 19, 2014, ∆ᴠɪɴᴛᴀɢᴇ∆ said…

Casey-She was glad that she didn't have to work today,usually when she was scheduled to be off work her boss would call her in because they'd supposedly needed the extra help.Her boss was a creep,a married man who had a few affairs with the women in the office.She was glad she wasn't one of those victims.She dreaded going to work the next day,she figured she would call in sick so that she wouldn't have to go.She found herself standing in front of the movie theater,trying to pronounce the foreign titles of the movies listed.She heard a voice and looked next to her,seeing you .She laughed and looked at you 'Yeah,I'm not that good at pronouncing these" she laughed and smiled "nice to meet you Edmond,I'm Casey" she was quite drawn to your accent.

At 6:14pm on May 3, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

Fionn chuckled softly. "I'll be there. We can take this where ever it needs to go, sweetheart." he purred, leaning away just as Jeff came into the picture. Fionn smirked. Fionn licked over his lips. "Don't worry Jeff, you can ride with me over there." He gave Sebastian a sideways smirk. "Maybe i'll let you bring a plus one." he purred in Jeff's ear as they turned back to Fionn's '67 Chevy Impala. Once Jeff had gotten in the car he turned, smirking over at Sebastian, getting inside. "So, let's go for a cruise, shall we?" He rolled the windows down, after starting the car. His radio blared Cage the Elephant as they sped out of the parking lot. 

(this was really short, and really bad, i'm so sorry but i'm in a hurry and i needed to reply)

At 8:50am on April 24, 2014, ωєℓɔσℳє †σ ιи§αηι†ẏ said…

"Over Grown Leprechaun, is that the best you got sweetheart?" He chuckled softly. "I'm Scottish, not Irish. I'd rather you call me Nessie, if you're going to make fun of where I came from...But I could say a lot about you Smythe...." He scratched at the love bite that has bruised his neck as he looked over along the other boys. "What is it you wanted me over here for anyway?"  He asked, running his fingertips through his hair once more. He knew that he was only a play thing to the other boy; it made him feel numb, knowing he could do as he pleased without the other getting jealous. "How would you feel about whiplash." He whispered in the others ear, his hand running over his upper back where he knew scars were forming. Fionn was no longer in the conversation, and the little blonde haired boy who talked to him non-stop stood, waiting by his car. Fionn quickly changed in a Black Sabbath T-shirt, and a pair of faded blue jeans on. After he laced up his combat boots he strut out of the locker room with his sports bag and unlocked his car "I drive, I get to pick the music....Got it?" The boy nodded, and Fionn smirked. "I'm not going to bite yer head off, you know..." The boy laughed, getting into the passenger seat. "You going with Sebastian this weekend?" He asked, once they were settled in the car, and speeding out of the lot.The boy blushed. "Probably not. He doesn't like me." Fionn raised his brow. "why not?" He shrugged looking out the window. "Because I talk to you."

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