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At 1:53am on July 20, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
I dont know...But i'll try and see what I come up with
At 5:33pm on July 17, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
Thats sooo true!!
I mean my cousin loves writing stories and its exactly like you said, its about her or something she would do or stuff that relate to her
So I totally get what you mean :)

And I do write stories sometimes when Im on the mood hehe
and many of my teachers love when I write essays that they even posted my story on the school district center :)
At 1:24am on July 17, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
Oh your in school! I never new that!
I mean you dont write like your in school...more like university or college! haha
And you do that! :D
At 1:02am on July 16, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
Yeah, I know what your talking about, So i'm going to say Take your time...just not too much! hahahah joking :P
And I was just joking about the whole leave the other stories, I am a fan of many other stories and I guess I know how your fans for the other stories would feel haha
So take your time :)

Awwww thats sad!! I would've been a frequent buyer for your books, and honestly if I werw you I would give it a try on one book, and see how it goes :)
At 9:30pm on July 13, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
wooow! Your quite a writer ,arent you?
I hope thats what your planning to do as your future career, because if I had your talent, I would sooo head for that! Haha

Oh and stop your other stories and complete this one first!! Haha
I wait more than 3 weeks for your stories, and in these weeks im dieing from frustration and curiousity hahaha
Please write soon
At 8:19am on July 8, 2010, Kairi said…
lol i understand
At 7:23pm on July 7, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
Well I like it when that happens hahaha
Oh and please write more
Please i'm begging!
At 11:12am on July 7, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
oooooooooh!!! Now I get it!!
Wooow your great at creativity and imagination, I would never have thought of that! haha
At 5:03am on July 7, 2010, Kairi said…
oh by the way,
LUV ur page!!
At 7:25pm on July 6, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
But I dont get it, why does he rememebe her but she doesnt why does he have all these pictures and ya its just confusing...
At 5:26am on July 5, 2010, Kairi said…
Just started reading ur Host fanfic
mind keeping me update??Pleeease!!!
At 8:38am on July 4, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
when are you gonna write the next chapter?
At 5:25pm on July 2, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
I just finished the first sequel and I just finished the last chapter you wrote for the second sequeland.....OMG!! write right now I cant wait!! please dont kill them dont let anything happen!!

dont leave us hanging!!
At 12:25pm on July 2, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
hahaha thankx
I'll go read it :)
and i'm quite confused about that clone thing i dont really get it : /
and your such a good writer you should make that a career! im serious
At 10:45am on July 2, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
So im reading your fanfic Parasites and I cant find chapter 29!!
it goes like Chapter 28 then 30 : /
At 9:30pm on June 30, 2010, A.G.=Edward Lover#1<3 said…
hey girl whats up !!!i love your pic.
At 7:33am on June 30, 2010, Nadine al-Taher said…
Omg!! Thank you soo much!!
At 11:55am on June 29, 2010, mrs. blackwater said…
sure i'll read it and yhu welcome
At 11:11am on June 29, 2010, sasha norris said…
i'm glad to have u as a friend and i would love to read it :)
At 5:15pm on June 24, 2010, Sophia Mendrinos said…
hey i made you the banner that you asked for the first part of your ff!!!


w8ing for you to update!!!

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