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At 8:59pm on September 26, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think that Bella would put her shield down for Edward when she felt it was necessary or wanted to share some thoughts with him. Bella says that she likes that all her thoughts are kept private and that Edward can’t read her mind. I think with Bella putting her shield down some of the time it would make their relationship better. Edward would be able to understand Bella a little bit better but I also think that he knows that Bella likes to keep some thoughts to herself. She has shared most of her thoughts with Edward since he can’t read her mind but with time like with Isle Esme (the morning after) if she was able to put that shield down Edward would know that Bella wasn’t lying about her feelings of bliss.

What do you think is more romantic when Bella and Edward first fell in love or in new moon when they found each other again and had that reunited love?
At 8:15pm on September 25, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think that if Bella meet her La Tau Cantante she would be strong enough to resist killing them. She was able to avoid the hunters in the woods and was unlike any other new born vampire. I think that her singer might have been maybe someone from her old town of Phoenix, maybe. I imagine her singer more as a female then male but I think that’s because she is so protective and motherly. Since I’m sure that she would be strong enough to resist the blood I think that Bella might get to know her singer and become friends. I don’t think it would cause any rifts or arguments between Edward and Bella. I think that if Bella did become friend with her singer that Edward might think that it was unsafe for her to become so close to them. I’m not real sure about this but that’s how I kinda imagine it.

As a vampire Bella's shield hides her thoughts but she can also put that shield down to allow Edward to hear her thoughts. How often do you think she would do that around Edward? How would it affect their relationship? For better or worse?
At 8:06pm on September 23, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I’m not real sure. I think that Edward and Bella do spend a long and happy life together. I also think that the Volturi comes back to check in on Bella’s powers progressing and Renesmee as well. I think that Edward and Bella might have gone to visit Renee and let her meet Renesmee. I don’t think that they would ever tell her that Bella was a vampire because she would freak out and probably go ballistic! I think that there is more to they story and I’m not quite sure what else would be in store for them but I sure it was full of adventure.

If Bella met her La Tau Cantante (specific person whose blood sings~ to vampires), what do you think that person would be like? The gender? What do you think would happen? Would she kill them, get to know them, or run away? Would it cause a rift or arguments between Edward and Bella or what?
At 4:59pm on September 20, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I was so upset at Charlie’s reaction and felt he should have been upset like Edward was. Jacob kissed Bella without her consent and his reaction to all of this is to laugh and congratulate Jacob and give him a pat on the back. From the way Charlie is from the beginning of Twilight to the end I really think that he wished that Bella would have fallen for Jacob instead of Edward. He does come around in the end and does stand Edward but I think that he felt that Bella was better off with Jacob then she would have been with Edward.

After Breaking Dawn ends, where do you see Edward and Bella? How do you see their journey together continuing?
At 10:12pm on September 13, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
No that's fine!! I totally understand! I'm starting a new job tomorrow so I know I'll be getting pretty busy too!

Jessica only spoke to Bella because she saw that Mike was talking to her and so she wanted to get in there and have Mike notice her and not Bella. It was almost like she was even trying to be a bit like Bella or learn a few traits of Bella's so Mike would like her better. I mean she seemed nice to Bella up until the ride home from Port Angles, from that point she totally ignored Bella and didn't really want anything to do with her. Then graduation comes and she is all sticky sweet and crying like she and Bella were the best of friends. COME ON!!! She is just one of the people who you know is all nice to your face and then will go and start spreading rumors about you behind your back.

Ok so how do you feel about Charlie, do you like him or not?
At 10:24pm on September 9, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think that I would have chosen the wedding. It was such a light hearted and happy affair that I think it would have been great to attend. This was the happily ever after for both Edward and Bella. The way that Alice and Esme planned it just makes it seem like it was heaven. I would have loved to have seen Edward’s eyes as Bella walked down the isle. Just to see how much he loved her for myself, even though I know from reading the books. That’s my favorite part of weddings, just to see the groom’s face light up as the bride comes down the isle. Oh it must have been a great event and to see all the vampires, werewolves and humans together would have been great as well.

In the entire Twilight saga do you think that Jessica was a real friend to Bella or just one of those fake, be nice to your face, talk behind your back friends?
At 10:42pm on September 7, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
IDK I think the nail biting experience for me was everything that dealt with the Volturi. I was always wondering if they had come to Forks or were going to destroy the Cullens. Also Bella's pregnancy with wondering if she would live through it. Then Victoria in Eclipse, wounding if she was the one who came into Bella's room and took her stuff and if she was ever going to kill Bella. IDK really because the saga has so many great nail biting experiences.

There were a lot of parties in the saga with Bella's birthday, graduation, and wedding. If you could have attended one of these parties which would you choose and why?
At 7:32pm on September 6, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I think for me, when I read that first page and a half of Twilight where Stephenie describes Bella, I felt like I was reading about myself. I don't know exactly what sucked me in but I think that it was because Stephenie described Bella with being a klutz and everything and that is how I am. I am constantly running into walls, tripping over my own two feet, and just about everything else. Then I think reading about the mythical vampires and how Stephenie imagined them was another thing. I was happy to read about them and see that it was nothing like the 1930's horror films paint them out to be. Also how they don't eat humans and are just as civilized as any other human could be. I think the more I read Twilight the more I was sucked in and at the end I started picturing myself as Bella, so by the time I read New Moon, it affected me so much, emotionally. I mean I couldn't pick the book up for about one or two months I was so upset. SO I'm not real sure but I felt that Bella was described just like me to a tee.

So what was the most nail biting suspense filled moment from the saga that you just couldn’t wait to find out was gonna happen next, that moment that you were sitting at the edge of your chair for?
At 12:31pm on September 5, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think that they all knew that this is what she wanted. Alice had foreseen her change and knew that it would happen eventually. I just think that they were all ready to have her join the family and become one of them. Also when Bella proposed the vote and explained that the Volturi would be coming and she either had to die or join, I don’t think that any of them wanted her to die for this case. Rosalie I think said no because she felt that Bella was being very naive about what she would be giving up. Rose knew all of this because she was on the brink of having everything when it was all taken from her. Other than that they had been ready for her to join and it seemed that Edward had been against it all along because he felt he would be destroying her soul if he did.

So why do you love the saga so much what draws you towards this series?
At 10:20am on September 4, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
For me, I think that Bella knew that there was something else in her feelings towards Jacob. She had thought it was brother/ sister kinda love between friends, but I think she was trying to avoid what she actually felt. She would never be able to love Jake the way she loved Edward. Also having Edward leave and spending more time with Jake she was able to figure out which person she could not live without in her life and with Edward he was just like the other half to her. Also when she describes the vision of everything she would be giving up to be with Edward, the children, her growing old, and Jacob standing as her protector whenever she needed him. It was like she was describing another life she would be content with but never truly, over joyfully happy with.

When the Cullens did the vote on weather to turn Bella into a vampire why do you think that most of the Cullens had no problem with changing her?
At 10:24pm on September 2, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think it was because the force that was binding them together had been broken once she had Renesmee. It was like he still loved her but wasn’t metaphorically being held to her anymore and was now being pulled to Renesmee. I think that he figured that Bella giving birth would kill her and he didn’t see how she could become a vampire when she was just on the threshold of death’s doorstep. Edward had a bit more hope than Jake and would stop at nothing to make sure that she would still live.

In Eclipse when Bella is talking with Jacob and he tells her that with the fight going on it wouldn't be hard for him to take himself out of the picture, and then Bella asks him to kiss her and stay with her. Were you upset that Bella actually kissed Jacob back?
At 8:35pm on September 1, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I think that their love was so strong and that neither one could live without the other. They both felt as if some part of them died from being away from each other. Bella wasn't sure if he would stay but did have some hope that he would. Then Edward never really forgave himself for leaving because they were both irreversibly altered by their time apart from each other. They knew that they could not live without the other. For me I think that she was able to forgive him so fast because she knew he was safe and she felt whole again. I think that there was just some unsaid apology and reunion between both Bella and Edward where they have forgiven everything and know that everything is right again now that they have each other.

In Breaking Dawn when Bella is dying while giving birth why do you think Jacob gave up so quickly and thought she was dead while Edward kept trying to save her no matter what?
At 7:13pm on August 31, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I think it was the fact that she was the new girl and something new to look at. Also she was very nice to them or at least the ones she talked to. She also seems very closed off and not interested in having a boyfriend and I think it was that the game kinda plays in, where these guys all want to prove that they can be the first to date her and to be Bella's first love because you never forget that first love. I'm not really sure if this is all true but to me that seems like what might have affected them.

At the end of New moon when Bella rescues Edward why do you think it was so easy for her to forgive him for leaving her?
At 1:52pm on August 31, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
If I had a daughter like Renesmee, I think I would want for her to have the same powers. It is just great because she is able to communicate to you so effectively and let you know what she has seen and is seeing. She is also able to let you know what she wants. I mean if I was a vampire I think it would be nice to have a balance between my powers and my husbands, but the two powers I would really want for her to have would be Bella’s shield so that she can protect herself and then have Renesmee’s powers.

In Twilight Edward tells Bella that a lot of the guys like her because he could read their minds and tell how the guys felt about her.
So why do you think the guys were so attracted to her?
At 12:10am on August 31, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I like Bella because I can identify with her so well. I just love how down to earth she is and how much she loves her family. I like how she would do anything to protect them even if it meant dying for them.
Kristen I just love that she does her own thing. She doesn't let the press and rumors affect her way of life and thinking. She does what she wants and if you don't like then tough. She also doesn't buy into the whole fame stuff either; she is just very down to earth.

If you had a daughter like Rensemee, what power would you want her to have? Why?
At 12:54pm on August 30, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well Rob's role wasn't huge but I think it was still critical to the Harry Potter story. I also think that people started to notice Rob then and I sure if he hadn't landed the role in Twilight he would have found his stardom in some other movie. So I'm glad that he got the role in Twilight and his part in Harry Potter was not as big as Harry, Ron or Hermonie but still critical to the story. I just don't think that I could imagine anyone else playing Edward.

So what do you like about Bella and Kristen Stewart?
At 1:08am on August 29, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
My favorite thing about Edward is just about the way he acts. He is so protective of Bella, but still is always putting her happiness before himself. He also loves his family so much and it shows through out all the books! I'm not sure if I could put exactly everything about him into words but he is just so loving and caring to those he loves and would never want to do anything that might hurt them intentionally. Basically he would go to the ends of the earth and walk through fire to protect the ones he loves and to make sure they are always safe.
My favorite thing about Rob is just how he hasn't let the new star fame go to his head. Even though he has had to hire extra bodyguards for his protection from all the star struck Twilight girls he still talks to them and signs pics. He just seems like a great guy that you would be friends with in real life, but just happens to star in some movies. Basically he's very laid back and doesn't let the Hollywood life affect him. He does things his way and is dedicated to everything he does, music included.

So do you think it was good that Rob didn’t have a bigger part in Harry Potter and he got to go on and be the star of the twilight series instead?
At 8:58pm on August 28, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
If I had to pick one book from the series to read again and again....hmmm...that's hard because all the books are great for different reason and the book I may choose now could be different from the book I pick tomorrow. If I chose Twilight it would be because this is where the saga all began and Edward and Bella fall in love. Eclipse is great and I love hearing Jasper's and Rosalie's stories on how they were turned and joined the family. Then having Bella finally accept Edward's proposal along with the new born vampire fight and the alliance with the wolves is great. Breaking Dawn is great because it is Edward and Bella's happily ever after. Bella and Edward get married, Bella becomes pregnant and they are able to have their own family and Bella is finally turned into a vampire. There is also the drama of Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and then the action of the Volturi coming for the Cullens. New Moon is also a good book but it would be at the very top of my list when picking a book. The book is very depressing with Edward leaving, but I like reading about how the bond between Bella and Jacob grows. Then the discovery of all the werewolves was nice to read about and the lengths Bella would go to just to hear Edward's voice. Then there is the action with the Volturi in Italy and racing to save Edward's life.
All the books are great but I can't really choose just one. I do know that I would probably read Twilight, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn more than I would New Moon.

What is your favorite thing about Edward then what is your favorite thing about Robert Pattinson? It can be anything.
At 2:49pm on August 28, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
Well I think she left because she did care for her family and knew that quick action was required if they were to save Renesmee. Still I think that there was more to Alice's vision that she didn't tell her family for fear that if she and Jasper didn't get back in time or were unable to find Nahuel that Demetri wouldn't know where they were and it would be harder to track them down. I also think that was why she left the note too. She wanted Bella to find it so that she would have a back up plan in case things didn't turn out as planned and that Renesmee would be able to escape from the Volturi. Alice's actions do speak for how much she cares for her family and what she would do to help and save them.

If you only had to pick one book out of the whole series that you could have and read over and over which one would it be and why?
At 10:02am on August 27, 2009, Bella Swan-Blake said…
I think it was because for marriage she only remembered the bad part of it. I mean her mother and father got married very young and then had Bella and their marriage didn't last. Her mother was always preaching about marriage to Bella with the dos and don'ts. Her family life wasn't a very strong and stable part she was basically the parent to Renee and the book never mentions that she dated a lot. I mean when you begin Twilight Renee and Bella had been together since she was five years old and had just recently married Phil. So since a young age all Bella sees about marriage is that it is the stamp of doom. Since meeting the Cullens and knowing what they were they have such a strong bond as a family of vampires. Bella sees only the plus side and not the hard part of being a newborn and even through all the descriptions Edward gives her she still sees that in the end she will be with him forever. She doesn’t think a marriage to Edward is necessary because they love each other so much and with the mention of marriage she feels that it will only end in disaster, but with being turned she knows that all the Cullens will stand by her making sure she succeeds in the transformation.

I was just thinking, in Breaking Dawn when Alice has her vision and disappears with Jasper and doesn't return. Why do you think she and Jasper left without an explanation, but went to Edward and Bella's house and left some kind of note?

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