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At 7:26pm on September 7, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
-my smile widens-
Yeah, you do!
-Grabs my board again-
When you get better you can do this!
-stands on my surfboard then flips into a handstand landing perfectly on the board. The board moves a little but doesnt tip-
At 8:07pm on September 5, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
You've got it!
At 11:46pm on September 2, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
-laughs then sticks out my tongue as i hold onto the board so you don't fall-
Im going to let go...
Just try to keep your balance!
You're wierd
At 12:00am on September 1, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
-tries not to laugh and manages to keep a straight face-
Dont worry just try again!
And i know i scare you.
Who wouldn't be afraid of a werewolf?!
-howls playfully and obnoxiously-
At 12:33am on August 31, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
Now i gotta teach you how to stand on it!
-i push my surfboard back to the shore, i swim over to you and hold the board steady-
Ok now carefully try to stand up.
-sees that you look worried-
Dont worry allison! I've got you!
-looks at you smiling and my chocolate brown eyes wander around as i look for any possible hazards-
At 5:03pm on August 28, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
-follows you and gets in the water, lays on my stomach on the board i begin playing with the water-
Ok so you lay on it like this so you can paddle around.
-starts moving forward then moves so im facing you.-
Now you try!
-i grin-
At 6:58am on August 25, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
-laughs and runs at the same speed as you then pulls ahead ever so slightly at the end. Once we hit the water i splash you playfully and smile-
Ok so im going to teach you how to paddle and stand on your board. Ok?
At 8:48pm on August 24, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
Ill take the older one.
You can have the new one!
-i laugh handing you the green surfboard and start walking towards the water-
At 4:25pm on August 18, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…

-smiles and walks with you to the beach-

ok which surfboard do you want to use?

-holds out 2 surfboards-

At 3:53pm on August 17, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…


i promise i won't

-grabs my new surfboard and my older one-

At 2:22pm on August 16, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…

-i laugh-

so do you wanna come with me?


At 7:47pm on August 15, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
-i smile-
I could always teach you!?
At 7:29pm on August 10, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…

that's good!

-i laugh-

have you ever been surfing?

At 3:27pm on August 10, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…
Im great how about you?!
At 3:23pm on August 8, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…


not a bad song at all!

check this one out!

At 3:13pm on August 8, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…

-i laugh-

just talking!

At 3:07pm on August 8, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…

-i grin-


At 2:52pm on August 8, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…

-i smile-


-hugs you-

cuz that would suck if i hadto stay away from you

At 1:22pm on August 8, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…

-i raise my eyebrows confused-

whoa...someone is really feeling the wolf hormones today!

-i turn to you laughing-

you're not going to make me listen to him are you?

At 1:55am on August 8, 2011, «Beware The Boyz™» said…



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