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At 9:53am on January 2, 2013, Cherry La Guardia said…

Hey there honey! Missing you a lot. It's been a long time since I heard something from you. Love you dear sister. I will always be:))

At 8:49am on October 15, 2012, tammy burdick said…

hahah i picking on brother it is fun so you guys been really busy not been on at all i see well hope everything is good over there


At 8:30am on October 9, 2012, tammy burdick said…

hey ther been really busy last week with my rumage bake sale but all done now hahah i cant believe how busy i was between the set up and te sale and the baking and boys and school i was really over loaded and the cleaning i had zero time for chating on here hahaha

all done now i like to be busy but not that busy

At 7:04am on October 3, 2012, Aaïsha said…

Hey Linda!! how are you doing?

haha well I hope it doesn't change too :) Can't wait to meet all of you!! haha 

get pregnant hahahhahhah no way!! I know you're kidding :)

love ya too byeeee

At 8:55pm on October 2, 2012, Cherry La Guardia said…
wow! that's great Lou can join and enjoy with you and fine now sis but we're busy @ twitter and facebook because today the government applied the cyber crime law inspite of protests.. now we need to be careful with our post or else were be on jail ..were against of it because we cant even enjoy our freedom of expression..
At 7:31pm on October 2, 2012, tammy burdick said…

yeah i know but i hate being late and now it effects steven now and his school work now and i hate that i fix the machine so i hope it does not again dont want to get him a detetion for my mistake

At 4:10am on September 29, 2012, Aaïsha said…

Hi Linda, yes we are all fine :) How are you doing? 

yes Charley was telling me about the party, how was it? well I'm sure it was great hahaha

yeah I'm glad I'm over that cold :D hahha yes we should. see ya later :)

At 3:03pm on September 28, 2012, tammy burdick said…

hahahah he wanted to be a someone with one of you being the other so yes you made him happy hahahah it would of been either one of the guys he was going for the father, emmet or jasper and yes we are all doning good her chat with you later with the movie


At 2:29pm on September 28, 2012, Rushaa said…


yeah im great..


well im single!.yeah i dont have a\so we are same!!


ohh so you guys are having a party!!nice..\hope  you enjoy!

wish i was there   :((


have lots of fun!!!!!!!!:)))))))))



At 8:06pm on September 25, 2012, Mikki Morgan Hatfield said…

Oh wow! I'm an only child, and HATE it. Email anytime u wanna chat!

At 10:48pm on September 22, 2012, ¢нαяℓєу Hammonds said…

hi sis i will call you or you call me if you get a trouphy all the guys are cheering for ya so maby that will help haha love you all later

At 9:34am on September 21, 2012, Aaïsha said…

That's ok we'll chat some other time :) well I hope you and heather bring a trophy back! 

see ya later :D

At 5:29am on September 21, 2012, Rushaa said…

yep i know about that..

yeah im always at any

At 1:50pm on September 20, 2012, tammy burdick said…

hahahaha  you hahah yeah doing good and yeah there both in different schools this year but the schools is in the same parking lot though steven started middle school this year 6th grade and scott well he is in 2nd grade scott does not like that he is not in the same school or bus run as his brother this year steven gets  on the bus at 645 am and start school at 720  get out at 211 and home by 230  scott bus 820 and starts school 845 and school done at 315 and home by 345

At 11:03am on September 20, 2012, Mischa said…


That's cool. I have two sisters who are twins. how are you?

At 10:43am on September 20, 2012, Cherry La Guardia said…
it's ok sis ") atleast now i know that he's ok sooo worried about him and i dont understand myself:) Thank you sis
At 9:55pm on September 19, 2012, Cherry La Guardia said…
Oh My GOD! how is he?! please update me of everything ..sis hope his ok so worried sis:(
At 7:02am on September 19, 2012, Rushaa said…


hi YEah

im awesome


well yeah they go through hard times...

how are you doing??

At 9:12am on September 18, 2012, Aaïsha said…

Glad you like the music, Charley likes it too :)

At 9:09am on September 18, 2012, Aaïsha said…

Hey Linda!!  well I hope so too, and about the kids hahaha that's kind of early :D But don't worry haha

yes I just have to find some time.  maybe this weekend? will you be busy?

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