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At 12:25pm on December 31, 2010, Jenna said…
omg i did not know dyslexics r gifted!now wonder my teachers sooooooo smart!
At 7:19pm on September 11, 2010, Doc B MD said…

Dear Twinard,
I agree with you. Just because Edward didn't want to make love with Bella, until after their wedding doesn't mean that there was anything wrong with him. When I was 17, which was over a million years ago, but I can still remember the first time I fell in love. And I remember that she was such a beautiful (personality wise, and physically too for that matter) that both of us wanted to reserve making love until after we got married. To us it seemed that the experience was something very special.Almost sacred in a way.

I have a feeling that people that don't respect themselves and who don't respect the people they go with, tend to resent and project their self loathing on those that don't feel the way they do.

And I agree with you. As an artist (the writer) Bram Stoker certainly had a right to envision vampires anyway he wanted. But Stephanie has just as much a right, to envision them in her own way as well.

At 7:19pm on September 11, 2010, Doc B MD said…
src="*QxUBw7LOvP6INJhTphsWXP0mnNJ00bO2i8p*0GVNTcwNE6hVUNyqijSgkTPQgBDa/2xfkffk.jpg" alt=""/>

Personally I think that if our society sees Carlisle Cullen as a "SISSY" we are doomed. It takes a MUCH, MUCH bigger man to be willing to die for his family than it does for a psychopathic monster to kill defenseless people.

Your friend, Doc B

Bear time story, about dyslexia:

Dyslexics are often are very gifted people. Over 4,000 years ago when writing was first invented "The more gifted people were most all dyslexic so they read from right to left. That is why all ancient writings (ie Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek A FORM, not B form. are written to be read from the right to the left.

Later since (for some reason) since most people, can read easier from the left to the right, writing was reversed. But dyslexics are just genetic decedents from the gifted scribes who invented writing in the first place. ! ? dyslexia your about better feel you don't, Now
At 10:54pm on April 7, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Rose discussion 4-7-10 So Why Jacob ?

So why Jacob is being discussed at :

At 5:38am on April 3, 2010, Doc B MD said…

The Rose Discussion 4-2-10
Is Being discussed at : "To Bree or not to Bree!"

At 1:12am on March 20, 2010, Doc B MD said…
Thank you for sharing with us Doc. Don't you think most girls would be understanding if they married a supra-human being like Edward?

At 12:59am on March 20, 2010, Doc B MD said…
At 11:52am on July 13, 2009, Karen said…
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At 5:58am on July 2, 2009, Eleanor said…
Hey,,just felt like commenting, Hows life in the UK
Wow, u must be so freaking excited for the movie, seeing as New Moon's ur fav.
Eclipse is definetly mine, so I'm looking forward to June nxt year more hehe
Whadya think of the trailer?

At 10:29am on June 28, 2009, Edward freaking Cullen! said…
well i was away for a while, i had exames andd know! but now i'm back and it's cool to be here!!! i missed you guys! oh by the way...send my greetings to your little bella ;P
kiss, see you!
At 2:43pm on June 25, 2009, Edward freaking Cullen! said…
hey you! it's been a while!! how're you doing!??? what's up???
At 9:47am on June 1, 2009, _iCe_08_ said…
love it! :)
At 9:47am on June 1, 2009, _iCe_08_ said…

i almost cried!!!

i love the scene where jake transforms into a wolf.,.,

pretty awesome effects!!

At 8:03am on May 23, 2009, Eleanor said…
Oh right lol thats fyn
At 5:36am on May 23, 2009, Eleanor said…
What part of UK do u live in, cos i just found out alex meraz who plays paul is signing at the london comic-con in july
heres the article:
At 8:25pm on May 22, 2009, Eleanor said…
Really? I'd love to live in England I'm from there lol I wanna live there when i grow up
Its in October
At 8:18pm on May 22, 2009, Eleanor said…
Wow that's cool
I just booked tickets to a Twilight Convention here in Australia so I'm really excited lol. I have to go to another state though, but who cares hehe =]
At 7:13pm on May 22, 2009, bri said…
this is tureee.
thank god
At 2:39am on May 21, 2009, Eleanor said…
Lol so do I, thats why i really luv this website
im alrite thx. what u been up to?
At 7:56am on May 20, 2009, Eleanor said…
Hey, thanx for accepting :)
How are youee?

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