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At 3:38pm on August 31, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey dear!

it´s defintely true: the release date is on 26th september!
that´s soooooo great!
i´m so excited!

big hug
At 3:44pm on August 25, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
the movie was great! a real tarantino-one! =)

yeah it is reeeaallly getting closer... i started to pack the first moving boxes, too!
and i cried about each book i placed in the stack-boxes.
there IS not enough room for all of them!

soooo... you are really brunette?
i think i will like it!
i changed it to brown myself some years ago, but i am a natural blonde and so it bleached out very soon....

ok, time to sleep, honey!
have a good night!
see you soon in real life! =)

i already saw the paramore-free-tickets. =)
maybe i am the lucky one!
At 12:30pm on August 24, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey!

there´s not much time, so i´ll give you a short answer:

you can keep the rental agreement till september.
i don´t think there´s much need for any formalities between us two. =)

and yes, we do need an electric iron + board.
i am going to look for the internet and telephone stuff this week, maybe tomorrow.
we will need it right away, won´t we? =)

so, i´m off for cinema tonight (the new brad pitt movie...)
enjoy your free-time honey!
you deserve it!

see you soon!
big hug
At 7:16am on August 19, 2009, Bellalala88 said…

great to hear you finally found your way back home! *lol*
how´s your week till now?
i got so much work to do...

love you
At 6:51am on July 29, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,

you´re absolutely right, rob IS nuts!
but good to know that even peter can see how goony he is *lol*

i´m at home right now.
had some bigger trouble with my stomach today and went to see a doctor.

hope you have a better time on your last week!?
i started reading the first harry potter book... unbelievable how different the writing is in contrast to the last ones.
seems like the books grew with the reader! =)

see you soon!
big hug
At 12:24am on July 28, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
morning honey!
uuugh it´s definitely tooooo early.... =(
yesterday i started the first harry potter!
it´s funny to see how easy the first one is written! *lol*
they changed pretty much over the time!

how are you?
do you enjoy your last week full of work?

have a nice day honey!
love you
At 2:45am on July 17, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
morning sweets,

that are really really bad news!
i can´t get it, why are they doing that? =(

but i have some good news for us:
i just purchased at ebay the gilmore girls superbox, the special edition! =)
it looks like two big luke´s diner menu cards!

so, i will try to call you on sunday!
don´t worry if you have other plans for the short term.
than we will chat another time...

have a nice day and enjoy the sun!
i will eat some ice-cream today with you in my mind! =)
love you!
At 4:28pm on July 14, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,

check your mails!
i sent you the promised message just like i wrote it few days ago.
nothing changed yet, i will talk with my grandfather on sunday about all the details!
could i call you on sunday evening about 9 pm to tell you everything?

i´m so looking forward to our roommate-time, this is going to be legen... -wait for it- ...dary! *lol* (do you still remember how i met your mother?)
this is going to be such a twi-temple, stephenie will show up by her self to have a look! xD

ok, time to sleep...
hopefully you can write me soon!
big hug
At 6:07am on July 4, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
oh, that really sounds like a bad joke!
and you are sure about it?
don´t get me wrong, i would love to have you here in munich!
but there is surely a way to get your money back and you could change your plans!
just do what your heart tells you to do!

another topic: today i stumbeld across the website from the frankfurter book fair. its between oktober 14th to 18th.
would you like to go there with me for a one-day-trip?

today i am going to the tollwood summerfestival.
there are lots of sales boothes and food and drinks from practically every country in the world.
and there are always lots of concerts and shows, but you have to buy a ticket for that.
there is also a tollwood winterfestival which is quite like the summerfestival, besides every drink is hot! *lol*
hot beer, hot wine, hot caipis.... but you will see the winterfestival yoursel! =)

so, i hope you´re going to have a great weekend!
you´re internet is still not fixed?

see you soon, honey!
love you!
At 5:16pm on July 2, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
yeah i really missed you too!
it was hard to contain myself and don´t write you a message during the last week!

i would love a sequel to the host, i am so curious about the further life of ian and wanda!
but i think it won´t happen and thats probably better!

the weather in munich was very rainy when we got on the plane and now it´s warm but not sunny - that causes a lot of headaches!
you will suffer from the bavarian "föhn" soon enough! =D

did anything happened last week?
did i miss anything new about you and your plans with munich?

see you tomorrow!
lots of hugs
At 10:25am on July 1, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey!

I´AM BACK!!!!! =D

how are you and how was your week?
mallorca was great, i had lots of fun!
we hang out at the beach, explored the island and swam in the sea!
unfortunately i got sick at the end because of the air con´s... so i had to extend my holidays till friday to get well.

and i also finished the host - of course i love it!
honestly the end is not my favour, i don´t like the way mel changes after the transfer to another host. but it was the only solution, wasn´t it?

hugs and kisses to you my dear!
see you! =)
At 2:37pm on June 23, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,

thanks again for the great weekend!
and thank you so much for the list... today i went to hugendubel and bought three new books... xD
actually i looked for nick and norah, but i wasn´t able to find it... so i bought two nick hornby´s and "veronika beschließt zu sterben"

it seems like books are my personal kind of heroin *lol*

so tomorrow 6 am my flight starts to mallorca.
have a nice week, i´m back on july 1st!

love you
big big hug!

(and please greet your parents... =D)
At 1:58pm on June 10, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,

yeah the movie awards was soooo much fun!
i really love her... she´s so cool and so different!

i don´t have so much time to write, i´m sorry!
but we really should talk about your (or better edwards...) party next week.
maybe i can call you some time this week?

just send me a textmessage, ok?
again: sorry for the short message! =(

big big hug
love you
At 6:44am on June 5, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
thank you so so much!
till now the plan worked out, i hope it stays like that! =)

you have a present for me?
that´s really not neccessary, i already got the poster from you!
(and i love it by the way - big thanks)

i´m a little bit in a rush, so much to do today! =)
have a nice day honey!
At 2:22pm on June 4, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey!
i had a great day, too!
can´t wait till june 20th!

i hope you got around with all your work!?
i had a busy day, too!
but tomorrow is the first day of my extended weekend - and i will enjoy it!
at first i am going to have a big big breakfast, cake in the afternoon and celebrating at night till morning!
i hope its getting as good as it sounds...=)

any plans for the weekend?
see you soon!
love you
At 2:45am on May 22, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
wow, thats awesome!
we are really going to meet each other!
i´m so happy and it´s already next week!
hopefully the weather is good... =)
the weekend will be great!!!

yes, i know what you mean about grey´s.
but i wasn´t that into it cause i had to get dressed for going out.
so, you are an huge danny fan?
i love the episode where meredith is nearly dead and talking to danny and the other ones.

i bought the "how i met your mother"-season and it´s soooo great.
i love it!
and - as always - it´s so much better with the original voices.

nice that you had a fun yesterday, even though you had to work.
i spend the whole great sunny day in bed!
i was exhausted from the night before, to much alcohol and dancing.
and today i have free day...

so, have a good day honey!
i am thinking of you!
love you!
At 3:28am on May 20, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
good morning honey!

good to hear from you at least! =)
every morning it´s my first move - looking after a new message from christine!
today i got it! *yipiieehhh*

which poster is acutally the right one for new moon?
there is still a black background on
and there are thousand of fan-made posters out there...

i´m at a birthday-party tonight, but i´m going to arrive there later so i can see grey´s with you!
a very confusing outlook on tv... we´ll see! =)

ahhh and last but not least:
you can stay at my place in munich if you want!
so you could be two days in munich!
think about it!

ok honey, don´t work to hard please!
i need you still for a long time!
enjoy the sun!
love you
At 4:56am on May 15, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
morning honey!
finally you got it!
there are so much strange things in the movie.
look after the hospital-scene in the end, the hoses in bellas face are after every cut in different places!

when i got the dvd i watched to the specials first! *lol*
i was so curious!

i´m soooo tired today!
i had "school" yesterday and after that we were dancing till morning. =)
it was so much fun, but the consequence is worse! ^^

yeeeahhh a strawberry-icecream-date!
i´m so badly looking forward to your visit!
june is coming, only a few weeks left!

so, work is calling!
greets and kisses to you honey!
At 1:12am on May 14, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
good morning sweets,

how are you?
i was at the cinema last night and missed grey´s!
please tell me the sequence was crap for my better conscience!
...probably not! =(
maybe i can watch it anywhere in the web!

w-o-w a weekend without sleep, not bad! =)
i hope you had lots of fun, you really deserve it honey!
you´re working so hard all day!

keyword working... maybe i should do this.
i have to hurry up , study starts earlier today but the work isn´t less.

have a good day!
see you soon, love you!
At 3:25am on May 11, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey...
sorry for not answering sooner, but i was the whole last week in a rush.
i had school and it was like a time travel to five years ago!
lerning all day, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm - at the end of the week i was exhausted!
there is no more space for any little information! =D

i hope you had a better time!?
do you feel better?
i hope so! for being sure i send you a little encouragement-kiss
wait... ok - at this time you got it! can you feel it? *lol*

anything new about your visit?

love you and hopefully see you soon!

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