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At 11:36am on May 1, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,
had a nice free day?
i´m going to visit some friends till sunday and won´t be able to write you.
we see us on sunday, maybe you know by that time the exactly date of your visit... =)
enjoy the weekend!!!
greets and kisses
At 3:06am on April 30, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
good morning sweety,
how is the weather at your place?
we have forks-weather since yesterday - nonstop rain!
i hope it´s getting better till the weekend so we can have another icecream-date! =)
did you watch greys´ yesterday?
i think it wasn´t that much exciting... i wonder how this whole lexy-george-thing will end...

of course you´re right, going to mallorca sounds good. *g*
i´m flying with a good friend, she´s going to study in fall and we want to make use of her free-time in the summer...
that´s also the reason why we are going to malle - as an scholar she don´t has much money and malle is cheap =)

maybe your brain really doesn´t work right... definetely mine, too! *lol*
and maybe thats why we get on with each other that well! =)
so don´t worry, be patient and edward will find us some day!

i remembered that you asked about the dvd a few days ago..!
honestly - i watched it only one time yet.
the film isn´t my favourite and i don´t have much time at present.
but i really have to watch all the extras, maybe tomorrow!

ok, enough written... hopefully you can use the boss-free-day for another internet-visit! =)
love you honey
At 3:48am on April 29, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey there,
no excuses for slow response please - i´m the queen of slow response! *g*
i´m so badly looking forward to your visit!
cant wait till june... it will be such are great month!
my birthday, your visit, my visit cause edwards´ birthday, holidays at mallorca... or i have to say in mallorca, on mallorca??? =)
sorry, but i don´t have much time, there´s so much work to do today.
hopefully we see us later that day!
At 4:02am on April 27, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,
how was your weekend?
your forks-moment sounds nice but i´m really sorry for you that no volvo (and especially no edward) showed up!
so, you took your daddy´s car? the police car? did you put the flashing blue lights on? =D probably not...
but it sounds really really like a forks-momen... rain, forest, daddy´s police car... only the essential person is missing! =(

i wanted to ask you if you know by now at which time you are going to visit munich?!

love you
At 2:06am on April 23, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
grey´s was great yesterday!
ha - and alex still loves izzy!!!
how he glanced at her in the end! =)
did you see private practice, too?

the business situation all in all is bad.
i think studying is reserved for the rich people meanwhile...
but - if you really want to be a journalist, you should do it!
there is always a way and maybe the job situation is better in a few years!

keep me up-to-date with this topic!
i have to work now!
see you later honey, love you!
At 2:47am on April 22, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
maybe someday the two of us are going to see forks... never say never! =D

hmmm yes, thats not a little amount!
can´t your parents help you? probably not...
what about bafög?
you will find a solution!!!

work is calling, see you later.
love you
At 2:11am on April 21, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,
how are you doing today?
i just arrived at work....
today my further education - fachwirt für versicherungen und finanzen - starts.
that means: learning learning learning for about two years!
but, another issue: what about visiting forks? *lol*
i would love to do this together! =D
hugs and kisses
At 12:00pm on April 19, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
thank you honey.
hopefully i feel better tomorrow, otherwise i am not able to work...
maybe eclipse helps me getting over... or better twilight?
what do you think?
the best would be breaking dawn, but i lend it to s.o.....
new moon is definitely the wrong choice! =)
give me an hint, honey!
At 10:50am on April 19, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey sweetheart,
how is it going?
today avi has been picked up by the new owner.
i´m crying nonstop... the day sucks!
at least i can look forward to the party, that´s a little distract from all this crap....

but i don´t want to drag you down!
did you have a nice weekend?

love you honey
At 9:59am on April 16, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
it arrived today and it looks awesome, you tried so hard!
of course i will come, nothing can keep from coming!
i screamed through the whole house as i saw it!

it was my second scream today, the dvd also arrived today.
i´m going to watch it in the evening, i´m so curios about the extras.
but - no fear, the blood typing scene isn´t in it!
do you have the dvd yourself by now?

yes, our date yesterday was great.
i loved the sequel and i´m so glad that rose isn´t pregnant! =)

ok, see you later honey!
thanks again, i cannot stop smiling =D
At 7:39am on April 15, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hi sweets,
of course i am.
can´t wait till tonight, i´m so curios how it continues!
so, the weather is great today (like all day) and i´m going to spend the afternoon in the "biergarten" with a girlfriend.
she is in ireland as an aupaire for a year and is only for a few days in munich.
i´m really looking forward to see her soon.

see you later honey!
and don´t forget our date later, but i´m sure you won´t! =)
love you
At 5:00am on April 14, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hey honey,
thank you soooo much for your easter-greets, i love this sparkling easter egg!
i hope you enjoyed the last few days!?
i spend them with the family without any computers (that´s why i wasn´t writting the last few days).
i missed your mails very much, so please don´t let me wait that long! *lol*
hugs and kisses
At 7:15am on April 9, 2009, Bellalala88 said…

At 3:02pm on March 31, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hi my lovely, sweet soulmate!
i cant believe it!!!
one minue ago i received a message that my notebook is finally conveyed!
i´m so happy i´m going to cry when i´ll hold it in my hands at least!
hopefully it arrives tomorrow....
have a nice evening!
love you honey...
At 6:25pm on March 30, 2009, LiNN said…
Hello sweetie! I hope you´re doing well! Just thought I jump in and say HI :) What have you been up to? Im busy reading :) My head is spinning around and around... Too many! But I love it :)

Will I see you over there?

At 4:33pm on March 30, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hi honey,
weekend was.... ok. not less, not more, just ok.
spend my friday with friends and a few dvd´s, saturday i was shopping too but i found nothing special and sunday was my spring-cleaning-day... so - a very boring weekend.
maybe im so depressive cause MY NOTEBOOK STILL DIDN`T ARRIVE!!!
i hate amazon so much, they want to agonise me it seems!
i´m not able to smile till it finally arrives... i am so angry!

but i´m really glad to have you and now i answer your nice e-mail!
sleep well honey!
see you soon and hopefully in real-life, too!
At 4:07pm on March 27, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
that would be so great!
starnberg is quite near to munich, so that will be no problem.
i´ll be on vacation at this time cause of my birthday.
so you would make me a big present with your visit! =)

and don´t forget your twilight-party on edwards birthday a few weeks later!
so much things we can look forward to...

enjoy your weekend, sweetheart!
hugs to you...
At 5:03am on March 27, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
morning christine!
urghhh... the day sucks!
no notebook and even no person to talk with about twilight... my meanwhile also obsessed associate is sick and so i have no other possiblity to listen to the audiobook once more for getting my drugs.
how do you feel about a little visit to munich today? =)
i would love you for (and please take the notebook with you... ha ha)
a little soulmate-meeting!

so, i better stop before i get barking mad!
have a nice day honey!
At 3:06pm on March 26, 2009, Bellalala88 said…
hi honey,
how are you?
i could cry my eyes out, no notebook for me today!
hopefully tomorrow, but i better don´t expect to much...
do you like it so far?
At 4:26pm on March 25, 2009, LiNN said…
Hello Sweetie! How have you been? Im sorry for my slow response! I am currently on Carolyns and yneones website. Since all of my favorite fan fictions were banned on this page .. I have no other reason to stay... Other than YOU and some other people!

I hope you will join me there! :) Or atleast check it out.

You can check my profile on there --->

About the notebook... I have to admit I have no idea :s I didnt even think about that one... what is it about? Well I kind of know but explain please :)

I hope I will see you on the other page!

have a wonderful evening!

*Lots of Hugs*

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