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At 11:10pm on November 28, 2011, camille:] said…

omg its been awhile. O.o how are you?? i just check today and read your message.. wassup??

At 10:12am on November 16, 2010, camille:] said…
hey gimme yer number. you still here in the Phil? or are u in San Diego? im leaving on the 28th so maybe we can still text each other while Im still here :)
At 9:57am on November 16, 2010, camille:] said…
hey sup? long time no talk! im still here in the philippines and im leaving on the 28th. whats new? miss u
At 10:13am on May 23, 2010, camille:] said…
ohh hi.. im fine.. how about you? what have you been doin? havent talked to you for ages!
At 1:35am on April 24, 2010, camille:] said…
ohh okaee i get itt

that sounds interesting..
At 8:43pm on April 22, 2010, camille:] said…
big brothers always do that to small sisters LOL

thats why you should not be bothered LOL

SO whats that record thingy you were sayin??
At 8:22am on April 19, 2010, camille:] said…
really thats nice havin a big brother LOL

whats up with u lately
At 11:26am on April 15, 2010, camille:] said…
but why??

is he like your bodyguard or something,, LOL

wait is he younger or older than you
At 7:40am on April 8, 2010, camille:] said…
wow that was nice

you should visit forks by yourself then LOL
At 10:13am on April 7, 2010, camille:] said…
i know anyway. i think that anywhere you go people are all workin for a livin. money is a must!

so what places have you been?
so you at WA?
why not visit Forks its yer chance
At 7:09am on April 6, 2010, camille:] said…
oh okae.. so whats up with NewYork?

havent been there pretty far.. its like the other side of Cali. in the east.. LOL

GREAT did you have fun. in NY and WA?
At 5:03am on April 4, 2010, camille:] said…

umm lenten season yeah i think thats the reason why lots of people here are out of town havin fun.. im not used to this lenten season thingy COZ ITS LIKE spring break in there. LOL and except for today is easter sunday here. i missed the egg hunting and stuff we used to do that when im still a kid. LOL
have you tried egg hunting on easter? lol

how bout you how was yer spring break?
i just stayed here at home idont want to go swiming anymore coz im gettin darker an darker.
you know how the heat of the sun makes you dark LOL
At 5:47am on March 31, 2010, camille:] said…
whoa! thats a lot of moneyy
gurl you could like buy a brand new car to that!
whats yer parents business if you dont mind
At 11:43am on March 30, 2010, camille:] said…
okae i get it now.. hmmm..

how nice of you..
can i know how much is that half that you put in it the steal it away LOL

and what did you do with that money
At 2:47am on March 30, 2010, camille:] said…
OH OKAE.. :)
YER LIKE you have an obsessive compulsive disorder in workin LOL

wait whats a charity box??

hmm just curious LOL
At 9:23am on March 27, 2010, camille:] said…
umm so yer like the WORK-A-HOLIC type huh?!

dont stress yer self gurl have some fun and stuff!
i love having lots of fun when im off to work.

wahhhh yer gonna stay there a lil longer huh..
At 6:13am on March 25, 2010, cathy said…
hi nj!
thanks for the add!!! =)
At 5:32am on March 25, 2010, camille:] said…

umm yeah a very nice vacation sounds cool. you should like go and visit Florida or hawaii maybe they have great beaches and stuff..

yeah you should work so youll have money for the 3months vacation.
so when are you planning to go back here?

yeah im goin back on june in LA:)
SEE yah. hope i can meet you there
At 9:06am on March 23, 2010, camille:] said…
wait what do you mean by heat stroke?

have you had it? i though only old people can experience it LOL
At 8:57am on March 23, 2010, camille:] said…
so why do you feel awkward about the weather in there??

umm yea weather is great here.. but i think right now the weather just sucks coz its too hot..

oh well goodluck at work..
so do you have any plans for spring break??

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