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At 6:46pm on April 8, 2011, Carla M Marshall said…
Why is the site all the sudden white? I was thinking that something was wrong with my computer when I saw that I was not the only one. I am also having problems sending out msgs and can't answer the emails that i get on here. I have to go to the pg of the person that has email me and do a msg like this. pls help. also unable to download apps
At 2:20pm on April 6, 2011, edwardluvr1 said…
whats this club like?
At 1:29pm on April 6, 2011, brianna jasmine chapman said…
i know it will make you mad but sorry. i found this on another website and the perosn is also my friend but i dont care because i ran across it myself on his or her page by acciddent and thought it was rude.97% girls would freak if Edward Cullen threatened to jump off a building. If you're the 3% pulling up a lawn chair and shouting, "Do a flip, you sparkly retard!", post this on your profile. <-helll yes, i would go further and say DIE, SPARKLES, DIE!
At 1:38pm on April 5, 2011, Nikhita Jacob said…
i am sorry for the spam, captain
At 6:44pm on April 2, 2011, dianne baker said…

do you have any nick names would you concider a twilight delight?

At 4:25pm on April 2, 2011, jel pattinson said…

is breaking dawn ganna be rated r plz dont

At 6:40am on April 2, 2011, Sami said…
What can i do?no pic is not according 2 my like,so i choose my own pic. Ok what so ever, npw i am here for a bang,rrrrrrrebeldia!!!!!!now u all will get sth diff. from me 
At 10:22pm on March 26, 2011, kimberly ann elliott said…
probley 50 times
At 5:21pm on March 26, 2011, dianne baker said…
a love that comes around once in your life should make you feel that the world around fades to black and the his breath that expells from his lips is the only breath she wishes to take and when there lips meet it takes her to place she has never been. Each kiss becomes deeper than she has ever been as if she falling in to a deep dark hole which has no end in site. Edward make her feel this way I hope that everyone finds this love.
At 1:58pm on March 24, 2011, dianne baker said…

One of the great things about authors is that living in a world that we create gives others an escape from there  own world. So my message to any writer is to not stop writing for we all need a little escape from hum drum life.

At 11:44am on March 17, 2011, priyanka vedula said…
heyy im new here nd im all 4 team edwarddd!!!! edwardd iss myy heartt beatt!! madly obssessd with him!!
At 8:35am on March 11, 2011, Nikhita Jacob said…

....Edward's Isabella.


At 12:03pm on March 1, 2011, Yelyah Cullen said…

Heyy! ı'm new there.but ı'm very big Twilight Fun!!!!

How Did We Get Here?

I use to know you so well

How Did We Get Here?

Well,I think I know

At 4:58pm on February 18, 2011, Alice Swan said…
I'm soooooooo happy that Stephenie Meyer's writing a book called Midnight Sun-Twilight from Edward's point of view- and I too can't wait to see Bella as a New Born!!!!!!!!!!
At 1:07am on February 18, 2011, kRiZ Christopher Devassy said…
Cnt wait to see the new born vampire of edward n bella in BREAKING DAWN !!!
At 9:11pm on February 15, 2011, Bella12 said…
I am ROBSESSED and i have OCD( obsessive cullen disorder) and I really want to be in your group Magorly badd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 5:19am on February 15, 2011, Deepa Nair said…

Take my hand and follow me
to that place I long to be.
Take my hand and trust my way,
in that place forever stay.
Follow me toward the sand;
we'll run and play, hand in hand.
Take my heart and hold it true;
forever I'll stay close to you.
Seize my words and listen well,
then forever I will tell.
Release your heart and feelings too,
just as I will do for you.
Trust your heart and follow me,
to that place we long to be."


At 4:53pm on February 13, 2011, RADA PANIC said…

tnks people!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i just started to vory.......... SMTHG WRONG WHIT ME

every day i watch all 3 parts

but, now i know

im ok


just, i have eclipse on my phone, just in case ;)

At 1:14pm on February 10, 2011, Lacey Cullen <3 said…



At 10:11am on February 4, 2011, ♥ Maddy Cullen ♥ said…
Hi! Great Page! I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn! :) And Water for Elephants looks amazing!

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