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At 10:06am on June 26, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

awww :) so caring for ur parents :) yea totally :) well this year is going by SUPER FAST so ee koni days kuda fast ga ayipothai le....and keep calling aunty and uncle :) that will keep them from missing both of you ! :)


yea since he is 2 years older he always gets away! and plus honestly it sounds like what ever he says is like more mature :( ughhh! oh well its fun :) But im so over protective of him i know it should be other way around but its not....i dont like him riding bicycles cuz i feel he mite try tricks and get hurt! and whenver we play cricket he takes it sooo seriously like one day he was one day the other team was so close to winning and my bor was fielding and he was looking at the ball and running after it and hit a pole! and then like on the top right side he like got cut so deep was just terrible..! so now whenver we play and like he gets a small cut or sumthing i am the first one to make a great deal out of it! to me he is sooo special .. but i think its just that we moved so much my bro was my like the only frnd that was always there ofcourse i have other frnds but moving thoti he was the only stable one :) u knw wat i mean? 


Yea looking forward to transformets tooo (sorry the comment are out of order! i just realized while typing cuz i read everything and then wrote so all the comments are all over the place :( )


there are some good movies coming out :)

awww so harrry potter review nenu motham  neku cheppestha anumata since ill see it b4 u will:) hahaha :)


thanks :) and yea take care and email soon :) 

At 9:57am on June 26, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

hmmm ye sunjects lo ni fail aithe kaledhu so thats good...chala baga vachai ante math lo 100 ki 100 vachai...i got the top score :) spanish lo one of the top score vachai, history lo 98 out of 100 vochindhi ... very close for 100/100 and english and biology lo got one of the top scores kani felt i could have done better kani na thoti problem TIME :( I take so much time on tricky questions sumtimes so i think that takes away a lot :( but overall pass ayanu! abba asalu tension motham poyindhi! 


yesterday (saturday) we went to Hershey Park, in Pennsilvania.... there are roller coasters, and water roller coasters and stuff .... we went with 3 other families ... and i walked so much... my legs are dead! I was the only girl :( but still i went with my brother and all the other boys were my brothers frnds so we got along...hahahaha :) we woke up at 5:30 to leave and dad decided to carry all the kids and our mom and we came home at 1 am! and he drove back 3 hrs home while everyone was sleeping! :( papam nana he loves to sleep and he surrendered he will be getting some rest alright! pretty sure ill be able to email u :) nooo its vacation but my cousin is like a 24/7 facebookk adict! one of the resasons y i didnt want a facebook! :) so yea TRUST ME ill have time :)

well whenever you do DONT FORGET to come HERE! :) 


sangeetham hmm learned for  5-6yrs :( thsi would be like the 7th. yea totally right sport thoti manchi diversion :) 

upload chesaka email la pampistha :)  Nuvvu kuda time dhorkinapudu pics upload cheyi and send :) 


WOW! hahaha so i guess overall everyone is hoappiii no? brother completede ur dreams and i bet your happy for that and parents must   be happy too ! :) So basically everyone in your family from this genereation will keep a legend of going to IIT? huh?  :) 




At 9:36am on June 22, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

like if one day he is watching a cricket match seriously i go up to him...sit there try to watch wat he has been watching for the past 6hrs ... and ill ask him ":why do you like cricket so much!?" and he will be so annoyed! its fun tho and i STRONGLY feel as a younger sister that's my job! dont u think so? i think when we were younger we fought physically more lolz...but now that we are somewhat older we just yell at each other with words! and my mom instead of trying to break up the fight she goes into like an emotioinal mood and goes "i remember when me and my brothers/sisters did that!" hahaha :) i luv my mom :) and my dad he rarley gets even when he gets mad its FAKE! like u can tell! but when he is watching news (telugu news ) he will be like go fight in teh other room! or stop fighting! but yea we dont fight as much tho :(


7 days trip and yea its famous an miami is there :) but my cousins live in Tampa, but they have a very famous beach next to them but i dont know the name so we may go there idk......we went to Orlando last time to see Disney WOrld ! AMAZING! if ur gonna come to America and you luv roller coasters and stuff go there AND also come to our house! :) 


yea thats the plan :) but now im not sure :( but sure when i go to india deffinatley ill meet u :) and oye, when you come to AMERICA plesaseeeeee come to New Jersey! you have to meet us ! kk?


im not too happy i stopped classes either but i had too :( mom doesnt worky she is a house wife, which i think is the toughest job, so thanu driving nerchkoledhu, i mean she was learning at once, but got scared! yea and Dad is the only one that drives and in OCTOBER my brother will too! and i used ride my bicycle there to her house cuase its like 5 min away but i had tennis and it just got complicated :( 

yea yea :) i know ill deffinatley find time to record atleast ONE SONG for you:) & im still sorry didnt to respond so late!

At 9:25am on June 22, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

Guess who's back!? Meee !  1st day after exams are over! feels great! And i got the results tooo! :) I passed with some of the top scores so iim happy im dun! Sadly from today on i dont have to wake up at 6am to get ready for skl :( It doesnt even feel like its summer holdiays for us .... :) strange ..and i OWE YOU A HUGE APOLOGY for not leaving a comment earlier! :( im really sorry! 


I chose spanish and so did my brother .... wow ur not the only indian who wants to take french! Most indians take FRENCH here :) hahaha :) im one of the only rare people that take spanish!


yea i get it....umm yea i think thats bout it .... but here this kind of schooling is common...., but its scary thinking that since im gonna go to 10th grade, and if for some reason i had to go to India i would be doing inter 1st year! lolz :) scary feeling!


wow you read 7 pgs more than me! i stopped on the thrid page! *smiles* oh my god the ticckets here for Harry Potter premiere show in Imax 3-d RAN OUT! but the good thing is .. our neighbor (another telugu person) ordered six tickets for my bro and his frnds....and me to go :) i always tag along with my brother...its a great advantage! lolz :) jk but yea i do joke :)


no probs but the problem is i took the pics on my phone :( and i dont know how to upload them dad does but we have so many pics on our computers that if you put like 100 more its not even letting yoU! :( I LUV taking pictures! like i will have a camera in the house somehwere vacant so if i ever see something cute like my mom and dad laughing ill go take a camera and snap pictures :) hahaha :) 


I dont think a day can go by without me and my bro fighting! even if we are having fun somebody has to start a fight to end the day! lol.....okay im not going to brother always wins,  but only cuz he is 2 yrs older than me! but they are stupid arguments :) 

At 10:26pm on June 9, 2011, ♥♥Anjali♥♥ said…

haha.....yea, wud hv got one!...bad luck..

.....hw is ur work going on, anyway?

At 11:31am on June 6, 2011, Arjita said…

Hey, yeah, its been too long!

I'm good, am at home right now, for the summer. The heat is terrible. D:


How are you?

At 4:30pm on June 3, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

papam u have work and i get summer holidays! :) hahahha just kidding :) hmm ye summer lo memu florida ki velthunamu! 2nd time but this time to stay and chill at our cousins house! You wont beleive this or actually u may...but they are the only MAIN family members that live in America! Everyone else in India! :( There are distant relatives but they dont count! We r planning on to go to India next year ...finally! hahahahaha :) but hopefully this time its not just visiting eveyr single one of our relatives because once u start they never end! u knw wat i mean?!  hahahaha! i luv my family memember but it can get a little hectic because we only go there for like 2-3 weeksish and in that time we spend time going to each of their houses! I htink this time it will be visiting the main family members like 1st cousins and may b dads school and college frnds that live in india and going to temples and seeing the Taj Mahal...last time i saw the Taj Mahal was hmmm a VERY long time ago...wen i lived in india i saw it! and that was wen i was in durring or before 1st grade/class! 


yup i luv da flashbak character tooo! yea u knw how on telugu channels they repeat the same songs and trailers...well wen ever nenu naa rakshasi songs come on me and my mom start stinging right away! hahahaha 


ill try! kani nenu antha great singer ni yem kadhu! :( i try my level best ! recent ga sangeetham classes apanu :( school thoti and tennis thoti madhyala vundhi kastam! i feel really bad yendhukante learning sangeetham was really special and nenu dhani appasanu! :( kani eveyrday i try to listen to devotional songs and am trying to learn my self without teacher so it doesnt waste money or anythign :) 


oh yea happy belated wishes to u tooo madhu! ur right better late the never!


dont worry im ENJOYING the sweatiness alright! hahahaha :)


reply soon and take care :) exams are starting jun 13th -17th!



At 4:20pm on June 3, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

Well we get to choose whether we want to take spanish, french, italian, or german...i took spanish becasue most of the words they use...most... are similar to english and once u learn it its not fluent in it but im okay....i can write it and like make sentences and speak a bit but not tooo much 


math kana bio ki scared ga vunnanu! i heard its easy kani still bayapadthunanu!!! but ur right math mana indians ki chala simple! hahahaha :) 


okay nee kosam nenu extra hard ga chaduvthunanu! 


see its differnt here india lo 11th and 12th grade count as college (inter 1st year and 2nd year) but here 11th and 12th are still regular school. for example my bro is in 11th grade here (and should be in 12th grade or inter 2nd year if he was in india) but here 11th and 12th is like 9th and 10th...reg. school .... so no college for me untill after i graduate 12th grade :( do u get it? i mean koncham confusing ga vuntundhi but thats what it is here .. :)


same im the movies fan not much of the harry potter reader fan :( i never got past the first book and that to the 3rd page!!!!!! 


hahaha so nuvvu nathoti emailing cheyadam thoti time pass chestunaru anumatta! hahahaha


wow naa colose freind birhtday 26th of february.....and inka evvaro birthday kuda 27th of february...hmmm peru gurthosthaledhu :( 


nenu pictures naa phone thoti thiskunanu so wen i finda a way to upload them on the internet i will DEFFINTLEY post them!  


hmmm i luv them bothh dearly! kaniii yea i have to say dad.... we have a lot of  stuff in common like being a fan of PRINCE MAHESH! hahahahaha :) bro is more of amma kuchi! hahaha :) u r probably mom right? btw how did u guess i was close to my dad?


acutally i just came back from playing tennis! oka 5 minutes cour lo unnanu and omg nenu yentha sweat chesssanu ante! ughhh i hate the weather!



At 6:19pm on June 2, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

Ran out of charaacters here too!


SO YEA i dont have a prob because i cannot stay away form my family one sec! im really attatched to them too :( idk how i will surrvive int eh future but for now im not going to worry bout that :) going to think positive :) 


ikada yentha humid go vundhi ante! unpredictable! asalu too hot to play outside too!


i mean i was not expecting that kind of acting from him...and the flashback character was my favorite! trivikram and prvan kalyan goo dmatch! :) 


yea mr.percect was a nice movie :) and hahahaa thats funny because the lyrics are quite odd but oh well song is catchy! my mom felt the same but now i got her addicted to the song tooo :P


its actually my fault for not saying :( its march 12th :) when is urs? im so sorry i never told u! :( 


take care and email soon!!!!! :)  enjoy the heat but i guess i dont have to telll u that hahahaha! :)


At 6:11pm on June 2, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

every subject maku exams vunnai! so english, bio, math, history, art ( i knw its rediculous but easy!), spanish (urghh!) and thats bout it ... i think :( 


welll in AMERICA i finsihed 9th grade so goign to 10 th grade when school starts again in september...but in INDIA i would have finshed 10th grade/class right now and be going into 11th or inter 1st year .. :)


well both mom and dad come from Warangal :) sad news is i dont see my's mom and dad passed away and the mom's dad passed away when she was really young...and the only person alive is my mom's mom :( ... and i dont even see her :( she has health problems but currently she is living with my moms brothers or my mamma's i should say :)


btw penelope cruz is really pretty...:)  so nice taste :) yea guess ill just wait and see! btw u a harrypotter fan!? i dont read the books but i watched the moives..just curious :)


omg up to 1am! namalenu! ante chala busy ga vunnavu! mannn yela manage chestunavvu witha ll this work and yet be with your frnds and comment back to my SUPER long messages! Hatts off! :) 


we disected a PIG today!!! omg it was amazing! will try to post pics of the dead thing if i can! :( it was sad tho  they werent even bron they were aborted :( but ont he bright side we got the brain out and liver, intestines, heart, kidneys and frist i was scared to touch it because i thought it would wake up all of a sudden i know im stupid for thinking that but it was fun! my lab group was 3 of my close frnds and wen my close frnd was cutting around the abdamonal chord and the front to open and see wats inside i got a little braver...and i cut around the head part to get brain out! it was amazing! hahahhaha :)


same with my parents they r really attatched to me and bro so they keep telling us no matter where we go for college that they will move with us! hahahah :) 

At 6:15am on June 2, 2011, Reka Thiru said…
oh thank u so much :) he s workin here in LIC tats y cuttack nd i kno little bit hindi so no probs....   then hw s ur life in Kolkata?
At 11:37pm on June 1, 2011, ♥♥Anjali♥♥ said…

not relatives yaar...u c, i'm frm Kolkata, so we hv our house there..

.......yup! grade point is 9.6!!

At 1:21pm on June 1, 2011, ♥♥Anjali♥♥ said…
Kolkata?? u hv a house dere or u're living wid sum realtives??....i was dere in Kolkata frm 20th-26th may
At 4:09am on June 1, 2011, Reka Thiru said…
I completed Engg.. got married on march .. nw in Cuttack tryin to get back d job ...
At 7:31am on May 31, 2011, Reka Thiru said…
wt u doin ?
At 9:06am on May 29, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

okay ran out of characters here tooo! i think we write tooo much! hahahaha :)


my dad has been telling me teenmaar is a flop in india!? my dad really liked the movie and our family did cuz of the flash back character contrasted to the present dad loved that concept:) 

yea i heard 100% love is running in good success there...havent seen it....the newest movie i saw was prbly Mr. Perfect.....nenu naa rakshasi we heard was a flop so didnt even bother! ... yea mr.perfect was our last film its good :) i liked it :)  yessssss i luv that song otoo from nenu naa raskahsi :) its good and its a differnet style of a song for telugu cinema :)


hahhaha dont worry ill study extra hard just for u ! hahahaha :) thanks :) 


no problem nenu neku sorry cheppali yendhukante i replied VERY LATE kabati :( 

At 9:02am on May 29, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

exams will start Jun 13th - Jun17th ... last week of school will have exams :( wat a great way to end right? 


deffinatley ill do better on these because i have mroe time to study too :) but the good thing is thee main subjects i have to study for is bio and english and the rest is not tooo much to worry abotu :) so i can take it slow a little bit :)


Wow must have been really nice to see your grandparents :) i mean they must have been happier! but hahhaaha i think thats like wat grandparents love to say "chala peddavalu aipoyaru veelu" its like their fav. dialogue :) yea i heard of Guntur i dont knwo if i have ever been there...probably not...but yea i have heard of it :) thats ncie they are quite close by :)


well its good that you have friends near you tho so u wont get bored of being there alone! hahaha :) 


Woww havnt gotten a chance to see the movie yet! so eagerly waiting! how is it? better than the others? or okay compared to the others ... and hey what can we say about johnny depp.... he is just plain old johnny depp.... who doesnt love his acting?


well u seem to like Kolkata but are u getting any time to like go see around the place or are those office people holding u back!?

awwww mann mom must have loved the feeling wen the phone rings and its ur voice :) thats nice ...and 4x a day! thats great :) no one can feel home sick after that :)


well congratulate him for me! is that the toughest part choosing college and stuff? cuz it seems complicated becasue thats where u will be for the next few years right? well atleast he has you...u have been through all of this already so u can help him out and stuff :)


recently the waeather has been so unbearably HOT! abba asalu u cant even step out anuko!

if u coem outside and step for one second...u can probably sweat a whole bucket full in that second! u cant even play with frnds!


At 6:27am on May 27, 2011, Reka Thiru said…
hey .. i m great .. He r u?
At 3:25pm on May 25, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

yea i came downstairs today and my parents were watching some telugu news...tv9, tv5, or something like that...and u knw how they have those commercials and adds and metnions like the top scorers and stuff?? well yea that was going on and the first thing that poppped in my midn was u telling me ur brother is taking the test. ... i bet he did great! ... :) did u find out hte ranks and stuff? i bet he is really tensed and all :( but those are really good marks...and yea totally get why you wouldnt tell him .... hahaha :)


after a long time no words... it feels really good to chat again! Ikkada weather kuda every day hotter avthundhi! Its good but one day it rains and the other day it is supper hot!.... chala irritating ga vundhi.... nenu naa frnds koni plans veskunamu ... you tennis today...and tomorrow but one day it rains and plans get canceled and the next day the courts are still wet but its supper hot! :( 


the weather is bothering me but today it is beautiful tho .... :)


so take care and email soon :) and i hope your shirid darshan went well :D

At 3:19pm on May 25, 2011, ♥ ☯ ♫ Gowri ♫ ☯ ♥ said…

no im sorry.... well biology and math exams are over! just have final exams in JUNE and then im DONE! i get a long summer break :) 


i love shiridi just beautiful there....its like when ever you go for darshan there i can almost like feel baba's vibrations :) For me its a very spiritual place and i bet it is for millions and millions of people that go there to visit! But man it must have been crowded there.... i mean holidays are starting there right? so it must have been packed! 

Awwww.... thats nice...they must have been so happy to see you :) Do your grandparents live far away form home town? But either way it must have been really nice to see them :) 


Wow so first things first... how is KOLKOTA!? i mean differnet evnviorment...different people...and mainly different language! ... i mean your probably can follow along ot what they say but stil.... :) so how is there internship and everythign going? u settled in there ocmpletley or do you still miss home :( ??


yea well basic exams kani important ones so for now they r over have final exams to looks forward to tho.... kani thanks :) i think i did pretty good but i wont promise you anythnign about the results ... we will just havae to wait and seee :)


awwww yea i missed talking to you too.... feels good to be back on reg. schedule and not have to spend over 6hrs like studying for biology or math! feels like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders! .... :)  

awww ur home sick :( its okay... i mean think postive how many people actually get to go to another enviroment...i mean this will be a really good expereince for u... so just think positive! :D and also keep calling home..... If i ever stay over a frnds house or soemthing and i feel homesick i call my mom... i like hearing her words it feels good :) amma matalu kada! so keep callign ur mom.... it might make u feel better :)


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