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At 9:44am on November 2, 2013, Summer Love said…

Star smiled softly "Happy Birthday, Handsome." she said as she placed a soft kiss to Kendall's lips.

At 11:23am on October 30, 2013, Summer Love said…

Star and Kendall:


Star with the Boys:

At 8:19am on October 30, 2013, Summer Love said…

Star smiled softly seeing Kendall stride across the room, with a rather sexy walk "Hey handsome." she cooed softly and she giggled and smiled as he kissed her. She kissed him back softly and she smiled into the kiss softly giggling when she heard Carter "Miss me?" she teased Kendall playfully and gave him a playful wink

At 8:33pm on October 28, 2013, ✂Only Hope said…

Blake watched the man pick up Ali " You put down my sister " He said watching him with her

Jasmine laughed softly and shook her head " Blake it's daddy , it's fine . He's not going to hurt her okay " She said kissing his head

Ali smiled " Daddy ! " She said wrapping her arms around his neck

At 2:25pm on October 28, 2013, Aloηє In Hєll† said…

Bella Swan

At 10:58am on October 26, 2013, Summer Love said…

Star laughed softly "Yeah, they should be bit more mature, it wasn't exactly the welcome I was expecting." she giggled softly and she smiled at him softly as he pulled the string out of her hair and she smiled brightly back at him. She then looked at the boys and she just shakes her head giggling. "Seriously, attacking someone with a silly string, is not the best solution boys." she said and she looked at them.

At 11:31am on October 24, 2013, ★Forbidden Passion.♡™ said…


He was just walking along the boardwalk . It was cold but he thought it was relaxing . While he was walking he saw a girl jump onto the railing and start to slip , he frowned a bit and ran over to her wanting to help . He leaned over the railing and held his hand out to her " Grab my hand and I'll pull you up okay " He said smiling softly 

At 9:49pm on October 22, 2013, sibling rivalry ™ said…
Reagan ;

Standing at the hayride as she held a little boys hand, she gave him a small smile as she saw the tractor coming back. She had promised him a fun day for a while now, and the pumpkin patch and hayride was what he wanted to do. Pushing her hair back as she heard someone speak up, she glanced over and gave a small smile. "Hello, Liam." She shook his hand softly, tilting her head. "I'm Reagan."

At 8:08pm on January 14, 2013, Aloηє In Hєll† said…

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