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At 10:22pm on November 11, 2009, Jasmina Pattinson said…
What scenes do you think the actors might or will butcher?
i think jaspers story they will cut it in half
and the love scense between jacob and edward with bella in the tent lol
alot of that that seems little to them but huge to us
At 10:12pm on November 11, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
i love that bella is so mature for her age. she was like me when i was in high school. kind of always on the out skirts of friends because i never really got sucked into drama and i never really connected with guys my age because they were pretty immature. so in that sense bellas character is awesome and very relatable for me

kristen is too a lot like bella. very head strong and mature. shes also always herself and doesnt conform to the hollywood norm. i love her new edgy style too! also just the way she presents herself is really chill and just cool nature, like how when she is trying to think of the right word she kind runs her hand through her hair and stares to the sideto the side. shes pretty awesome :)
At 10:02pm on November 11, 2009, Jasmina Pattinson said…
What quotes/scenes would you like to see in the movie Eclipse?
quote would have to be when emette laughts and bella about the punch lol
but fav scenes ummm the fight with the young vampires oh and Edward ripping Vistora's head off lol
and Rosila story and the bed in Edwards room
theres a few i really wanna see in that Eclipse
At 9:28pm on November 11, 2009, Mandy said…
I do and I don't!
I think it is good that Alice came to her, because it all worked out..but...
I would have liked to see Edward come back for her. He did say he would have eventually. It would have been very interesting to see how the book would have changed and such if it happened differently!
What do you think?
At 9:25pm on November 11, 2009, Tiffany said…
hey girly i got a question for you...what is your favorite trailer or video that they have released for new moon and whose your favorite character in new moon, alice, bella, jacob or edward and why?
At 8:42pm on November 11, 2009, ♥Bella Claire Salvatore™ said…
Kat is there something wrong wit me, that people would ignore me for no good reason.
At 8:03pm on November 11, 2009, Jasmina Pattinson said…
So do you like the way the characters look better in twilight or new moon. And who do you think is better looking in new moon the wolves or the vampires?

At 12:30pm on November 11, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
definetly because if got casted for a larger role in the series of movies, he wouldnt have been able to sign onto doing the twilight saga, which would be quite depressing! i think rob does a better job as edward and fitting into the world of the cullens and vampires anyways, than in the magical world of wizards and witches, dont ya think? sure he was good as sendrick in harry potter but he is fantastic as edward! what do you think
At 10:27am on November 11, 2009, naty101 said…
Jacob, because he protects Bella from everyone that can hurt her, and I think that's so cute and I just love him!!
Who is yours? ;D
At 7:00am on November 11, 2009, Alyssa Paradis said…
true true!
it better be just as amazing as how i've been picturing it in my head lmao

omg yesterday i got screwed with my reading plan!
my sister needed help with her math homework and so i had to help and i only got to read 3 chapters :(
which means that i still have 50 chapters to read in only 8 days!
i'm getting worried! lmao

ok so what are you like most anxious to see in New Moon like from what scenes you've seen which looks like it will be the best to you?
At 6:22am on November 11, 2009, Jasmina Pattinson said…
Did you like in Breaking Dawn where she told book two through Jacob’s point of view?

I like that about the book i think that was the best thing to do in a book thats what makes it great
plus it was ok cause i fell in love with jacob by then so i was ok with it lol
At 5:24am on November 11, 2009, χtiɳa said…
oh yeah def gr8 scenes 2 look 4ward 2 and also this whole early proposal thing soundz interesting, coz thats not in the book...hmm i dont think it is
haha kleenex, definitely!! we must be prepared and fully stocked, that part is gonna be soo depressing 2 watch i rekon, just as it was 2 read, poooor bella =(
yeah thats true, i wonder wat critcs r gonna say about the effects this time, aftr bagging on twilight effects. hopefully they do a bettr job this time around aftr knowing how big of movie and expectation it is. hopefully its as realistic as possible, fingrs crossed!!

hmm favourite character, that is really hard!!! i like soo many 4 all different reasons...
to start i LUV edward, i mean who wouldnt haha, he is unbelievably gorgeous and i rekon the best husband and father figure ever!! he may be protective and yeah old fashioned, but i rekon he is just safe and caring.
then their is jacob black who i LOVE!! he is sweet, extremely hot haha, fun, friendly and just a damn nice guy!!
then their is alice, who is the best sister i girl could ever have!!!
now i could prob go on 4 ages here, but best not 2 fill up ur wall haha
how bout u??
At 1:16am on November 11, 2009, isabel OSP said…
hmm, i sort of look through breaking dawn and i'm in love with it!
but if it's just twilight or new moon i'll choose twilight.
love it when bella first move to forks, bella first saw edward, first kiss and stuff. just love it!

At 10:55pm on November 10, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
p.s. what do you think?
At 10:54pm on November 10, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
i love that edward is so endearing. he just loves bella so much and would do anything for her. its definetly a trait most women want in their man! haha

and even though i dont know rob personally, i can tell from his interviews that he seems like a pretty down to earth person which is really cool because fame really gets to people sometimes in hollywood, which makes them into huge snobs a lot of times. also he seems funny. he is always trying to crack a joke during an interview or laughs at peoples jokes. also the best thing i read about him in GQ magazine was that he likes microwaving things in his spare time (hilarious!) he tried microwaving a carrot one time! he also said in a MTV interview that all those men who always have to drive their fancy cars or have them are conpinsating for something!!!! ;-) hahahaha he seems great! would love to meet the guy!
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At 10:54pm on November 10, 2009, Jasmina Pattinson said…
If there’s one thing in the whole saga that you think Stephenie Meyers should have left out what would it have been?

not one thing
At 10:40pm on November 10, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
all of them!!
twilight: because it is the classic love story that shows that love prevails everything! it is how the reader first learns about vampires and how edward and bella first fall in love!
new moon: lots of action! edward leaves. bella rides motorcycles. meets the werewolves. goes cliff diving. meets the volturi. finds edward again! (gotta love edward)
eclipse: the book is shows how broken bella is. she is always in conflict with her feelings between edward and jacob, and also edward and bella get engaged which impacts jacob hugely since hes in love with bella as well. you have the new borns, victoria against the werewolves and cullens who team up. and also teh volturi come again! yay!
breaking dawn: the happily ever after, after all that drama! bella gets married, gets pregnant, gets turned into a vampire. the volturi come to pay a visit and edward gets to read bella's mind! love the ending!

what book(s) would you choose?
At 10:34pm on November 10, 2009, Jasmina Pattinson said…
Alice says she never "saw" Bella in Edward's future/saw her at all before Forks, that she never even had a premonition of Edward ever having a mate, etc -- do you agree with this or do you think Stephenie was just being lazy? If Alice were to have seen Bella in a vision before she (Bella) met Edward, what would that vision be of and do you think she would tell Edward about this vision?

I dont think Stephine was lazy but i do think that Alice did see Bella but her visions where never right so she diddnt think anything of it.. N if Alice could see Bella i dont think she would have told Edward all of it, cause then Edward would have left Forks by now and there would be no Twilight Saga's.
But if Alice told Edward and he stayed he would of tryed to be With Bella but he might have turned her asap instead of the romantic story line.
I guess that one we will never really know cause the story doesn't go like that lol
At 10:24pm on November 10, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
i think alice and jasper leave because they knew what they had to get done by finding another half vampire before the volturi arrive (in which they arrived as soon as they could, even though the volturi were already making their mind up about fighting the cullens/denalis/other vampires). also alice knew bella would make the right decison about getting id's and passports for renesmee/jacob, whereas if alice told both bella and edward, edward might make a bad, irrational decision like he did in new moon by leaving bella...
i dont know what i wouldve done in alices shoes, but she did make a very split decsion that in the long run saved everyones lives. what do you think about what alice and jasper did?
At 10:01pm on November 10, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
i think bella thought it was too early to get married because she just turned 18. i agree because that is really early but when you know you are in love with someone you should know that you want to do what ever makes them happy even if it something you really dont want to do. bella also knew deep down that she wanted to marry edward because she was so happy on her wedding day! i cant wait to see how pretty she looks in her wedding dress! i think i would want to be turned into a vampire but maybe after the wedding and going to college for a semester because edward and bella didnt know the restraint she would have against human blood until after she was changed so i think if i were bella i wouldve done some other things first before being change (if i didnt get pregnant**) it wouldve been nice too if bella got to see renee one more time too, because what happened with her relationshipw ith her mom after breaking dawn??? WE DONT KNOW! hence, stephenie needs to write a fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth...etc more books! :)
what do you think?

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