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At 2:36pm on November 15, 2009, Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack} said…
I have been great. I can't wait till New Moon come out!!!!!!!!! 5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 2:34pm on November 15, 2009, Alyssa Paradis said…
Thats perfect!
do you have time to read 4 chapters a night? plus friday you can stay up a little later so if you don't finish you could stay up a little finish then watch the movie before going to New Moon!

i'm at chapter 12!
so i got 3 days after today to read the rest i've got about 4 chapters a night too! cuz i wanna finish wednesday then before going to the movie thursday i'll watch Twilight!
At 2:26pm on November 15, 2009, Madirah said…
Above all, Twilight is precious to me because of Edward's and Bella's luv... that it inspires and holds certain values dear... the kind of luv we all desire to have in our own lives... that is part of Stephenie's magic... how she captured the secret longing of every girl's heart... to be luved, respected and nurtured.... :)
At 2:20pm on November 15, 2009, Madirah said…
I agree with you totally, there is so much to luv abt the book and the movie! :) Yes, the meadow was the BESTEST part for me *sigh* the beautiful culmination of the book... a realization of luv's dream... so intensely tender and moving... As for Robert's portrayal, I think it was amazing! And yes, I cant wait for New Moon!!! :D Am so excited at what Chris has done with the movie... I luv his Golden Compass intrepretation of the Northern Lights book...
At 2:19pm on November 15, 2009, Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack} said…
Hey Katrina,how r u??? I miss u so much!!!!!!!
At 2:13pm on November 15, 2009, Madirah said…
BTW, ur page absolutely ROCKS!!! :D
At 2:10pm on November 15, 2009, Madirah said…
Its a pleasure and thank you!!! :)

My favorite parts of the book include the bio lab scene, the meadow, the restaurant and when she meets the Cullen family for the first time.

As for the movie, I LUV the baseball scene! It made made me grin like crazy! Also enjoyed the google search when she realizes Edward is a vampire, the part where Edward describes his "adrenaline rush" and finally when Edward is sucking the venom from her body (the montage sequence in Bella's head).

How about you? :)
At 12:16pm on November 15, 2009, Alyssa Paradis said…
I read anyways..with a box of kleenex beside me lmao
she got home and i was almost done the chapter and i was holding back my tears SO MUCH!

then i went home and finished that chapter and read a couple more lmao

i'm on 10 now i far are you?
At 11:04am on November 15, 2009, isabel OSP said…
Ryan Reynolds really! he's HOT, love his body.
hey got a question to ask you, if you're bella who would you choose,
edward or jacob? why??

if you ask me this question i would need a very long time to think, because the two of them are great!
At 7:05am on November 15, 2009, naty101 said…
I think that was sweet, because, for me, that was a way to show that he was in love with her and he stayed there to protect her from everything!
What do you think? =D
At 6:23am on November 15, 2009, Paula Jean Marie A. Garcia said…
SURE... do you live in the Philippines??

Well if you'd ask me.. I would want to spend my night with... ALICE or BELLA...
well.. i can ask ALICE about my future.. and Ask BELLA to protect me...
well.. of course i would want EDWarD but he'll just read my mind...
and i would just blush all night...

ANother question for you... In the whole Volturi Coven.. who do you hate and like most?? WHY??

At 3:18am on November 15, 2009, Rosetta Sophira Evette said…
hello katrina :) your page looks wonderful....
all those icons are so awesum! -smilez-

how are you going?
At 12:06am on November 15, 2009, Steffi Cullen said…
its very relatable for people because everyone went to high school and everyone hoped to find their "dream boyfriend" zand it is very fantasy-like and it allows you to escape into something that is somewhat real, since the twilight saga takes place in a real city. the concept is unique along with the plot and characters. it was also so different from everything else i was reading at the time and so unique. stephenie is a great writer. what do you think?
At 10:43pm on November 14, 2009, Allie said…
got to go mom,
love you
don't worry about me
soon as i get another chance to get on, i will leave you a message
*hugs and kisses cheek*
and again i love you
good night mommy
At 10:35pm on November 14, 2009, Allie said…
okay, mom
i been punish for my Algebra grade, a high D
no nothing's happen to me mom
calm down
At 10:30pm on November 14, 2009, Alyssa Paradis said…
read! you have to do it!

i'm still babysitting...i'm afraid to read where i'm at cuz i don't want her to come home and have me be crying!
Edward is about to leave and that is guaranteed to make me cry hard core!

i think i'll get my homework done though so i won't have to worry about it tomorrow!
At 10:17pm on November 14, 2009, Allie said…
i don't really want to talk about it
At 10:01pm on November 14, 2009, Allie said…
i'm okay mom, i did good on the test
and how are you
i won't be on for a while
*hugs and kisses*
i love you mom
At 7:16pm on November 14, 2009, Alice XD said…
haha yeahh ur soo lucky that u got tickets New Moon is less then 6 days away and i dont have tickets yet i am soo sad ): and i cant wait until the last minute to get them!! AHH idk were to find them or anything lol but i am soo determined to get them soon (:
At 6:13pm on November 14, 2009, Alyssa Paradis said…
i'm going to babysit too lmao

and thats my plan
as soon as the little 3 year old is asleep i'm opening the book and reading as much as possible!

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