The Twilight Saga

Title: Sugar
Pairing: Angela/Edward
Music: Flo Rida ft. Wynter
Summary: Basically, Angela runs into Edward while in Port Angeles one night and they hit it off. Shes thinking about their meeting that night and so is he when they attend school the next day. Too bad for Bella Swan whos just arrived at Forks High School and finds herself immediately attracted to Edward, because he only has eyes for Angela. Bellas jealousy towards Angela grows until Edward asks Angela out for dinner solidifying them as being together.
Note: This can't even be called a video. I like to think of it as a promo. Its a lousy promo, but a promo all the same. After reading the draft of Midnight Sun, no one can tell me that Angela and Edward would not be wonderful together. I love them because he can read her mind, and unlike all the other humans he comes across, he acknowledges the kind and beautiful person that she is on the inside. I tried to extend it a little from my last effort so I hope you enjoy it!
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0


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Comment by Jade Bridges on June 7, 2009 at 6:22pm
i love your idea with them being together..more of an interesting couple..
continue with this..

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