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Some quotes of my "book" if it can be called such thing its Edward's POV of new moon;) hope u like them plez dont go blind and sorry for making u read so much but I couldnt cut the paragraph or you'd miss the contex ok rambling sorry hope u like it comment rate subscribe:)
Ps: I do not claim copy rights nor intended to break them I do not own any caracter or location or whatever the Twilight Saga is the brilliant creation by Stephenie Myer and it is not my intention to profit from it.
I wrote what I did to pass my time and to enjoy a bit more of the twilight world I dont mean to offend anyone nor copy any plot.
whoa that was long ok peace and enjoy


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Comment by Kara Cullen on June 13, 2009 at 8:52am
Two shay @ 2:04 'God must get a kick out of people's misery' nice line, 5:35 (there's no point enduring in this world without the one you love) Amen to that one too!
'I needed my Bella to love me as I loved her' So Sweet fantastic one! love it most
Holy Cow! I just read the rest of 6:06 your really good.
'That scent was as beautiful as it's owner' - brilliantly sweet!
I'd love to read more, I'm not blind so I could defiantly go another round LOL
that was really good, I'm a romance writer of seven years and well over a hundred novels so I know talent when I see it, keep it up you might have something if you wish to shape it and nourish it. Fantastic work , very teary that's what I am but not blind LOL thanks!

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